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A Very Special Day . . .

Quite a busy day, but nothing too hectic. Quiet now, but it would be wouldn’t it, being about 3. 30 in the morning!

Do you know, I really like these early hours. No traffic sounds; no telephone calls, no other sounds really; nothing to distract you. I guess what I especially like about is the feeling that most of humanity is asleep (in this hemisphere, of course) and I’m not subjected to the usual flow of noisy human thoughts. Think about this, if you can. To be awake when everybody (or most everybody) nearby in asleep or unconscious, brings its own kind of peace! Human thought is such a funny thing really – at least when its normally active. It causes so many problems for so many people: well, you must know all the negative ‘thought forms’ that go on. But now, most of them nearby are silent; and I’m sitting outside most of them.

Well, it’s a very special day tomorrow. I know it’s the dreaded weekly Sunday, although it’s a very special date. Midsummer, no less, and a date much revered in the ancient calendar. It’s a time when daylight has reached its peak and the Ancients knew of its importance. So do I in fact! Perhaps more than many! But many don’t. They just rely on clocks to dictate their movements without the slightest realisation that these are only ‘measuring devices’ to record something that is timeless. A calculated record of something that doesn’t really need calculating!

Yes, its also Sunday tomorrow (sorry, I meant today) and no doubt many will awaken to their usual set of routines. Sunday dinner to cook; take the kids to the park, don’t forget Church, and all the rest of it! And no doubt many will attend Church, to ‘save their souls’ or to pay their weekly homage to God! Nothing wrong with that, when people genuinely mean it. Problem is, a few people don’t!

Now, I mustn’t ‘get onto Sundays’ again as don’t want to invoke K’s wrath!. But as it is June 21st, just thought I might mention it.

Another Talk has been arranged for next (this) week. No notes as usual, I just said I’d do it – and I will. Could be a little difficult though, as the organisers have told me in advance that I might get questions about some of the more ‘intimate’ passages described or mentioned in my autobiography. (Well I had to send them the book beforehand which is what the Talk’s all about). Well, if that proves to be the case, just let them ask! I never print anything that I’m not prepared to say in public.

Not really tired yet, but I’d better make a move towards bed soon. Got to catch up with some writing on the new book tomorrow after a fairly long weekend!

For the moment,


15 Responses

    1. That bloody Cat! If he’s not making rude innuendoes on here, he’s stealing all my fans. Come back good people, we need you!

  1. Well David, since Bonky won’t answer questions put to him, you’re the next best thing! Can you tell me (honestly) did Bonky take LSD (or other such drugs) in the 1960s/70s? Can you ever recall him talking about recreational drugs of any kind. Not that I would condemn him (or anyone) for it, I’m just curious. Miaow.

    1. Well he certainly mixed with people who did! That ‘brother Keith’ for one whose girlfriend claimed to have seen ‘dead bodies rising’ in Highgate Cemetery, allegedly in 1967. You just don’t see things like that unless you’re hallucinating, do you!?
      And before you even think it – let alone say it – when I witnessed that phenomenon at Highgate Cemetery in 1969 I was not ‘on drugs’! As an Initiated ‘witch’ (then) we were not permitted to take such substances – although we were allowed the odd glass of wine!

  2. He “mixed with people who did”? Oh come now, that’s a non-answer. Must that tedious Hoggy come in here and cross examine you? It was the Swinging 60s and you and he spent time together. Did you ever see him smoke a “joint” or pop a pill? Yes or no.

    1. NO! Anything but that tedious Hoggy coming on here! Please, that’s something no-one should wish upon anyone!
      The answer to your miaowing (sorry. meandering) question, is . . . . ‘no’ the person ijn question never took drugs in front of me when I used to meet him in the 1960’s.
      But he certainly made many claims about ‘staking vampires’, so really it doesn’t need much imagination!
      For now,

    1. That’s really my whole point Craig. Surely nobody in his right mind could have invented such stories and presented these as ‘genuine fact’ and expected – nay ‘demanded’ – rational people to believe them.
      Well hardly anyone does (believes all such fiction about ‘vampires’, etc) but it does call into question the ‘state of mind’ of the person in question when he originally wrote it.
      Believe it or praise it; then you automatically become a friend or a ‘follower’.
      Question or challenge it, then you are automatically classified as a ‘deadly enemy’ – rather like myself, I suppose!
      I think that says it all!

  3. Well I must admit, you are a man of integrity. It would be easy for you to make up stories or rumours about your “arch enemy”, but you choose not to. Colour me surprised.

  4. LOL@ Craig. Reading that before bed will surely cause that imagery to appear in my dreams…or nightmares.
    Speaking of Net Curtains, David why don’t you sign up for Twitter and put it on this blog. Bonky is too techno challenged to master Tweeting.

    1. Thanks for the idea Flossie. I’ll have to speak to K about it first but shouldn’t think she’ll mind as she quite liked some of the activity on Facebook.
      But in the meantime, Craig . . . you’re good on all this Hi Tec stuff, what do you think about it?
      Just got to get all my fans back from Cat!

      1. Well, I spoke to K. and no problem at all – she registered me on Twitter. Only problem is, I don’t know how to use it! I didn’t want to worry her further as she had a hard day at work today. But anyway, at least she got me an account there, so guess we’ll just have to wait to see what happens!
        For now though

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