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Away From Boring Matters

Got a rather stupid letter today from the owners. They had had an ultimatum from the Council to clear up the garden because of complaints from neighbours about its overgrown state.

We had actually cleared it a week or so ago, but the complaint was that we’d left piles of cut branches and it could encourage rats breeding. The bottom line is they had given the owners a time limit to clear it and they had passed the responsibility on to us. In other words, we must clear it and pay! Well, I phoned up the Council and said to them we had already done ‘our bit’, and they must meet part of the cost.

Bloody cheek! If anybody thinks that we are going to pay out one more penny in time and work, they can think again. Which is exactly what I told the guy at the Council. People are strange sometimes. Often they assume they can just ‘walk all over you’, and actually get away with it! Often they would too – if you let them!

Anyway, away from boring material matters. I have just been booked for another Talk in London – on psychic phenomena, what else? But the guy said I was quite welcome to refer to my books, so I said I’d ‘go for it’. More news on this a little later. Its not until May. Well, I see my friend Wayne has posted some very thoughtful replies on here. I have told him he is quite welcome to do so, and he is. He would probably agree with me, but life is surely not restricted to just certain topics (even the paranormal, and that’s coming from myself!), and deeper issues should sometimes be looked at. What could be ‘deeper’ really than exploring the question of Life? – I mean Life itself as opposed to just ‘life’ in a general sense.

Well, I am in Court tomorrow, but only as an on-going part of this Civil thing. I am NOT facing any criminal charges anyone, so really sorry to disappoint anybody!

See you all Saturday here in the main one.

Till then, David


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  1. Thanks Columbine and Wayne,
    Don’t worry, it will. And I say that in advance of it even happening!
    Thanks both of you, really,

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