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The B.P.O.S. – British Psychic & Occult Society

The British Psychic and Occult Society (B.P.O.S.) started out as a small group of people in the mid-1960’s, who came together in Highgate, North London to look into and investigate local ghost stories.  I was one of the main protagonists involved; most probably because my interest in things psychic and esoteric had already been ‘sealed’ by my having been initiated into Wicca (white witchcraft) a year or so before. 

Whilst ‘ghost hunting’ was not an obligation of Wiccan belief of practice, this nevertheless had ‘sown the seeds’ to seek out those things seen to be ‘less tangible’ in the material world.  ‘Ghosts’ and other unexplained phenomena were perhaps just a ‘stepping stone’ from this.

In those early days, this group of ‘ghosts hunters’ consisted of only ten or so people, but before long, these numbers increased as its existence spread by word of mouth and as members invited their friends, and in the course of just two short years a flourishing group of dedicated people existed with the sole purpose of investigating cases of reputed psychic phenomena and other unexplained mysteries that made up the vast field of the Unknown.

Although formed in its infancy in 1964, by 1967, the numbers of dedicated members had considerably increased, and it was decided to establish all the interest – membership included – into an official Society with the purpose of investigating psychic phenomena and all things ‘occult’.

It was then officially named as the British (Psychic and) Occult Society, and membership was organised more thoroughly with the appointment of executive members and the distribution of  regular updates which invited contributions from the general membership and the opportunity to share knowledge of ’ghosts’ or things occult or to participate in psychic investigations.

The formation of the Society, in fact, turned out to be a huge success, and not only acted as a ’platform’ for general interest in things esoteric and psychic, but provided the personal knowledge and experiences of some others who had been actively involved in such matters in a more underground capacity.

David Farrant at a B.P.O.S. investigation in Welwyn circa 1984 © Della Farrant

Over the years the Society has carried out many investigations of allegedly haunted locations  (and sometimes people!), often working in conjunction with other paranormal teams across the country.  It has also amassed a huge archive of reports from individuals recounting their paranormal experiences, and requesting the Society’s expertise.

Such is really the continuing purpose of the B.P.O.S. as it flourishes today, with the publication of books on all things psychic and organised enquiry into matters psychic, paranormal and occult.  Some members are original, some new, and are to be found not only in the UK but as far afield as Europe, Canada and America.  Due to the constraints of resources, and the ever increasing need to protect the privacy of members who may not want their information shared or disclosed, membership however has had to become much more limited, and is currently by invitation only.

Strange light anomaly captured during a B.P.O.S. visit to Borley Church in 2009 © Patsy Langley