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The Wicked Witch Of The North Comes Down South

Latest news on the film; that is the third part of Redmond’s interview with myself about the Highgate vampire case. We really have nearly finished the editing now, in that it has all been put together and just needs some final tweaks.

With regard to the new Hallowe’en Special, we have had a couple of auditions with people wanting to be involved. Unlike ‘Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited’, released just recently, the Hallowe’en Special will only be a spoof, to get interested people into the spirit of Hallowe’en.

Della is at a party tonight in Mayfair, and I told her not to take the car, even though the traffic is pretty quiet on a Saturday, and she’ll be getting a taxi back. So here I am, left on my own to tell you a little more about the Hallowe’en Special film. You will remember that I explained that I could not give ‘too much away’, but Della has seen my last entry with the picture of Gareth at Robin Hood’s grave, and she says that was OK. So I better respect her wishes as I’m really not meant to say too much and don’t want to upset ‘mine to honour and obey’; in other words mustn’t upset the ball and chain! So I’ll have to be a little guarded about the film’s content here, except to say, as I believe I already have, it focusses around Robin Hood’s ghostly grave at Kirklees and its reknowned reputation for the intervention of evil forces.

Gareth is obviously in it, shot on location with ‘dispicable (sic)’ Della as his glamorous assistant, as is that old rogue Red Roger, and a budding actor (not named yet) who insisted on playing Robin Hood. And of course, little old me. I play the ‘sensible one’ in the story with my narration, but I can’t really speak for the others as I’m really not sure if they were acting or playing their normal selves!

And of course, we have not forgotten the ‘wicked witch of the North’, who puts in an appearance to show her affections (or should that be affectations?) for the ghost of the long dead Red Roger.

Well I met her yesterday, and she really is ideal for the part. I can’t name her yet, but she did allow me to take a photograph, so I could publish it to help her in her futile bid for stardom. Yet I’m not so sure about the latter. I mean, you only have to look at Margaret Hamilton, who played the wicked witch in the famous Wizard of Oz film to see that playing the part of an evil villain/ess can sometimes be very lucrative!

So therefore I decided to publish her picture, but of course she will be in disguise for the film.

I think I’ve said enough now or Della will murder me when she gets back; well only joking of course. She makes a beautiful little wife really.

I’ll keep you all updated folks, really, and part 3  of the Redmond Mcwilliams film should be up by tomorrow.

Well that’s all for now everyone, so sleep tight, and try not to have nightmares!


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