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“More than just the Vampire nonsense, please”, she said coldly.

Well, I shall be moving out of my lounge tomorrow for work to start on Thursday. No problem because the large back room is finished now (plus the new carpet) and I will just move into that.

Lounge shouldn’t take longer than about a week, I guess. I,ve already put the double bed back in there and that’s really comfortable, apart from which, you never know when it might be needed for guests staying over. (Shut up Cat! I’m talking about people who might have come a long way – like from France). I’ve never had such a good ‘clear-out’, and I’ve created much more space. And found many things that I’ve been looking for, for ages!

I wrote up another chapter last night from old written manuscript and penciled in notes. No more ‘previews’ here (as I said!) but itsstuff that K. said I should put in. Don’t know why really as I told her I considered it quite boring. Its about the time I traveled to France to work at the age of 15 after having been expelled from an exclusive private school in Weymouth for refusing to get my hair cut. The part I was little worried about was how I had met a girl in Marseilles who was working as ‘night hostess’ in a restaurant. She got me a job there (well, a temporary job) and I had described our relationship and our respective feelings. I told K. that I didn’t think it that important as it all happened so long ago. “It is important”, she empathiased, “VERY important”. “If you’re doing a full autobiography, its important that you put all these things in”. “But people might get the wrong impression”, I tried to argue. “No they won’t”. she countered, “People want to know about the real you, not just more of this ‘vampire nonsense”.

She could have a point. Well, she must have done as I wrote it up. Cat will no doubt love it being ‘right up his street’ (sorry, meant ‘alley!) but what K. says goes, and who am I to argue?!? Anyway, that chapter’s in now; or will be very soon once Gareth checks it. Just a short post at the moment as I have a very full day tomorrow.

Appointment at the Bank (sorry, just remembered that’s Thursday) and a load more stuff to move and sort out. In between this, I have to go to the West End to pick up an extension computer lead (as I wouldn’t want any of you to miss anything!).

So, for the moment, David

P.S. No prizes for guessing who spoke the immortal blog title line.


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