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But Always Another Time!

I’ve been a bit slow here again, but I’m getting fairly near the end of the books now, so been putting a little extra work into those (if that’s possible!).

No-one’s ‘nagging’ me about this now, as I think they realize the two books must take priority.  It looks as if one of them, at least, will be out well before Christmas which is a good time, I suppose, although it wasn’t timed deliberately.  I never ‘time’ things to accord with commercial dates (which Christmas has largely become now). I just do things (like books), and when they’re ready, they’re ready!

Filming again tomorrow afternoon.  Shouldn’t be too bad as they only expect me to sit in a chair.  So I guess I’d better remember to shave, as I want to look my best on film! I’m sure I told you, but that French TV thing was shown (in France and Europe) last month.  That was much more hectic; dragging me up to Highgate for location shots – and it wasn’t a very warm day, despite being April.  I quite enjoyed the two evenings though; for after filming each day, we all just sat around and talked and they bought some really good wine!

My foot is no better, but its no worse either (well, count my busted back into that as well, as the two things really go together.  People can be so kind sometimes.  Often on the bus, somebody gets up to offer me a seat, which is a little embarrassing as usually I’m only going for two stops or so.  I reme3mber a couple of days ago on a full bus late afternoon, a beautiful girl – rather lady – tugged at my sleeve from behind to offer me her seat.  I said “Thanks love, but really, I’m OK”.  Then I realized everybody was looking and so I said, “Thanks, maybe I will”.  But before I knew it, I had to get off.  If they’d been fewer people, I might have been tempted to ‘chat her up’.  But always another time!

Think I’ll take a break from the writing for the remainder of tonight.  There are still a couple of things I have to get ready for tomorrow and don’t want to leave it ‘till the last minute.

Quite a bit of money has been ‘flowing in’ from the books lately.  Which reminds me  I’ve got to change a couple of Bacs references as I’ve got a new bank now.  I hate doing things like that but still, I suppose its got to be done.

Feel very relaxed tonight.  Probably something to do with yesterday’s full moon.  It always relaxes me more for some reason.  Probably from my ‘witch days’! Still, at least I don’t change into a werewolf as some people might otherwise like to think. Well, I suppose I’d better get up out of this chair, pour myself another glass of wine, and get moving!  Got a fair amount to do yet.

For the moment everyone,


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  1. Dear David
    Glad the writing is going well. Sorry to hear that your foot and back are still giving you trouble. You mentioned filming, can we expect some new episodes of DFTVX in the near future? Don Ecker’s forum seems to have vanished, a certain ‘Bishop’ hasn’t been at work has he? Anyway I look forward to your new books.
    Regards Matt

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