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A Long Wait . . .

Well, I really have had a busy day. For once the builders didn’t disturb me much (except for waking me up earlier than required!) as they didn’t stay that long.

I really got ‘stuck in’ to some writing today. Started around 3 and only finished less than an hour ago (about 1). If I was actually getting paid for all this time, you know, I’d be earning a fortune! But its all in a good cause for the books.

I had to do a load of printing as well so I went up to town around 2 to buy a couple of back up ink cartridges. Very pretty girl with blond hair served me (only around twenty I would guess). I asked her if they were still doing special deals on the cartridges – you know, buy two, get the third free. She said that had stopped until next month, so I said well, I’ll still buy two ‘cause I need them. Paid, and put my small bag of beers on the counter whilst doing so. As I was leaving, I suddenly remembered the beer so I just said . . . “Mustn’t forget the beer”! She said . . . “That’s what I could do with after work, its been so close in here”. I said . . . Well, you can join me if you want to!”. But then I left it as I had the distinct feeling she was about to say ‘yes’. It was only said in fun, and I regretted it later for not pushing it. But I really did intend to work, so I made no ‘advances’! Still, I know where she works now . . so perhaps next time! I really don’t want to sound arrogant, but sometimes, I seem to have some incredible effect upon women. Its never planned, it just happens. At least with some!

What else? Well, I made it to the post office before this to collect my mail. Nothing special, but one letter really annoyed me. It was from my bank – or one of them. You have incurred another ₤10 charge as your account has been inactive, it said. I went to the bank and asked them why. New rules, they explained everybody has been notified. I said, well, if I have been notified, it was only in the small print of some of the gumph you send out – you should have written me a personal letter. “I’m sorry”. She said, “but it applies to everyone”. “Not to me”, I said, “As from now I’m closing that account, and won’t be paying it”. She winced; none the happier as I said loudly . . . “There’s plenty of other banks around, you know”! I sometimes wonder why it is that large establishments get so greedy. It not the ₤10 (twenty in fact) just the principle.

So, after that bit of excitement, I came home, and started to write. One bank less, but nevertheless, I was none too bothered. Well, apart from that, nothing today really. But you know it never ceases to surprise me about the private interests from some people reading my Blog. I am sure most are genuine (and I always reply to those), but I am sure some are not. You can usually tell when people steer their questions away from generalities to asking about specific things or people. I rarely answer such points. I really don’t have the time to play ‘silly games’ with people who cannot be straight-forward. I just like people to be REAL. I just can’t stand the devious or insincere one’s. So those of you waiting for any reply – you might just get a long wait!

Anyway, that’s just about all for now everyone.

Bles you K. by the way, I haven’t forgotten what you said. For now, David


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  1. Dear David
    I would have done exactly the same thing as far as the bank account business was concerned! I have a particular dislike of banks and the banking industry. Having worked for one large bank some years ago, I tell you that the industry lacks any real moral scruples. Banks are greedy, they are run by ruthless and cynical people. I have always said that I would rather get a job picking up litter in the streets than work in banking again, I am deadly serious. You have to make a stand against them!
    Regards Matt

  2. David hi,
    Hope this finds you very well. Here’s another of my ‘loaded questions’ which I hope you don’t mind! In the 1970s I gather you had some contact with the French occultist and writer Jean Paul Bourre – I’m not a French speaker or reader so I don’t know much about Bourre other than that he is a fairly well-known writer on the esoteric. How did you meet with JP Bourre and was that an interesting association in occult terms?
    All the Best,

  3. hows the building work going david?
    sorry i havent been around but i’ve been watching the olympics late at night and its thrown my pattern well out of order.
    good job i changed shifts at work!
    i see that peroxide has changed the picture and altered the names. lol. sucker!!!

  4. No I can answer that Hesselius as its quite a factual and simple question. Have to do it a little later though as I’m right in the middle of something else at he moment. Thanks again, and I’ll come back a little later.
    For the moment,

  5. Hi Hesselius,
    Thought I’d give work a rest for now as I’ve been ‘at it’ since late afternoon and most of the evening. So, answering something different will make a refreshing change. Having said that, I don’t have your question copied for this screen, so I’ll just have to do it from memory. Basically you asked about French author and occultist Jean Paul-Bourre and his connection with myself, and my connections with him.
    I first met JPB when he came to London from Paris in 79/80. He was researching the Highgate vampire case for one of his books and he got my address from the Swiss Cottage Library. Then they literally just turned up one day on the door-step. Unexpected, but I nevertheless asked them in.
    I learned he was a French author and he gave me some copies of his earlier books on ‘vampires’. I couldn’t really understand them as my French is appalling, but I got the gist.
    We spoke for ages and the next day they came back for dinner. We just talked again and drank some wine, and he said he was very impressed with my version of events after some of the incredulous stories he’d heard about Highgate (concerning ‘vampires’, etc.).
    That was it really; they were here for about a week on that occasion, and I later (1981/2) went to stay with them at their apartment in Paris. He introduced me to other journalists and a large circle of friends he had involved in magic and the occult.
    Actually, its funny you should mention it again at this time, but JPB was involved in a French TV film in connection with all this. They came to London in April (this April) to film and interview myself and told me they’d already got the footage of JPB.
    I have got a copy of the transmission yet, but it should be quite ‘funny’ as they seemed especially interested in getting me to explain some of the ridiculous claims about the existence of ‘vampires’ made by some other people.
    So, that is how I met JPB. I am still in contact with him on occasion, or other people who know him in France. No doubt he will just turn up again here one day. In the mid 1990’ he told me he’d written another book about myself but I haven’t even seen that yet!
    Thanks Hesselius,

  6. Hi Craig,
    Just go ahead and enjoy yourself, that’s all that really matters. I always try to!
    I think the less said about “Peroxide” the better. I am certainly not going to comment about her opinions publicly: it seems ‘she’ is quite capable of doing this herself.
    Women are strange creatures sometimes, you know. (NOT all of them, so don’t worry K!). I have said nothing publicly about her accusations, and here I am being called a ‘liar’ because I didn’t do so! What mentality!
    I didn’t make these accusations, sweetheart, YOU did.
    I’m sorry, but I really feel its beneath my dignity to answer. Not beneath yours, obviously.
    See you again soon Craig I hope, then we can catch up,
    For now,

  7. – “I really don’t want to sound arrogant, but sometimes, I seem to have some incredible effect upon women. Its never planned, it just happens. At least with some!”
    If some young tart wants to snog a Celebrity Witch, who’s to argue with her?

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