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A Break To Do This

I did tell Barbara in a reply earlier that I’d be writing a Blog today, so I’d better even if I don’t really feel like it.

Nothing much to say really, except an end to all this work is finally in sight. I talking about less than a few weeks as opposed to before when it went on for months at a time. I mentioned I had had a huge sort out; well I had to really as everything had to be moved and boxed, then moved and boxed again. The large back bedroom is finished and the kitchen will be in a couple of days. They only started the lounge a few days ago, but already that’s been half plastered now. So we’re getting there!

Went in the bank yesterday and said . . . “Look, I closed two of my accounts with you nearly a month ago now but you still haven’t sent cheques for the balances. Why not?” ‘We’re sorry’ they explained and would get in all in hand. Originally they said this would take less than a week. Can you believe it! I mean they’re quick enough to incur bank charges but slow to give you your own money.

Well, with all this work nearly finished, I guess I won’t have any excuse to get an au pair now! I mean everything’s painted and clean – although I guess she could still do some washing up. Yes, and maybe cook the odd meal or two. So forget I said that. The idea is still open!

Had an expected mobile phone call earlier. It was from my old friend who brought me my cigarettes. I was right, he really is on holiday – in England and not that far from London. He said he’d be back soon and not really supposed to be phoning, but he’d borrowed a mobile. Well there’re only comparatively recent things, aren’t they?, so I suppose the people concerned have a much harder job controlling them. Anyway, be good to see him back.

I’m still getting on with the writing work. In fact, I took a break from it to do this. But much more to do tonight. Guess its my fault for attempting to do two books at once. But I’m never one to shirk from a challenge. It’ll pay off in the long run though as I won’t have to ‘start afresh’ on anything, they’ll both be finished. And then come the fireworks! Which will be fun.

Anyway everyone. I can have a day off now ‘till Saturday. Writing here, I mean.

For the moment, David


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