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I Really Haven’t Forgotten . . .

Yes, I know! Its really time for another Blog. Time for me to think of something else to say – or more precisely, how to say it. Its hard sometimes . . . its like staring at a blank piece of paper when you don’t really know what to put down; or similarly maybe, like trying to write some daft essay you have to do in school! (I remember all that stupid stuff well, but quite frankly, I’d rather forget it!)

But I’d better try. I know you are ‘watching’ my progress now K. but please just bear with me. Whoops! That’s a mistake for a start (but I’ll leave it because it was really unintentional) as I know some people really can’t abide the latter expression – Barbara for one. No B, really not intentional, just came out as I am writing! Anyway, I’ll soon enough get ‘told off’ by K about it if its out of order!.

Still in a bit of turmoil in my ‘multi-occupied dingy bed-sit’ as a few callous people have described it. But work is progressing in the flat – its just that I’m a little bit restricted for ‘relaxation’ at the moment. The sound of ‘chain saws and hammers’ really don’t help – but I’ve survived much worse than that!

And Matt, before I forget, I really haven’t forgotten your important query about the “Wicca Workers Party”. It is an important one so I’ll do that next time. Actually, its not really so important; only the way it has been distorted might be. (Cooking by solar power and an end to the ritual slaughter of livestock being just two of the election promises. I guess ‘he’ conveniently forgets to tell you all that!).

But its funny you know, how evil influences sometimes spread. I guess some politicians do it all the time. Problem is, I have never really been a politician. A follower of life, maybe; but never that!

On that subject just briefly, its not so funny how evil influences can sometimes spread. (Look at the world if you don’t believe me). People can so often be deluded or wrongly influenced by the words or declarations of others, either for good or for bad. Maybe that is just a part of the human scene (indeed it is). But it can sometimes be bought home to you if or when it might happen personally. I know one person, for example, whom I really trusted , that fell under the influence of such worldly negativity and evil. Not their doing as such, but who became influenced by the false declarations of others in that it changed their spiritual values into total negativity. That in turn changed their character from a state of love to one of hate. (“Its a funny old world”, as I believe Margaret Thatcher once said).

No I am not a politician, Matt, but I just wanted to make that point. I think politics can corrupt some people, just as some religious concepts can I have often been asked about my personal reflections on this subject. I think I may have summed this up best on a television interview I gave recently. I was asked for my political and religious views on life in general. I just replied by saying . . . “I am just a disciple of Life”!

Answer your query in my next post Matt. Thanks.

For the moment, David


5 Responses

  1. Dear David
    I hope all the building work gets sorted out sooner rather than later. I couldn’t live with that kind of disruption, it would drive me mad! I agree that politics can corrupt people. There usually isn’t much to choose between the candidates on a ballot paper, I think more independent candidates should stand.
    Regards Matt

  2. Ha ha David–when people say “bear with me” I feel homicidal–its usually when you are in the middle of some horrendous telephone harrassment with dickipoggy numbers to press and horrid music, then you get some, erm,,,not being racist, but someone who isnt all that good at vernacular English or some lardidah “lady” yuppie type with a posh voice who doesnt listen to you properly–its the most truly irritating expression of our times! I dont mind a bit– hang on a sec, luv—– or even–can you just hold the line a moment—but BEAR WITH ME sound slightly dickipoggy for starters–like erm BARE with me–no thanks!
    Anyhow, nowt much to report from Yorkshirepuddingland. And what wrong with Yorkshire puddings I might ask—its one thing I can make very well,having had the recipe handed down to me by my grandma–ought to market it really!
    My book about overnight district nursing LADIES OF THE NIGHT— is doing really well, though I am still miffed at the erm “proof readers” adding in stead of getting rid of mistakes, but wont go into that. At least the publishers will have to deal with anybody who takes a” we are not amused” attitude over it . You can check it out on Google but be sure to add, after Ladies of the Night, my name or district nursing or you will get all the dickipoggy stuff.
    Now David, please frame thysen and get your books out–we are all waiting!

  3. Babrara I am looking forward to reading your stories about knocking shops in your book LADIES OF THE NIGHT. Isn’t that “the oldest profession”?

  4. No, actually, cat, I dont mind so long as you dont call me that name! The book’s title might draw some unsavoury speculations –but have had plenty of unsavoury sorts of speculations from idiots and cap doffers littering my path in the past! However, the title is a joke–we LOTN ARE NIGHT NURSES!Well maybe some people might think thats just as bad, all I can say is its the James Heriot sort of thing.
    It makes a change from boring old vampires, though one of the characters in it was so similar to a certain bishop and I could not resist including certain dickipoggy extras in the story of a real person with grandiose–but harmless— delusions and with all the certs and whatnot of being a VIP!
    Can’t resist adding, though the compositing of certain people for reasons of confidentiality had to be the way the story was told–I had to erm perform a rather intimate (but genuine) nursing service in this story.To later transpose the character onto another similar person, with whom we are all aquainted,
    I’m blushing!
    David, I don’t write humour, its just everything I write that isnt straight non fiction, ends up amusing people. Father Dirk Dashwood being a prime example.
    A certain person can only write his own funny lines–when is your book or book coming out of the closet also?I am sure it will be funny but hot haha to certain folks!

  5. I’m allowing your comment, but I warn you she’s going to kill you Cat!
    Oh sorry, I forgot. She can’t becouse you’re already ‘dead’ aren’t you?!

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