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Fact And Fantasy

Had a new programme installed on my computer last week (thanks my angel!)) which has speeded things up considerably with the book. The old one was fine with text (as this one is) but hopeless for photographs.

For example, you couldn’t ‘lock’ them on a chosen space on the page; rather you could, but when going back to work on them later, sometimes they’d have moved off the page – which in turn, threw the text out. It was no serious problem as when you returned the pic. to its original position, the text went into place. But it was just time-consuming, so now it’s a lot quicker. Some of the pictures I have chosen really are classic (mostly b/w but some colour), but all perfectly respectable I hasten to add! I only say that to stop people like Craig assuming they are like Page 3 Sun photos! No. My books have always been serious, and I like to think I have always dealt with fact as opposed to fantasy!

Actually, this is quite a difficult thing with things psychic and occult and some people would argue (indeed, have argued) that as many of these topics cannot be proved either one way or the other, it is wrong to refer to these as ‘fact’. Fair point; but I mean I only report the things and events as presented to me (or as I have personally found or experienced them), I try not to add the usual sensationalism added by some authors with almost the certain intention of neglected more ‘mundane issues’ just for the sake of selling ‘good’ copy.

Do you know, I actually did some physical work today. There is (was) an old gas cooker in the kitchen that must have been here almost as long as the house has been standing (1896 or something I believe). Well, I was given a much better one which I had stored in the back room, and I decided to change them over. What a job! And my bad back and foot didn’t help either! But a friend and myself managed it. Now all I need to do is start using it rather than relying on pre-cooked food or things that need virtually no preparation out of packets. (The beer, of course, presents no problem as that is cold and easy in its simplicity to open!).

What else is new? Well, I’m seeing a friend in the film business from Yorkshire tomorrow, so we’ve got a bit of catching up to do. Usually been done by phone, but now he’ll be here in person. (I bet you thought it was somebody else when you started reading this Craig. Well sorry to disappoint you!). Other than that, things fairly slow.

As some of you will have noticed, my friend from the Midlands, psychic investigator Wayne has now joined in the Blog. I believe I mentioned the BCPS in connection with him earlier. To clarify that a little, Wayne is in fact the founder of the Black Country Paranormal Society. Please do keep posting Wayne!

That’s it for the moment, David HELP! C or K. Look what this programme’s done to the formatting!


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  1. Dear David
    With your new cooker you should be able to russle up some real haut cuisine!
    Pre-cooked food is often bad for one, I know. You should aim to get on Master Chef.
    Regards Matt

  2. Dear David
    Cigarettes, tea and beer are essentials! I’ve become a bit soft these days and stick to India Pale Ale, although in the past I appreciated the ‘qualities’ of ‘Special Brew’. Interesting to see a reference to the Black Country
    Paranormal Society, I’m from that part of the world (roughly). Looking forward to the publication of your new books.
    Regards Matt

  3. Thanks Matt.
    I am pretty careful what I eat though – when I eat!
    Try to avoid ‘junk food’ mostly though. Us ‘witches’ were trained in the natural laws of Nature, after all.
    Bit disappointed very recently to learn that my favourite beer was no longer available for some reason. It was great value with a volume of 10%. It was even higher than “Special Brew” (9%), and everybody warns you about ‘taking it easy’ on that!
    Still, I suppose we all have to fore-go some of life’s luxuries at one time or another!
    To be honest, I am quite happy with just the simple things of life – but that also includes beer and cigarettes!
    For now,

  4. Hi David,
    No problem with me staying around and yes I’ll keep on posting! A new cooker sounds good, ordering Take aways and doing Microwave dinners are ok for a short while, but eventually they are no match for a home cooked meal!
    Not to sure about the beer, but a glass of fine scotch whisky goes down a treat. My Brother- in – law brought me a bottle of Ben Nevis whisky right from the distillery and boy did that go down well. In fact to well, I finished the bottle in one sitting! Sadly the rest was a blur and I don’t remember anything til the next afternoon! God forgive me!
    Nick called round tonight and we had a good old chat about the Highgate case and the trip down to you in April or May! Heidi send her love and hope’s your keeping well!

  5. Hi David,
    Me again, forgive me for been a bit behind, but what’s the new book about and when is it due for release?

  6. Thanks Wayne, and I look forward to seeing you and Nick in April/May.
    I know the Forum is for somewhat more serious psychic stuff, but if you’d like to post anything similar here, please do so.
    It would make a change from my day to day (every two day now) ‘wafflings’ about my boring every day-to-day existence!
    I mean, a Blog is meant to be a bit ‘varied’ about topics, so it doesn’t really matter.
    I’ll look into the HC Tours (dates) anyway,
    For now,

  7. To whom it may concern, that sent me the email. You know who you are!
    David, trust me!!!!!!!!!!! I hold out only the hand of friendship to this person! here are a few bible Quotes for the said person to ponder on!
    7 ” Do not judge, or you too
    will be judged. 2 For in the
    same way as you judge others,
    you WILL be judged, and with the
    measure you use, it will be measured
    to you.
    MATTHEW 7: 1-2 ( NIV)
    43 ” You have heard that it was
    said, ‘Love your neighbour and
    hate your enemy.’ But I tell you:
    Love your enemies and pray for
    those who persecute you, 45 that
    you may be sons of your Father
    in Heaven.
    Matthew 5: 43-45 ( NIV.)
    Only the GOD you and I believe in has the right to judge anyone! And any good child of GOD, know’s this very simple teaching! Which is taught to children in Sunday School. Unlike most, I study my LORDS bible everyday. Which tells us in James 1: 26.
    26 If anyone considers himself religious
    and yet does not keep a tight rein on his
    tongue, he deceives himself and his
    religion is worthless.
    I have no problems with you and I judge you not! For that is not my right! But in the very same case. I WILL NOT judge David either!!!!!!!!!!
    Kind Regards.
    P.S, This is the end of the subject.

  8. I have little doubt whom you are referring to Wayne.
    Though bear in mind, this equally applies to two people now.
    As I’ve said before here, it may be possible to hide behind your conscience; it is not possible to hide your conscience from God!
    For the moment,

  9. Hi David,
    I never intended to bring anything religious into this mix. My relationship with GOD is between God and myself. Although, I am not allowed by his law to deny him. I am a Christian and I love GOD! I will never ever be ashamed to admit that! But we are also informed within the bible, to be an Hearer and doer of the word. And I practice this every day. This is why I hold no malice towards the said person or his friends.
    For I know, that in the final judgement, ALL will be held accountable for their actions. Although to repent is a good start to salvation, you will still have to answer for your earthly transgressions or how will you ever really know what you did was wrong! In a nutshell, You may do something to all intent a purposes that you believe is right in God eyes, but in fact you may be wrong!
    Anyway David, Again I’m sorry about having to do this on your blog, I do pray that you will forgive me. But I believe, right or wrong, it needed saying!

  10. To whoever sent the last email to me, entitled This is the end of the subject!
    You quote MATTHEW 12:30 and I do not stand against GOD nor his son the Lord Jesus Christ. Neither do I stand for you or against you. But I stand for what God as taught me through his Holy scriptures and I can not and never will betray or desert those teachings. I was taught to respect others and their beliefs. No matter that I agreed or disagreed with those beliefs. That’s for our God to decide.
    If David as done wrong in the past and who as not? Who am I to judge him? For we all carry a skeleton in our cupboards!!!!!!!!!
    But in your email, I do believe you see what I am trying to say! That I am not attacking you or taking David’s side. Just that I have to live by the rules of GOD. And one of those been, Do not judge others.
    P.S, David again I’m sorry for this, but I will not be responding to any further emails by these person/persons. But if they wish to send me any emails with actual comments in them, I will be more than happy to answer!

  11. Hi David,
    Back to the Blog now, that I’ve so rudely taken over. Thank you for mentioning the BCPS. I’ve always kept a tight rein on the group and never allowed it to stray from its original findings, which were to help people, who claimed to be having paranormal phenomena within their homes. The aim of the group was to help were we could and offer realistic advice! Without frightening the already frightened!
    And I do believe we have achieved our goals on a number of occasions. Again thank you for the mention, my friend!
    Kind Regards.

  12. There is no need to apologise Wayne. You have done nothing wrong! In fact, I entirely agree with you.
    I just think its a pity more people don’t act like true Christians like you do, instead of being embroiled in so much bitterness and malice.
    For the moment,

  13. I have been accused of ‘religious hatred’ in the past Wayne, merely for saying the same things you are.
    I have found that this simple message is sometimes very difficult to put over. Merely that there IS a God (Infinite Being or Consciousness, as I have frequently referred to IT), only that It is a power of Love and not one that should be utilised (by some) to judge others. When that happens: well, that is when the sanctimonious hyporcrisy starts creeping in.
    Try and understand, or come into contact with, this Divine Being. That is all I have ever said. That is all people will ever find I’ve said if they have truthfully read my writings.
    But some don’t or have not!
    Others have, however, and seem to have understood what I have been saying.
    Again, I can only say, I am in complete agreement with you over this. “Judge not that ye be not Judged”. There is really no other simplier way of saying it!
    For the moment,

  14. Hi David,
    In a nutshell, Jesus did not die for us to have a religion, he died for us to have a relationship with GOD! And that’s not one of my saying’s, it came from a Joyce Meyer, whom I have great respect for as a true christian, which she is!!!!!!!!!!

  15. “Jesus did not die for us to have a religion, he died for us to have a relationship with GOD!”
    that is a brilliant quote! i get the feeling it’ll make its way to somebody elses msn group soon.
    i also got sent loads of emails when i first joined davids blog but they were less about god and more about how ‘evil’ david is supposed to be.
    anyway life is wasted on some people. theyd do better worrying about their own glass houses before throwing stones.
    is the BCPS anything to do with the BPOS or are they 2 seperate organisations?

  16. Yes, Jesus showed that (physical) death was not the end of life. His great demonstration was to surely show the reality of resurrection; if not necessarily of the physical body (as he showed) but of the soul.
    That is really of far greater importance, because without the soul (consciousness or God)) there could be no physical body.
    It really is a marvellous think if you think about it. The problem is, sadly, that many people don’t.
    For the moment,

  17. Hi Craig,
    The email was not about God, the header read The truth behind the Highgate Vampire! Which if I could have accessed it probably would have been an attack on David! But I only pressume that later part.
    The point for the Bible quotes was to point out as christians, which these people claim to be, we must live by God’s law. And no matter what a person as done or not done is up to God to judge, not us! We are warned to be aware of sinners, but David as never done anything whilst I’ve known him to give me reason for concern. Yes I’ve seen press articles about David, that have been a bit out there. But I’m wise enough to know, not take anything the press write as gospel.
    The quote I mentioned earlier, that impressed you, came from an American evangelist, by the name of Joyce Meyer. Whom I have a great deal of respect for. God bless her! Listening to her shows has taught me more, than church ever as, about been a good christian. Check her website out!
    Kind Regards.

  18. Truly Wayne, ignore the ‘phantom e-mailer’ and he’ll go away. He thrives on attention, and he needs to be starved of it.
    Sorry to hi-jack your blog, David. Won’t give this person (the e-mailer) more ‘oxygen’ on here.

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