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Looking Forward To That . . .

I didn’t have much to do today.  The workmen have gone till Monday so could get on with some more writing without any distractions.

I’m surprised at how much I’ve done so far – its surprising how it adds up.  Gareth’s help has been invaluable in ‘speeding me up’.   He might suggest some incident that I left out of the first book (Dark Secrets) and he usually persuades me to include it.  I just say OK, but I’ll just tell you and you can type it verbatim.  He does; then all we have to do is go back and check the grammar.  (There aren’t many mistakes anyway as he’s a far better typist than myself).

Anyway, I’m still well ahead of schedule even in all the ‘disruption’. Talking of which, I’m well on the way to getting an up to date kitchen now.  The old one really was a bit ‘grotty’, but having said that, it was not really my fault ‘cause of all the other mess.  If people literally almost ‘demolish ‘ a house and you’re left  with nowhere to put anything, then what do you expect!?

Karen is coming over tomorrow afternoon and I’m looking forward to that.  I think I’ve been ‘good’ lately, so don’t expect to get told-off about anything!  I feel quite relaxed with her and we can talk about many things.  Not what the weather’s been doing – but important things.  She listens; and in turn I listen to her advice.  She’s very excited about the books and keeps saying not to leave anything out – a bit like Gareth in that regard. I keep assuring her nothing will be, and it won’t!

I’m hoping she will be pleasantly surprised when she sees the new kitchen – even though its not finished yet.

Letter this morning enclosed a long over-due cheque.  Quite unexpected (I’d just about given up on it) so that will cover the new carpet.  If people paid me all the money they owe, then I would be really closer to getting a little richer!  But then, who really cares.  I have never really given that much importance to money.

One thing the kitchen work has done, is to get rid of the family of mice.  I suppose they’ll just have to find somewhere else now where food is more accessible.

And that’s really it.  We’re into the early hours of Sunday, and I’m seeing Karen tomorrow so I really mustn’t stay up too late.  Definitely not all night again anyway!

For the moment,


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  1. Hi David–hope you are “GETTING THERE” which your refurb–should be a little palace I reckon, but keep up the good work, please make a “FEATURE” out of that gorgeous fireplace–hope they havent pulled it out like the table!
    A man has had the most amazing dickipoggy on Amazon over LOTN–(forgive me KITIKAT for mentioning it) he was apoplectic–I think he must have been in the book, he went bananas on Amazon, my publisher told him to contact him–as This guy, a Mr T. had insulted him also — then it was all deleted, but I will send it on to you David–feel free to send it where thou wilt, cor the truth dont half hurt dont it!
    Nowt like a good scandal to get things going, I expect there will be a fatwah next, still it was the truth whether they liketh it or not—just like our friend Sir Victor of Vladivostok–the European nobleman who became immortalised as the Highgate Vampire!
    I’m in creases
    tata barbara

  2. Yes, I’ve seen that ‘review’ about your nursing book on the HC site, and I shall come back to it later. I have always had a great respect for nurses (and ‘yes’, I was saying this long before I met yourself!) and the dedicated way they care for others. But you will always get the odd person who say things they don’t truly believe or are motivated by personal malice. So don’t worry too much about it in that respect.
    Don’t you worry! Both Victorian fireplaces are STAYING in each room and will remain untouched. Well, they’ve painted the one in the finished back room now. Its a matt black, actually, but it looks better than white and matches the one in the lounge now. (Lounge is next for decoration, then the place won’t be long off finished).
    I still have to buy quite a few more things for the place (the cartpet cost over two hundred pounds!) but that will be more than covered by the compensation I won.
    I’ve been trying to fit more Blog posts in recently inbetween all this other work. Must be appreciated as I got praised by K. for that yesterday!
    ‘Till later,

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