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Road to Nowhere (Part Two)

Well, this is all you’re getting for the moment folks – or I’ll have K. onto me (and others) saying I’m giving too much away! Its not much really though; just one short episode in my life which contributes to the main story. Anyway, this stuff has never been published before, as I said. So I am just treating ‘loyal’ readers here to a small advanced preview.. Hope you enjoy it for what its worth . . .




But my adventure was only just beginning and I’d survived the first hurdle, not yet completely away, but out of their immediate clutches. I knew I must now be especially alert and keep out of sight, because the search would be on and even nearby farmers probably alerted. A more chilling reflection was that hoards of screaming zombies would suddenly come charging over the horizon; all given special permission to ‘break bounds’, and dispatched in all directions with instructions to find and report at all costs. Of course, this was highly improbable, especially in view of the fact that it couldn’t have been much past five o’clock; but the thought alone gave me enough incentive to head quickly for Pulborough with the intention of slipping quietly through its sleeping civilisation, to be safe from the threat of any immediate detection. In fact, it was nearer than I thought, and in less than an hour I was at a round stone bridge which led the river around the town.

Cautiously, I emerged and checked a signpost; then, to the sound of an echoing church clock, ran along a main road for several hundred yards to another one in the distance which I prayed would herald a tiny road, safe from traffic. In fact, it was a narrow lane and, with a sense of relief hurried on, protected by high banks and early morning mist. It was six o’clock and I intended to walk furiously until lunchtime, ducking off the road at any sound of traffic. That I was fairly safe was verified by the fact that the road was not even marked on my map – although distant place names on other roads showed I was in the right direction.

Passing through villages, I would act casually, sauntering leisurely and perching the bird on my arm to distract from obvious identification. (Apart from this, for the sake of speed, I kept the bird tucked under my jacket.) I entered a remote village store and bought some such need food and milk. Packing a carrier-bag, I learned that Horsham was not much more than ten miles away.

Fairly tired from my long walk, I found a sunlit glade and settled down to eat. The bird went into ecstasy over the milk, and made gigantic holes in a tomato I thought was hidden. Wandering freely on the ground, it made no attempt to escape; in fact, it would follow me everywhere even if I pretended to walk away. I rested for a couple of hours before beginning the long trek to Horsham.

The road was ideal, being practically deserted, and several hours more brought me within two miles of the town. It was dusk, so I decided to settle down for the night rather than risk getting lost or spotted among dazzling lights and buildings. It was a dangerous time, when little boys were all too conspicuous in a grown-up’s world, and I wanted only the solitude of the night. Off the road, I found a disused hut and set about making a bed amongst the disused rubble. The place had obviously been used for storing fruit or vegetables for small wooden crates and sacks were piled against the walls. I arranged these to ‘seal off’ a corner and, using sacks to lie on and for covering, lay silently to await the approaching night.

The bird perched with ruffled feathers – a comforting shape in the darkness – and beyond, stars glinted in a clear sky which gave the only light through a single window. I looked at them, intently aware that these seemed to hold a million secrets, and ‘house’ strange beings that were way beyond the world of school and everyday understanding. Such beings must exist somewhere, I reasoned. And surely if they did, they would have to be superior to the lowly humans who pursued worthless knowledge and neglected their children. But if they existed, they were too far away to help; I was on my own on this tragic earth and there seemed nobody to help.

But I knew that, apart from these, there must be God and the kindly Goddess that I had been assured watched through the night over people and all Nature. I could sense her somewhere in the distance telling me not to be afraid because She, alone, understood how I felt and the wrongful way in which I’d been treated. I must trust Her because she did care and I must try and understand this as imparted by my mother. She was not dead, but with Her in distant glory, wanting just to show me she shared in my sadness. I fell asleep content. A whole new world was breaking all around, and I was glimpsing a Truth that lived beyond the world with all its petty miseries.

That night, I awoke to the sound of thunder rumbling ominously in the distance. There was no rain but lightning lit the hut, and I quickly noticed some dark figure standing in a corner. I watched intently thinking it could be some uninvited tramp who had come in for shelter. The next flash of lightning revealed it was still there; unrecognisable, but it was definitely the shape of a motionless man. The next flash of lightning revealed ‘he’ had gone, but he had done so noiselessly and I was concerned he might still be inside the hut. Switching on the torch, I dubiously scanned the hut, but saw that it was completely empty. I contemplated leaving and risking the storm, but I had the torch and it was not long till daybreak, so I snuggled back between the semi-warm sacks; relieved the figure had gone, but aware that out of all the deserted huts in Sussex, I had chosen one that might have been haunted.

The sky eventually lightened and, cramped and stiff, I got up to await the sunlight. I ate the last of my sandwiches, and crept towards Horsham, aware that this large town presented a real danger of capture. It was not so much the police that concerned me (I’d hardly considered the fact that they might have been alerted), but a terrible vision of officials or prefects from the school pouncing on me at the station. Luckily, nothing of the sort happened and I slipped on a train and invited little more than amazed looks from some people at the tame bird quietly perched on my shoulder . . .

© David Farrant [From the new autobiography]



18 responses

  1. hi david.
    just wanted to say that that reads really bloody well.
    i know we joke and have a laugh most of the times, but i sometimes forget ur a writer.
    i don’t want to be doing that arse kissing stuff but i think thats some of the best stuff you have written to date.
    The minute u start readingit, all vampire nonsense goes right out of ur head and i feel as if i am there living the journey alongside u.
    i said the same when i read Dark Secrets and Shadows in the night.
    absolutely brilliant mate. i’m very impressed and look forward to my signed copy!
    p.s belsize banshee wants to use the computer and say something! good luck!!!
    Dear D,
    Just to echo Craig, I am very impressed with the ‘Road To Nowhere’ sneak preview.
    I know I probably annoyed you by looking over your shoulder as you were writing it, but it’s really very good and creates an everlasting picture of your childhood for me.
    Please spare no details.
    Now stop showing off and get that book finished.
    Don’t forget, we have a very important deadline to meet for Hallowe’en.
    Much Love
    P.S Don’t forget the photographer is coming over soon to take some pictures to add to the book.
    Make an effort and shave or I’ll disown you!

  2. Even I must admit this stuff is pretty f-ing good, David. A far cry from the usual paranormal drivel.

  3. Well done David–at least no miraculous births either to keep up the pace.I might just have another read of your other books tonight to jog my memory, or is this an entire re-write? Hurry up with the rest, and thanks also for your kind comments over those snooty women,

  4. Hi Craig, ‘Belsize’, Cat and Barbara,
    Just thought I might answer you all together being in ‘lazy mode’!
    Thanks Craig for your compliments on the short extract. Had a few phone calls about it, and I am pleasantly surprised that people seem to like it! I didn’t realize that people would be so interested in the past (distant past that is) but if they are, then that can only be good news for the forthcoming autobiography.
    Glad you seem to be getting on so well with ‘Belsize’. She’s a pretty level-headed lady now and doesn’t seem to stand for any nonsense! But don’t forget who she is!
    And no, ‘Belsize’ I won’t address you here. I’m still waiting to see you again in person when we can talk properly. (You’ve already seen the state of the kitchen – or should I say ‘non-kitchen’ with no water – so how do you expect me to shave easily?!).
    As for you Cat, thanks, I never thought I’d hear a compliment like that from yourself. (You actually got away from ‘cheese-cloth knickers’ for a change). Still, I suppose Cats are supposed to be very independent creatures, so I can only take that as a compliment.
    And thanks Barbara. I am keeping a ‘close watch’ on the other business and next time I may well call the ladies in question more than ‘loopy’!
    Thanks all, and please forgive the amalgamated response.
    Actually, the first book is getting on towards being finished now but I will keep everyone up to date on its progress.
    For now,

  5. – “You’ve already seen the state of the kitchen – or should I say ‘non-kitchen’ with no water – so how do you expect me to shave easily?!).”
    I think we need to get Chef Gordon Ramsay to sort your place out.

  6. Actually, I’m a fairly good cook, Cat, when I want to be and have the available facilities. I can cook French food, Italian food or Spanish food. English food, I’m not so sure about, unless I buy it in pre-cooked packets from Sainsbury’s
    So bring Gordon around sometime. If you don’t like the cooking, we could always just make up for it with a couple of cold beers!

  7. Hi David—I have in front of me Dark Journey, Return of the Vampire Hunter and Dark Secrets ( you were squeezed up next to your dear friend in my filing system of books!) I have the vampire stuff as well, but seem to be missing Shadows in the Night???? I am usually quite orderly with my books so cant understand if I cant find certain ones which I would NEVER part with, but to my annoyance a couple have vanished which had the Highgate Robin Hood stuff in, which is often written about together these days. I know I am quite incompetent in some ways, but I am baffled over these few AWOL books. However, I will read DS AND DJ today–more than likely–are these going to be amalgamated in your new book?
    No more dickipoggy posts on the OTHER BOARD, they sounded very holier than thou, and gosh, I wish the dollars were rolling in–if only they knew!
    The objections were baseless and you are right, they werent out there in the snow,ice,wind and rain in the middle of the night! They were tucked up nice and cosy in their nice warm houses!
    I hope you have asked everyone in the book for permission to write about them–haha —how daft can you get!!! You can ask if you are giiving real names,–simply as a courtesy– but arent forced to.Unless you write something untrue they can’t object, and then it has to be proven.
    I got this crap over Secrets when–one of the complainers–well, the only complainer, said I hadnt asked permission to write about people mentioned. Unless you want a direct quote, or to copy a quote, it isnt necessary!He said people were complaining to him over it about my book, which was even funnier cos if they had complained it woudl have been to me–why him?. Anyway I am sick of people always whinging on and being nasty , some people cannot work out cause and effect!
    I am all for peace and love but dont stand for unprovoked attacks!
    tata for now– the last bit of the book can be tiresome, but a great feeling when you write
    tata barbara

  8. David, I agree with everyone else. This new book reads fab! No vampires, court cases, idiots…..just a simple tale of how you came to be…
    Keep up the good work, I say!

  9. Thanks Barbara,
    Just to say thanks for now. Will answer you this afternoon about “Shadows” and the new book. I can only assume one of your visitors ‘borrowed’ the former and forgot to return it. But will clarify later, as have to go out now.
    For the moment,

  10. After whats been in the local rag over THE “Mother Teresa” brigade , and afer some of the trash circulated by the cap doffers of KK, I think I can put up with whatever you have said about little ole me!
    tata barbara

  11. Hi again Barbara
    Now I’ve got my breath back again!
    The new autobiography (title still a secret) will be a combination of Dark Secrets and Shadows in the Night but with loads more ‘new’ material. People seem to keep wanting all the truth; okay, then they can have it!
    The book following (which is also almost complete) will deal with more controversial issues that have always been put rather ‘one-sidedly’ in the public eye. The long chapter at the end concludes with the consequences arising when some people side with evil or – quite literally – make a ‘pact with the devil’.
    Am I worried about the consequences of this book? (you seem to be asking). Not in the least, I can assure you of that! In fact, I would welcome them! All I am doing is telling the truth about all the lies and deciet that has been maliciously spread around by certain people. Such deception has also been put around in ‘religious circles’ and those people, in particular, will be made aware of the full truth – or rather, the religious communities that they hide behind to spread such deception, will.
    That book will contain documentation to back up all the facts, includng signed correspondence and Court and other official documentation.
    That’s all really. Its as simple as that! I’ll be sending you an advance copy of course and – as I said earlier – another copy of “Shadows”.
    Its fair to tell you that I have mentioned you in the book Barbara, so in advance of this – and in all fairness – I will send you the sections of the manuscript in which you are named. Nothing bad, so don’t worry!
    Actually, once the book has been published, I will send you an extra copy to put in your local library for me so it can join your books on the shelves!
    Anyway, must get on now. Still have things to do, and I have two people coming over tonight.
    For the moment,

  12. Dear David
    I enoyed reading ‘Road To Nowhere’ very much, for me it conjured up vivid images of the countryside. I just want to read the whole book now!
    Regards Matt

  13. David: what’s on your bedside reading table? Novels? Nonfiction? History? Occult matter? Erotica? Give us a hint of what books you’ve read in the last year.
    This is a legitimate question so don’t dodge it.
    (At least I’m not asking about knickers)

  14. Hello David, Hope this finds you very well,
    Ah, ‘The Nag Hammadi Library’ on your bedside table, a very scholarly tome of translations of gnostic texts – I know this is a big question, but what did you feel about the whole concept of ‘Gnosis’ and of deep inner knowledge that transcends the outer formalities of conventional religion? Do the teachings of the Gnostics hold a particular appeal for you David ? Would you describe yourself as having Gnostic leanings?
    Great autobiography excerpts by the way – very evocative and of course I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to know what happened to the tame rook!
    All the Best

  15. Hi Pussy Cat
    (At least I’m not asking about knickers). Maybe not, but your’re still mentioning them!
    Books I’ve read? There’s nothing to dodge, but on the other hand, I don’t want to bore you as my main book collection (apart from all the ‘ghost stuff) is made up of religious (all varying religions) literature.
    To be honest with you I have read virtually nothing over the last three years or more. (except to look bits and pieces
    up for reference , dates, etc).
    The last book I actually bought was “The Penguin Book of Ghosts” by Jacqueline Simpson and Jennifer Westwood – but I only bought that because I (and my ‘dear friend’) were in it.
    The last significant book I bought was “The Nag Hammedi Library” by James M. Robinson and I also purchased “The Infinite Way 1958 Letters” by Joel S. Goldsmith around the same time.
    See! I told you it would bore you!

  16. Thanks Hessilieus
    1. Ah, ‘The Nag Hammadi Library’ on your bedside table, a very scholarly tome of translations of gnostic texts – I know this is a big question, but what did you feel about the whole concept of ‘Gnosis’ and of deep inner knowledge that transcends the outer formalities of conventional religion? Do the teachings of the Gnostics hold a particular appeal for you David ? Would you describe yourself as having Gnostic leanings?
    Nice to see you here again.
    You know, you sometimes ask me such simple questions which are so ‘loaded’ to answer!
    I will have to answer you simply, obviously, but I can always expand on something if you want me to.
    I have never claimed to have any secret Gnosis (Knowledge) but on the other hand I am sure that this exists, yes.
    Conventional religions never teach this; indeed, many have suppressed it for the sake of the masses and for keeping any belief in Infinite Being (or God) simple. There is nothing wrong with that either. I have only ever been opposed to those who prefer the ‘simple’ version, then go on to do harm to their fellow men or women whilst still trying to embrace it. (God, please bring that person to me, or punish that one, for example). That really has nothing to do with Divine Principle, I can assure you!
    My only ‘quest’ in life (if ‘quest’ is really the correct word) is to discover the real secrets underlying consciousness. I cannot really think of anything more important for without that (consciousness) none of us would be here.
    I kept the rook in a huge cage in our old garden. Eventually he/she died of old age, but it was too tame to let it go.
    For now,

  17. Hi David
    I think both your shoulders and mine are broad enough to put up with critisism. I am quite happy to be critisised in a constructive manner but not trashed with a load of nonsence. Where I have erred I have admitted it and apologised–after all I am not perfect. Sometimes circumstances can lead you into unwise decisions–though that is no excuse for not sticking by you r principles.
    So people have three chances with me, after three its get lost.
    I find it difficult to sort out this religious quagmire—more explicitly discussed elsewhere. If a certain person(quote) has struck another certain person off(quote) and then gone back to that decidely dickipoggy certain person
    who is deciedly dickipoggy and would not be approved of ecclesiatically—for a start over his, as many people say, dangerous advice,I may pop down and surprise you and do keep meaning to post that sinister equipment, the feather duster anon
    anywayI have lost the plot over the main stuff–and many thanks for the other dickipogginess on the hc–see my last shot!

  18. I think I am rather like you, Barbara, I’m used to criticism by now; its one of the downfalls of being an author! Let ‘them’ criticise all they want, ‘water off a ducks back’ as they say.
    I DO know what you mean though, but criticism is not quite the same as betrayal. At least you never did that, and I can respect that. (I just don’t share your sense of humour on accasion!).
    No. Betrayal of your friends is quite different – especially if they happen to be close friends. Its hard to understand what motivates people sometimes; more so when they encourage evil and malice whilst hiding behind a cloak of religion. But as I said before, that can only be a matter for a particular person and their conscience.
    Yes, you are always welcome here. Leave it for a couple of months and I can even offer you a bed to sleep in to save a hotel. (Just shut up Cat, don’t even think it!).
    My back room should be ready soon then hopefully, I can get back to some sembelence of normality!
    For the moment,

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