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Never Lose Contact

I wasn’t going to write anything today, simply because, I’m not in the mood.

Been distracted by several other things (material things in ’this world’, that is) and to be honest, I just want to relax. I just want to open a bottle of wine a little later, take a couple of telephone calls and generally not bother with letters and other things like that. In other words, do nothing! Well, its not that I won’t be doing anything, but sometimes I just need to get back in touch into realms that lay beyond all these material obligations. I think I have said here before if you . . . “Concentrate on the Greater, the lesser disappears”. How true that really is! Human problems, and material trials and tribulations, simply do not exist in that sphere. But they might do here if you are away from It for too long. Indeed, that’s how most human problems arise in the first place, if people only but realised this!

But sadly they do not. Which is why so many of us remain bound by the problems of the material world. I am not saying that these do not have to be dealt with. They do, and I have been doing exactly that. I just mean that when we ‘lose contact’ with higher realms of Being sometimes, it can serve to make earthly problems even more acute.

But they do not necessarily have to be. And it only happens when we allow ourselves to ’wander away’ from that Higher awareness. Only then do earthly problems stand any chance of entrapping us.


8 Responses

  1. Thank you for that Craig – I think!
    Look, people can indulge in alcohol all they want – it really doesn’t bother me.
    But I think you missed the point of what I was trying to say! Never mind.

  2. Oi Farrant you seducer you. What’s this about topless photos of me. You told me they were private. And I want my knickers back, those ones with the little bats on them.

  3. Give me your current address over there, and I’ll post them to you.
    The knickers, that is. not the photographs. They’re gold dust, and stand as absolute proof of your infidelity!
    ‘Have a nice day’, as they say over there!

  4. David you old Tomcat, I see you have females in heat hurling themselves at you online as well now? Miaow.

  5. As to getting onto a ‘higher plane’ to forget about the miseries of this world, it has been said that ‘all sorrows are but as shadows‘, and that, in reality, ‘existence is pure joy’. Buddhists will say, to any sad occurrence, ‘this too shall pass’, which actually ought to be obvious even to anyone with no religion. Religious exercises, in any religion, are intended to put the devotee nearer to the higher realms, which helps one to realise that no matter how bad things get, they are merely ‘passing shadows’. Alcohol, however, does not do this, it merely grounds one in the material world.
    Gareth J. Medway
    [N.B. The above post was made by Gareth on my computer, and reflects his position on an earlier post here. David.]

  6. “David you old Tomcat, I see you have females in heat hurling themselves at you online as well now? Miaow”
    I only wish it was true, Long John Baldry’s Cat!
    The truth is, unfortunately, that most women that ‘hurl themselves at me’ are only ‘fortune seekers’ for reasons best known to themselves.
    A minority of others have tried it for virtually the same reason, but some, with more sinister motivations in mind!
    It seems in those cases the only motivation, just seems to want to be associated with my name.
    I suppose I am highly flattered in a peculiar sort of way; notwithstanding that I really want nothing whatsoever to do with them, but they nevertheless keep associating themselves with my name!
    Most of these people are virtually unknown, and I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I am really not associated with such people contrary to what they might declare or say.
    So, ‘no’, I really do not have women hurling themselves at me in the way you suggest. Wish I did!!

  7. Hi David,
    What you say in your post resonates with me greatly. I have discovered that deep meditation brings a kind of ‘unconscious awareness’ if that makes sense: knowing that our being in the material world gives ‘essence’ to our spiritual being. In other words, our material/physical selves and our spiritual selves are at one and the same time, joined. I believe that it is this, which makes our ‘souls’ different and unique.
    Alcohol is absolutely no substitute whatsoever for that deep, resonate state of consciousness that one finds when engaged in meditation. It is within this state that one (usually) finds the reasons why things are, and the nature of God.
    Even though you feel down-at-heel at times, that spiritual light is always there – I have seen it often within you.

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