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Consecrated Medallion

!! Please note that most of the content of this page was first written in 2014. Therefore it may contain information which is no longer up to date. !!

This medallion, often visible in David Farrant’s public appearances on television and at public talks, in many ways sits on the boundaries between great mountains of wisdom.

Consecrated medallion, modelled by David's wife Della

David is often asked about its provenance, and is generally reluctant to discuss it. However, he can reveal that it was brought back from Egypt by a guru who had travelled there to immerse himself in the cults of the ancient Egyptian Deities, who were to impart to him the Mysteries of the Ages.  It was presented to David in the early 1970s, following his initiation into the ancient fertility religion, Wicca.  It has been magically consecrated, charged and sealed; and is regularly purified and re-consecrated should it come into contact with negative energies.

This ancient gold medallion possesses great magical properties, and will protect all those honoured enough to wear it from any psychic attack levelled at them by those with negative intentions or impulses, especially those who follow the Left Hand Path.

It also affords the wearer, once attuned to its powers, the gift of remote viewing.