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What A Laugh That Was!

Gareth is coming over tomorrow (today really as its now gone midnight), so I thought I’d post today instead as probably won’t get a chance tomorrow.

We have to finish off some important writing and I always take advantage of his fast typing. That might sound a bit ‘callous’, but its not really. We both work together on things and I value his concern and advice… Its not that he tells me what to write. Quite the opposite. I show him text that I’ve already written, and ask him to correct it. Or I might ask him if a certain reference or paragraph is appropriate, and he answers accordingly.

What else? I see that ‘bloody Cat’ is poking ‘sensuous fun’ ay my last Blog again. You mention something in all innocence, and the wretched animal takes it the wrong way. The girl did not have ‘snogging’ in mind; if anything it was only to come for a drink.

I am moving into my finished back room in the next few days while my lounge is decorated. The new carpet was laid this afternoon incidentally. I only mention it because there is a slight possibility that I might be off-line for a few days. No problem with the computer (or rather computers), but there could be in connecting the relevant extension cables. I asked one of the builders to drill a hole through the wall this afternoon (which he did) but I still have to get the right extension cable. Anyway, if it happens that I can’t get it in time, you’ll know why. Don’t really care as I could do with a few days off; but just wanted to tell you in advance in case the worst happens. If it does, I won’t be ‘on holiday’ in Maidstone again (what a laugh that was!) but just won’t be able to get around to doing things in time.

Went into the bank today (my main one) to get a new account sorted out. I’m just not prepared to pay the superfluous charges my old bank unexpectedly introduced. Nor will I.

By the way, talking of formal things, I have a new BPOS secretary now. Can I give her name? No! I just want to leave it until she consents to releasing it first, and secondly, to give you all a surprise! She is the official BPOS secretary now who will handle important Society matters. I am still looking for a personal secretary though, to help with dictation or make me tea or coffee (or whatever). So that position is still open for offers!

To get back to the writing . . . the new books are both going very well. In fact, not far from finished. I guess that will be when the fun really starts! Mustn’t be frivolous as both books are very serious. But I can just envisage one or two people taking exception to what I say. Especially when this is made public in its entirety. We will no doubt see, as its not long now!



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  1. – “I won’t be ‘on holiday’ in Maidstone again (what a laugh that was!).”
    I never quite understood the Great Maidstone caper. Was it you (supposedly) got bashed on the skull in a “fight” with police and laid “at death’s door” in a lonely Maidstone prison cell? And the perky assistant vowed she would not come to your bedside for all the tea in China? ?

  2. 1. I never quite understood the Great Maidstone caper. Was it you (supposedly) got bashed on the skull in a “fight” with police and laid “at death’s door” in a lonely Maidstone prison cell? And the perky assistant vowed she would not come to your bedside for all the tea in China? ?
    No Cat. I was never at ‘death’s door’ in a police cell. This is just more of the untrue hype that was being put around and being encouraged by ‘Bonky’.
    I was arrested on a fabricated charge back in last October, but I refused to accept or sign any ‘Caution’, which is why I was detained for some 6 hours. If I had agreed to be Cautioned for this malicious charge, I could have left immediately. (Indeed that is what the police really wanted).
    Because I wouldn’t agree to sign the false complaint, the police detained me for some six hours in a cell – to ‘get their own back’ for somebody standing up to them – if you like.
    I was later released on police bail while they said they would have to investigate the matter further. They did, but I was later informed (on December 12th 2007) that they had (investigated it) but that no further action was to be taken.
    The police realized that the complaint had been fraught with lies, and they told me so.
    The ‘Maidstone’ bit is really just a bit of a joke. I was doing some TV filming in Maidstone studios shortly afterwards so was off-line for about a week. Certain people wrongly assumed that because I had mentioned ‘Maidstone’ it had to mean Maidstone prison, when this was not the case at all!
    I sometimes just have to marvel at the mentality of such people!
    This was purely wishful thinking on the part of the original person who had made the fictitious complaint.
    ‘Hell hath no fury’, etc, etc.
    Hope that answers your question.

  3. I am surprised that the original complainant wasn’t charged with wasting police time. If any case was deserving of it, this was. She needs the book throwing at her! Ggrrrr!
    Sorry, just giving vent to my feelings there…!

  4. You know, Columbine, I was actually advised by them that I could do that. I didn’t because I just didn’t want to revert to that same vindictive level.
    Far better, I thought, to tell the truth to the world in a book. At least then, people would know the true facts and have the chance to make up their own minds.
    Not only about the cruel lies that were told, but of how these were just ignorant ‘repeats’ of the groundless opinions of their new-found companion. Still, deliberately repeating false-hoods of others is virtually the same as putting them over as personal opinion.
    There is really no difference; the intention is still the same.
    Its almost tragic to see people revert to such a desperate level, and to witness just how easily love can sometimes turn into hate!
    For the moment,
    PS Will give you a call over the holiday as I have some news on the other business.

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