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Something Completely . . . The Same!

Gareth - fghting the forces of evil!

And now for something completely . . . the same!!  Seriously everyone,  with Hallowe’en fast approaching, here at the BPOS we thought the least we could do, was to get our new Hallowe’en  Special film out on time.  It is on schedule (at least at the moment) but things can always crop up which can cause unforeseen delays.

It was not so bad for the Hallowe’en Special last year – or the Christmas Special come to that – as these were both filmed exclusively at my home and the ‘budding actors’ were all together in one place  so had no need to worry about meeting up at different locations.  Not so with the next one!  Parts of it will be filmed on location out of London and there will be are such things as peoples’ time schedules to take into account – not to mention the necessary transportation.

Another problem, of course, is that we are still working toward getting the Redmond McWilliams interview with myself finished at the same time, or rather the editing.  As you know Parts 1 and 2  of this have already been released and, just out of interest,  Part 3 should be out this coming weekend.

But back to the Hallowe’en film . . .

Well, I can’t really tell you too much about the actual plot at the moment.  For one thing, I don’t want to get the ‘Governess’ after me after promising her my utmost discretion in any releases; but for another, I don’t relish the prospect of being made to cook my own dinner!

Though I think I can tell you that the film stars Gareth J. Medway who has to battle the evil powers of the “Wicked Witch of the North” and her accomplice the “Evil Red Roger”.  Gareth finds himself captured by this evil duo whilst visiting the grave of the famed Robin Hood which lies secluded in the grounds of Kirklees –  by coincidence, not far from the site of the Brighouse Gala to which I have been invited next year.

Gareth faces certain death unless he can escape from his imminent plight;  a plight not made less menacing by the cackling of the demented Wicked Witch and the blood-thirsty  bellowings of the revengeful Red Roger.

So, can he escape?  And if he does, will he be able to banish these two manifestations of evil that appeared so unexpectedly at the site of the Grave?

Well,  I’m afraid for that you’ll just have to wait and see!  And hopefully, the film will be completed in time for your enjoyment by Hallowe’en.

For the moment,


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