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Farrant Was Framed, OK!

This flyer was circulated around North London by myself and my supporters in 1979,  three years after my release from prison where I had served 2 years and 8 months for alleged crimes relating to Highgate Cemetery and ‘witchcraft’.

My intention was to raise awareness of my wrongful convictions, and to encourage potential witnesses to come forwards who might be able to help quash them.  The leaflet, which had a wide distribution,  was also intended to counteract some of the negative press which had been published about me during my Trial, and to recover some of what was left of my damaged reputation. Looking back now, this seems somewhat optimistic. However, I would like to think that it was in some way successful in achieving at least a modicum of the latter. The leaflet itself is really self-explanatory, and in no way negates earlier statements I made at the time, that a genuine Satanic coven was regularly using some secluded vaults in Highgate Cemetery, but I was also aware that several amateur film companies were also using the location in the early 1970s, and indeed, had completed films there. When I learned that one such film crew had been seen filming in, or very near, the mausoleum which the genuine Satanists had been using, I felt that if this particular film crew could be found they might be able to supply some evidence which may have helped to prove my innocence.  – David Farrant.