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One More Letter . . .

Almost Sunday again, can you believe it!? Luckily we’ve got a day in-between, so I can keep off religion at the moment!

Probably best I do anyway. I always seem to upset so many people when I go into my simple comments about Divine Existence. I’m either ‘attacked’ because some people take it personally, or ‘attacked’ by the skeptics for daring to suggest that Divine Intelligence might exist outside the scope of their material text books. You really can’t win! Anyway, who really cares? I guess. You can only point something out. If people can’t see it, then they just can’t see it!

So, without ‘edging back’ onto religious topics again, just what else have I got to tell you? Not a lot really. (Except, never mind Samuel! Just because I mentioned a ‘small crush’ in my last post, does NOT mean I’m planning to get married!).

I saw Gareth this evening and we both wandered up the road at about 9. I had been sitting up until about half eight this morning and did not wake until about 5 p.m. after that. Then he arrived shortly afterwards and I told him I had to go out to get a few things and he came with me. It was a lovely evening so I didn’t mind the short walk. Phone call from K when he was still here. I actually got ‘ticked off’ for an Internet post I’d made earlier. It was all in a good cause, I thought, but she didn’t seem to think so! You know not many months ago, I would not have taken too much notice of anybody – especially where my public writing is concerned. But she really is special. Too special to lose again after all this time. I’m not saying for one minute that that would happen. It won’t. Only I just happen to respect the views of genuine people who probably care more about myself, than I actually do!

Anyway, apart from that its all been really quiet. The usual emails, but I won’t bore you all with those. I know I still have to reply to Matt, but that is really different. He asked a serious question about my ‘political involvements’ in ‘witchcraft’, and that still deserves a serious answer. I will answer that next time . . . I really haven’t forgotten – to quote my last title! Well, apart from that, its all been quiet. No jibes today. But then the first time I ventured out was at 9 p.m. and that was with Gareth! I’m not usually that bad (and for me that’s really saying something!): just trying to get the two books finished. They WILL be. I can assure everyone of that.! Then I just can’t wait to start getting them out to interested people.

Anyway, its 4.40 now, and sleep is finally ‘nagging’ me. One more letter, and then, bed! I think I’ve deserved it!

For the moment, David


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