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Whatever Keeps People Happy . . .

Sorry again, everyone for making you wait a little again for my ‘words of wisdom’!

Usual excuse (but a true one); I’ve been very busy having to take care of other things, not least the new book K. has not been nagging me though (at least not much!) as she considers the books to be the main priority. I see the usual controversy is going on, on other Blogs. All about myself, as usual, with others joining in. But not content to just discuss the paranormal, some people are now making it highly personal to the extent of trying to involve my children and family. All the usual wild speculation, of course, I suppose mainly because I’m just not saying anything.

For example, “Tell us about your sister or half-sister” (the person just couldn’t seem to make up his mind!), “Is it true you’ve got a daughter?”; “Tell us about your girlfriends”, and so on, and so on. Why people should take such an interest in my private life, is frankly beyond me. But having said that its only really one person writing under an alias. Oh well. Whatever keeps people happy, I suppose!

I see my interview on the Highgate case has gone up now on “Paranormal Knowledge”. Nice to be referred to as a “Famous psychic investigator” as opposed to being referred to as a ‘vampire hunter’! Have a read, it might interest you.

What else? Trip out of London on Saturday to a reputedly haunted location, so maybe I’ll be able to get a couple of good photographs. Hope the weather holds anyway, as its out of doors. Whatever, I’ll write up about it here afterwards. But don’t expect too much as there’s not supposed to be any bloody vampires there! Actually, I really must try and get out of London much to look at some more reputedly haunted places. I just haven’t had a chance this year for obvious reasons. I am planning a new edition of my ghost book “Dark Journey” for the end of next year and obviously want some new photographs and investigations to go in that.

Back to home, and everything’s been quite quiet. Got over the worst of the mess caused by the building work but there’s still a lot of sorting out to do. Can’t really find anything quickly at the moment, but I be able to once its all been sorted out.. For example, a couple of days back I badly needed the stapler. Do you think I could find it? No! In the end I decided it would be easier to just go out and buy a new one – which I did Anyway, everyone. Better get a few more things organized. Still got a bottle of wine to open, but better leave that for an hour or so yet!

For the moment, David


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  1. Can you please tell me, are REAL vampires REALLY REAL??? Im talking living dead, fangs…. ability to turn humans into vampires??? if so WHERE ARE THEY??????????

  2. Hi, David:
    I had a read of the Paranormal Knowledge interview and found it to be an enjoyable discussion with you summarizing the events at Highgate. I think anyone interested in the Highgate case would consider it a good read. And yes, given your feelings regarding the existence of blood-sucking demonic vampires, I can imagine your relief at being referred to solely as a ‘psychic investigator’!
    The revised Dark Journey book sounds intriguing, as does your upcoming weekend expedition. I look forward to the read and possible photos.

  3. Thanks Adam,
    I’ve had quite a lot of feed-back from my interview and its all been positive – so far!
    Might be changing the ‘ghost day out’ to Sunday, as rain is forecast for Sat. Whatever, it’ll definitely be this weekend.
    “Dark Journey 2” will be a completely new book, not just a revided edition of the old cases. I have enough unpublished info. here, but some of it could really do with some photo’s for fresh illustration.
    I’m not even going to attempt the book until next year as the current two have to be got out first. Then I’m having a little break, but I might still go out and get new photographs on nice days.
    That student film I did is finished but I still have to give two more paranormal Talks soon, one in Kensington and another in South London just after that. ‘No rest for the wicked’, as I once said here – or for the ‘thoroughly evil’ if we are to believe some ‘crack-pots’!
    Thanks again Adam,
    For the moment,

  4. For Ally.
    No Ally, ‘vampires’ are NOT real.
    Please take a look at the FAQ on my main website to know where I stand on ‘vampires’.

    Hopefully others will take the time to read the FAQ and find the answers to their questions.
    For now,

  5. Hi David–I saw today that the bleached blonde had defected, I wonder why. I shant sleep at night worrying about it!
    The big question is where will the masked invador appear as next and where?
    Or do you think he has really admitted defeat–we never did tell the dear, innocent holier than thou what his dear little anonymous chum was posting up about him did we? To think, he nevr knew what a loyal little friend eh had, all that fighting the good fight for nothing………….not even a blue peter badge!
    Like you I have been busy with other matters, and this intermidable and infernal nuisance of a pest kept having to be answered.
    I have often thought we would be better ignoring him–it—but why should be be traduced by this idiot, who still seems to have sort of dickipoggy following –maybe punch and judy shows………..or the equivalent
    tata greenwych

  6. Yes, that’a a pity Barbara. The ‘Peroxided Bombshell’ didn’t appear to have the nerve for it. Just as I was about to get really started as well!
    It was obviously her as it says so on the old Blog.
    Thanks for telling me anyway, Barbara.

  7. I also noticed that the blog has been shut down.
    On the author’s request, no less.
    That’s a shame, as I was looking forward to the end result of the Pseudoseer’s poker game and what “hand” he intended to play. Ah well.
    I guess it’s rather convenient that it was shut down, just in the nick of time!
    Anyway, regarding this, David:
    “Nice to be referred to as a “Famous psychic investigator” as opposed to being referred to as a ‘vampire hunter’!”
    Perhaps you forgot that you collaborated in the publication of a book called (wait for it), “Return of the Vampire Hunter: An Exclusive Interview with Reclusive Vampire Hunter, David Farrant” (2003). Hell, it’s even listed on your webpage:

    Perhaps you’d stop being associated with the undead if you’d stop courting their name! Heh heh.

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