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That’s Another Day

Its Sunday again, and a long weekend. I guess that means you get two Sunday’s in a row if you count tomorrow’s Bank Holiday.

Well, I moved all my computers into the back room, which was really one hell of a job. I don’t mean so much physically, but with all the different leads and gadgets I just couldn’t figure out where they should all connect at first. But eventually someone came to my rescue and we got it all figured out. I think! At least so far.

Anyway, I’m just relaxing a bit at the moment before I eventually decide to get some sleep. I’m not really tired though, that’s the problem and I never go to bed unless I’m ready to sleep. Which is just not just yet! My back bedroom’s looking quite good now. Its been completely re-plastered with fresh coats of paint. The new carpet’s really comfortable on your feet, but its still quite cluttered with things from the lounge I had to move in while they’re doing work on that. But shouldn’t be long now; a week or two at most. Well its taken about nine years to get this far, so I mustn’t complain. Well, at least I found some ‘lost’ things in the process of moving around. You’d really be surprised at some of the old letters and documents that came to light. I shall be filing these all away now so they don’t get lost again. And they probably would do – if I don’t!

The books are coming along nicely. One is nearly finished, and the other’s not far behind. Its taken a lot of work, but if there’s one good characteristic in my otherwise ‘lazy temperament’, it is that I always get things finished. My attitude as an author is, if something’s got to be said, it must just be said. There would be no point in writing unless you are prepared to stick to your principles and, of course, no less than the truth. If you happen to be writing fiction, this would not always apply because people often write a lot of surreptitious things under the guise of ‘fiction’. But I never write fiction, so of course this does not apply. And there you have it!

I am a little tired, but not too much. Just relaxing into the early hours of Sunday and then tomorrow . . . well that’s another day!

For now, David


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