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Better Get On With It . . .

As many people will have gathered I am having building work (heavy building work I might add like re-plastering walls and ceilings) but I am pleased to say that my large back room is virtually finished now.

I mean, finished from the point of view of the main work; not in regards to me refurnishing it. I have ordered a fitted carpet for early next week for a start and then I’ve got to see about getting a new table. The beautiful old mahogany one I had finally fell to bits and I had to agree to send it to the ‘table heaven’. That was last week. Its quite funny really as one of the builders came in and said . . . “Och do ye want me to throw that table ooot because its got woodworm in it”. (you might have gathered, he was Scottish!).

“Yes, just fling it”, I told him. I really couldn’t be bothered to argue but there wasn’t any woodworm. What had caused the damage was it a deluge of water and wet plaster burying it in 2002 when part of the ceiling fell down in 2002. Woodworm? I thought they only lived in dry conditions!

Its really strange seeing the room so empty and hearing your footsteps echoing around from the bare floorboards. Its size is even more apparent now and I’ve made a resolution not to let it get cluttered up again. Its strange standing there in the quietness; just looking at it and picturing it how it was . . . I remember thinking how some rooms seem to be almost ‘individual’ with a life entirely of their own. Its almost as if the walls have their own memories and relay these for you when they know you’re giving them some attention.

Silly? Not so sure. So much happened in there that the memories would have to go somewhere. And where else could they feasibly go really other than to remain in the room? I have always been fond of that room. It is almost as if it ‘speaks’ to you as an old friend to give you back the memories. My God. There really are enough of those, but some are not re-printable here! Well, it always was a bedroom (and will be again) – just put it like that!

Anyway, that reminds me. I may well be forced to get another double bed. The other one broke in half while being cleared out. Might just leave that for the moment though to save expense (its TRUE, have you ever seen a rich witch?!) and just try and screw the other one back together.

There’s still a lot of work left to do, but I’m getting there . . . slowly. (My God, I keep talking about getting a new secretary; I’ll need another wife if things keep going like this!). On that point in parenthesis, anyone got any offers?! Applicants should have dark hair, be sweet, loving and gentle and – most importantly of all – be prepared to put up with a total failure who still can’t stop smoking! Only joking!

On that note, I suppose I’d better finish for today. Loads more writing to do tonight, so I’d just better get on with it!



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  1. that back room has got a really good view from the window david.
    have u got any pictures of what it used to look like back in the 70s?
    did u used to hold parties at ur pad?

  2. speaking of boxes mate, whats the story about some of ur personal belongings that were stored in a box being stolen whe u were banged up in nick?
    u mentioned this briefly a long time ago but u never explained it.

  3. I have never been a great one for parties, Craig. Don’t really like roomfuls of packed people. I certainly invited a few people around on occasion but I was quite happy with just 4 or 5 people – still the same. In later years, of course, mainly since 2002 when the ceiling partially collapsed, people just had to come into the lounge which is a little smaller.
    Yes, I do have some photograhs of the room and I’ll sort them out for you. Although we are ‘getting there’, I’ve had to store quite a few boxes of photographs and files downstairs in another empty room which was agreed in Court I could make use of until everything’s finished.
    Apart from the people and visitors, I think the main thing I remember about that back room is that it was so quiet and I could work unmolested by traffic noise at the front. Well, I’ve more-or-less got used to that now, but it will be nice to get back and work in there again.
    For the moment,

  4. No. I wasn’t ‘in nick’ Craig. I think that incident related to a time I was away in Spain for a short time in 1970 and ‘certain’ people’ visited people who had custody of some of my possessions and claimed they had my authority to take them when, in fact, they did not.
    I took the two people concerned to Court in 1971 and the case was widely reported in the local Press. I think that’s what you are referring to.
    If I never went into it too much, I guess that’s because it was a long time ago, and I was being pressed about many other things in the immediate present, that’s all.
    That’s the story of my life really! being questioned about the distant past and the ridiculous ‘vampire stories’. Not that the theft of my property was ‘ridiculous’, but it was all part of the same saga.
    You’ll have to come over again soon and I can tell you about that in person. And by the way, how’s Laura?!
    For now,

  5. Dear David
    You should get yourself a nice fitted kitchen as well the carpet.
    Sorry to hear about your table, I hate that kind of thing, having to get rid of furniture.
    Regards Matt

  6. Thanks Matt,
    I really will be glad when this whole business is all over. I can’t go into it here as the legal agreement is still binding until the work is completed to the satisfaction of both parties. Quite apart from which, all this stuff is quite boring. All I can say is that the whole thing has been dragging on since 1999 since the house was bought by a property development company.
    As I said before, it might be inconvenient but it will never stop my work. I have survived far worse in my life, and the writen work will go on. (Makes it a little difficult for filming here though at the moment!).
    Still, when work is finished, I think everybody will be happy!
    For the moment,

  7. What did you think of my Victor the Vampire idea, I just thought it was time the poor chap–presuming it was a chap–( wasnt it supposed to be a European nobleman?) so take it is Mr Vampire—-had a name. Anyway I’m going to call him Victor from now on, unless any has any better ideas—or who can find out who the actual wandering corpse was.If he is presumbed to be of nobility , then someone must have said so originally and have based their statement on some kind of evidence. Anyway from now on he is Victor the vampire, bless his undead little heart!

  8. Yes Barbara,
    I see ‘Victor the Vampire’ has now posted. God knows what his real name is, but its not me really!
    I am as intrigued as yourself. Let’s just hope it is a real human, because the laugh would be on us if it turned out to be a real vampire!
    Somehow don’t think so really.

  9. ‘Victor’ has been ‘oyed off’ the Don Ecker site, Barbara. Don thought he was a troll.

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