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David Farrant at Waltham Abbey © Della Farrant
David Farrant at Waltham Abbey © Della Farrant


!! Please note that most of the content of this page was first written in 2014. Therefore it may contain information which is no longer up to date. !!

The B.P.O.S. is perhaps best well known for its investigation into an unexplained phenomenon in the late 1960s and early 1970s which centred around Highgate Cemetery (said by some – and invariably aided by the press – to be a real life ‘vampire’).  Much has been written about this celebrated case,  some of which can be found elsewhere on this site.

However this was only one mystery out of many that the B.P.O.S. investigated, and continues to investigate, around the country in respect of ghosts, and unexplained apparitions which have been witnessed or reported at psychically charged locations.  A few of these have been reproduced here, and can be found at the links below.

If you are interested in paranormal events which may have been reported at a specific location, please contact the B.P.O.S. and we will see what we can find in the archive.

Videos shot on location

We do apologise for the quality of these short videos, which were extracted from old VHS tapes. Hopefully they are still of interest, however. 

8 Ferrestone Road

This footage was shot on location, way back in 1999. You can read more about this unusual poltergeist case over at Hidden Highgate.