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Magazines & Media

From the early 1970s I contributed pieces to many magazines, as well as newspapers.   In the beginning these writings were primarily about modern-day witchcraft, and appeared in publications such as Titbits, Witchcraft which was latterly renamed New Witchcraft, New Occult, L’Inconnue, L’Autre Monde, Nostra and even Penthouse (which in those days used to publish some fairly serious articles believe it or not!). In later years as more and more independent titles sprung up I also contributed to magazines such as Kevin Carlyon’s pagan Beltane Fire, The Gothic Society’s Udolpho magazine co-ordinated by Jennie Gray , Athene, a mysteries magazine which was the brainchild of Trevor Beer, and The Unexplained magazine amongst others. Some of these and other submissions by myself to magazines can be found under Articles. And of course let us not forget my own magazine – or rather, that of the Highgate Vampire SocietySuspended in Dusk.

I have always preferred writing for and being interviewed for magazines as opposed to newspapers. There is usually much less room for error on behalf of interviewers, and of course the benefit of dedicated and specific kinds of readership. It is great to be able to reach out to new readers via this medium, and you can find some of the many interviews which I have been asked to give below.   I shall make sure that more are added in the near future – a promise which I did not fulfil on my last website, but which I swear on oath to adhere to with this new relaunch. As long as people keep hitting this page that is!

David Farrant

2010 – Present

The Highgate Vampire – Chat Magazine Hallowe’en 2014

I Was Banged Up for Vampire Hunting – Chat It’s Fate Magazine 2014

Who Was The Highgate Vampire  – The Oldie Magazine 2012

Interview by Shazz Ray of ‘That Space Between – Serious Paranormal Research and Investigations’ 2012

SCARY SIGHTS IN THE CEMETERY PART 1 – From Mike Hallowell’s Wraithscape column 2012

SCARY SIGHTS IN THE CEMETERY PART 2 – From Mike Hallowell’s Wraithscape column 2012

2000 – 2009

Knock knock, who’s there? The Metro 2007

Witch Orgy to Take Virginity – The Sun 2006

The Highgate Vampire  – Smoke  Magazine 2006

Vampiro de Highgate – Más Allá Magazine 2006 (in Spanish / en Espanol)

Reality Bites – TNT Magazine Vampire Special Hallowe’en 2005

Interview with Rob Brautigam for International Vampire Magazine 2005

The Return of The Highgate Vampire  – Paranormal Magazine 2005

Interview with a Vampire [Hunter] – North West Magazine 2004

Spirits of the Season – Limited Edition Magazine 2000

The Psychic Investigator – PiL Magazine 2000

Interview with a vampire (Hunter) – The Sticks Magazine 2000

Interview with the Vampire Hunter – Bite Me Magazine 2000

1990 – 1999

The [Un] Life and Crimes of the Highgate Vampire – Bite Me Magazine 1999

Occult Investigator – The X Factor 1997

David Farrant – The Man, The Witch, The Legend – Glamgoria Magazine 1997

Stakeout in Highgate – Evening Standard Magazine 1996