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I Don’t Know Why I Bother Really

Thought I better do a Blog tonight, as Gareth is coming over tomorrow and might not get a chance then.

I have already promised my “friend” The Overseer (from ‘down under’) that I answer something for him and that I’d do it on Friday. I don’t know why I bother really concerning myself with old history concerning non-existent ‘vampires’ but I have always tried to answer questions where these concern matters which are in the public domain. Why do you bother? some people ask me when I have empathiased that blood-sucking vampires’ do not even exist? Well, of course, they don’t. But the stories do, so in that respect, I can only set matters straight. After all, I have written books about that case, so I have a duty in that respect to quash any idle speculation. Anyway, I have to do that tomorrow – at least, that is one of the things I have to do tomorrow.

Got another carpet today for the lounge which is not far off from being finished now. Looks good; being laid tomorrow. Soon, I’ll just have the huge job of moving everything back which I ain’t looking forward to! New gas cooker in the finished kitchen as well, and a new gas fire for the lounge is coming. That will be handy for the winter, but its not really needed at the moment. I know I said this before; but thank the Lord all this work didn’t fall in the winter. Then I really wouldn’t have been so happy about it!

Students coming tomorrow afternoon as well, to talk about a filming project. That’s alright, as I really don’t mind the informal student interviews. I say ‘informal’ but student films sometimes turn out just the same as ‘formal’ TV one’s when sometimes a crew take most of the time up by arranging the lighting! But as well as that, I have a great tolerance for film students. They work hard, are usually very friendly (and don’t mind me smoking!) and we should remember, of course, most of us were students at one time or another. (Well, I never was, but I can be an exception to the rule sometimes!

A couple of people have asked me if K is ‘my new girlfriend’. Well, I think I owe it to her to set that straight here, as I promised I would. No. She is a very dear and trustworthy friend, but we do not have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. In fact, she is aware of any relationships I have had – or might be having – but it is really not like that at all. I am not going to discuss my personal friendships or relationships here, as I already said I wouldn’t. But K is NOT my girlfriend so please don’t anyone get a wrong impression! (As some of you seem to have!).

Well, that’s it for a couple of days, but any intrim questions will still be answered.

For the moment, David


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  1. Dear David,
    I suppose with the Highgate business there is a limit to what can be said, but with some people the questions never end, it seems to go on and on. It must get very very boring. I’d say that your reflections on everyday life, whether they relate to the present or 40 years ago are much more interesting.I’m fed up with vampires and fake bishops! Glad your flat is getting near to being sorted out.
    Regards Matt

  2. Thanks Matt,
    Yes, the Highgate business can get very boring. Its no problem relating the facts as I was in the middle of it all so know what happened better than most people who were not even there at all! (except to get publicity shots in the cemetery by day mostly). But sometimes, people just don’t realise that it actually takes considerable to keep writing about it all – especially when some people keep asking the same questions over and over again. That is one reason I said at the beginning I didn’t want to discuss the Highgate case here. That still goes but the questions I am referring to are presently on Don Ecker’s forum. As I am referred to on that I feel obliged to answer but I just wish some people could get away from the distant past. Far from it – some seem entrapped in it!
    Yes the flat is being sorted out now: in fact, so is the whole house. It has caused some turmoil but all looks near to being finished now. I’ve lost a few important things in having to move things from room to room; but found many other things in the process which had previously been stacked in drawers and cupboards. All important letters and other documents really which will serve as important ‘back up’ material for my new book – rather one of them.
    So, if you look on Don’s forum later tonight you will see my account of the Highgate business, just the Court case though – I’m not going into ‘vampires’!
    I actually got up about 10 this morning and one of the builders said to me . . . “You’re up early for a change, but I suppose you haven’t been to bed again”!
    Actually, he was wrong (for a change)! Went to bed about 2 this morning as I have some students coming this afternoon. Then Gareth this evening. And before that I’ve got quite a few things to do today, inclluding picking up some awaited mail at the post office. Which reminds me, I better get going as it shuts at 12.30!
    Thanks again Matt,
    For the moment,

  3. notice how the senile wanker never answered the bone thief post?
    the full clip is already doing the rounds on several other websites as it is so no worries! lol
    if the rumour is true i bet don’s well pissed off.

  4. I’m not being evasive Cat (as you usually accuse me of!) but I really can’t comment at this point as I don’t know anymore than you do.
    Let me just say this though: ALL material has been saved and it will live on in published form if necessary. Obviously with the required permission should this be necessary.
    No material will be wasted from its published form. My next two books are well on schedule and should be ready well before the end of the year. As I said in my Blog today, everything is moving really quickly now, and even the physical decorating work isalmost finished.
    For now,

  5. Hi Flossie,
    I’ll phone Craig later to see what he’s doing about that. Maybe he’d prefer if I post you a couple of copies, but I’ll speak first as he may have already sent them. Its hard to catch him sometimes as he’s often out chasing women; which I don’t mind as long as he leaves my K alone!
    For now,

  6. Hi David,
    I wrote about this very entry, in my blog (See: “Getting Bothered”).
    For the record, I wasn’t able to read your Medway-transcribed post, because I’ve been unable to access the forum. Seems the whole damn website bit the dust.
    Nonetheless, if you want me to read it, I’d be happy to. And if I have any queries about it, I’d be happy to raise them up with you!

  7. I have allowed your comment, Overseer. However, it will probably be a ‘one off’ as I do not wish to discuss Highgate, ‘vampires’ or ‘him’ on here.
    This is supposed to be about my ‘boring’ life in the present i.e. NOW! So I somehow don’t think it would suit you!
    This does not mean you cannot ask questions or make comments. I do not believe in censureship of that kind.
    But it does mean that I want to avoid Highgate and anybody connected with that time.
    That is why I said I somehow don’t think it would suit you!
    However, we can always try, I suppose. Its just possible you may have some other interests in life! Welcome anyway. Albeit a very cautious one!

  8. David, I find that response kind of ingenuine, since your blog is laced with items about the Highgate Vampire and “Bonky”.
    Hell, look what this very blog entry discusses!
    Alluding to allowing my response to be posted here (“I have allowed your comment, Overseer. However, it will probably be a ‘one off’ as I do not wish to discuss Highgate, ‘vampires’ or ‘him’ on here.”) even though it directly deals with the blog entry you posted…and then going onto say that you “do not believe in censureship of that kind”, well, it seems a tad bit narky.

  9. If you send me your email, Overseer (which I won’t release here – or anywhere for that matter) I can explain the position to you. I have not banned discussion, just on that particular subject, that’s all.
    For now,

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