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Now You Know What I look Like

Well, we’re into to Monday now. The Bank Holiday, no less! Things still been very peaceful as everyone seems to take the extra day off.

Not me . . . I have continued working – as I seem to do all the time. Writing mainly.You know, I was looking for something tonight (which I didn’t find) to finish a chapter, but it was all to no avail. No doubt (it was legal quotes) it will turn up. And it can be included later. But I came across some old letters in the meantime which I’d forgotten about.  I was ‘pleasantly surprised’ to find them. Mostly old ‘fan mail’, but I don’t think I would be conceited enough to include all of that in the next book. My next book is really meant to be serious, and not meant to be some vain attempt at ‘ego-tripping’!

However, having said that, I just can’t resist giving you one small quote from one of my apparent fans (just to give you the gist of the stuff). This particular was dated from June 2003 and read (at least some of it) . . . “Dear David, I hope you are keeping well. Please find at the top [of the letter] a passport size photograph of me so you now know what I look like”. She had included a colour photograph of herself as I believe I had previously asked for one in earlier correspondence. It came – along with many other future letters.

Anyway, I mention this only to clarify that, because of my recent ‘clear out’ (due to re-decoration’) I have uncovered a lot of ‘lost material’. The above is really only insignificant; the point is there is so much more like it and that so much material has recently re-surfaced – letters which, in fact, I’d completely forgotten even existed. Well, I guess its tempting to throw such fan mail away; but then, it serves as some reminder as what can turn up unexpectedly! That is, when you’re not really looking for it!

But aside from trying to clear up a little, nothing much has happened. Good sleep last night and expecting one tonight, so all the ‘hassle’ will more likely start again on Tuesday now when the builders return to carry on work in my lounge. Bit boring, I admit, but will keep you all up to date on anything relevant or exciting. After all, it is a long holiday!

For the moment, David


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  1. Hi David—just thought I would drop by to see how you were getting on. Hope the flat is now transformed from a “DINGY BED SITTING ROOM” to quote a certain holyman’s charitable Christian sentiments , to a “LITTLE PALACE”. I seem to be busy with this and that thouh I havent any major work going on–the Amazon Sniper is still on LOTN though my comments were deleted! So I put a new lot up.I dont mind the Snipers comments as all that ranting helps with sales–people are curious to read this”DREADFUL BOOK” well if the books dreadful so are half the people in it, i.e. the patients–though thats not so, just a couple of real nasties,the other were merely interesting, at time humorous, and other times sad, normal people.
    Well not much more news and nothing happening over here–that I know of–the silence of the lambs.I suppose the next scandal will be YOUR book!

  2. Thanks Barbara,
    I’m OK thanks. Getting on with the serious writing amidst a few distractions, some physical (like building work) some just plain amusing (like some comments on the Net.) The flat’s coming on well though, I believe I said one of the rooms is finished now. Well. it is, if I didn’t!
    I don’t think my new autobiorgraphy will cause any scandal, but the revelations coming in the other one well might! Well I shall only be telling the truth about things, so I don’t really care about that.
    Must try and do another Blog later or I’ll have K on to me!
    So ‘tlll later,

  3. Cheers on transforming your DINGY BEDSIT into a bachelors “pad”.
    I saw that Bonky writes on YouTube: “You sent which people, Farrant? You were drinking alone in the Prince of Wales pub!”
    I find it hilarious that you are scorned for enjoying a restful pint in a pub rather than poncing about HC in the dark!

  4. Well, it always was a flat Cat, but I admit it needed re-decorating.
    What I find more hilarious is how he would know I was ‘drinking alone’ if he wasn’t there. Just more idle speculation, of course, just like his fantasy to have been inside the cemetery that same night!

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