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‘Here, There and Everywhere’

Well I see its all been happening ‘here there and everywhere’. As usual, myself caught right in the middle of it!

I am talking about ‘Internet Madness’, in a way; you know, ‘diary gossip’ sometimes taking the place of reality; rather like stories in the Sunday newspapers sometimes do. I guess some of these accounts and stories are being written by genuine people – and not just journalists who are paid to exploit sensationalism. As I said, a lot of this seems to be at my own expense, in that just my name alone seems to encourage the most absurd proclamations. But still, it is all good fun I suppose, although its just a good job I have some sense of humour, while some other people most definitely have not!

It’s a pity really, as I have always said that one of the most valuable attributes in Life is the ability to laugh at ourselves. I have always tried to do this, at least. And if some people find a particular situation ‘funny’, it invariably usually arises from their own interpretations. ‘Little ‘ol me’, I normally just sit back and do nothing. Well, I haven’t even had enough time to ‘sit back’ recently; as fast as I glance at the Internet, somebody else is demanding some answer!

Well, we are into Sunday, and in about a week all this heavy building work should be over. It seems an eternity since it all started spasmodically back in 1999; although I guess 9 years is not so great in the ‘greater scheme of things’.

K phoned me earlier to ask if I was up to date on everything. ‘Yes’, I told her, just as everybody else seems to be! She’s coming over towards the end of the week anyway, and I hope we can sit down and have a ‘long evening chat’. She has apparently had a little trouble at work involving promised money that hasn’t materialized as promised in her contract, so I hope we get a chance to talk about that as well. She also wants to see how the books are coming along, and I think she’ll be pleasantly surprised about that. At least she’ll be fairly comfortable in the back room now. Even that is so much quieter since its been ‘insulated’ with wall-to-wall plastering and a new carpet. Should be much warmer in the winter as well.

So, with that I finish everyone. If I’ve forgotten the odd email, please forgive me, they will all be answered. Its just such a damn hard life being a writer!

For the moment, David


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