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Misguided Assumptions . . .

No need to be a weather forecaster to know its turned cold again. I never have taken to the cold; and living in a house that is not properly insulated doesn’t exactly help.

Had two emails last night asking about my Court appearance I mentioned yesterday (sorry Thursday). It was NOT a criminal action, it was CIVIL, and brought by myself. I can not discuss it here due to sub-judiacy, except to say that it was only one preliminary Hearing (albeit an important one) in what has been a series of many. But the main point is I have NOT been charged with anything, neither is anyone taking any action against myself; it is the other way around. I wish people would listen to what I say sometimes! And for “Romany”, no charges were ‘dropped’ against myself, for the simple reason none were ever brought in the first place! I really don’t know where you’ve been getting your information old fella (sorry, you might be young) but it sure as hell (and that’s an appropriate word!) is not accurate.

I think you might be confusing this issue with another one when some irate female was promising me on the Internet that that I would ‘end up in jail’ by the ‘end of next year’ (which is this year now). Interestingly, she never spelled out exactly why, but I suppose we can just put that down to wishful thinking on the part of some ‘jilted’ lady!

Oh! Why do I seem to have this effect on females sometimes?! Seriously, it has been with me for over half my life! Sometimes one or two of these apparently ‘fall in love with me’ then turn into ‘raging demons’ just because I cannot fulfil their promises, when I had never made any in the first place! It doesn’t bother me that much, but it is just a nuisance when people can’t read into such ravings sometimes, and I am left to answer misguided assumptions – such as above.

So, no. I am not on the ‘wrong side of the law! On the wrong side of one or two isolated people maybe – but that is entirely different!
Having clarified that (again!), allow me to revert to more sane issues.

As some of you may have noticed by my brief exchanges with Craig, I will be giving another paranormal related Talk in London in May. I do not intend to put up advance details here (although you might well see them on the other peoples’ Website not so long off) but if anybody wants to come along, just email my main Website at: [email protected] [Email address no longer in use ~ Ed.] and we will send you details. I am not sure of the admission fee but if I remember rightly it is £4 which includes a free glass of wine, and obviously the programme. And to save anybody asking, ‘yes’ I am getting paid for it, but its not much. I really don’t do these things for money believe it or not, but because its part of my work as an author. Basically, as long as I get my expenses covered and I am not out of pocket, I am happy. If there’s a little on top, so much the better! (And you can buy me a drink again Craig, and don’t forget to bring Laura!).

Well, I’ve got to go out soon as Gareth is coming tonight, and I just realised I don’t have enough wine. As some of you will know, yesterday was Candelas (to give it its old fashioned name which I prefer) and Gareth attended one of his Pagan meetings. I just hope they held it indoors, as it was freezing last night!

And ‘no’, I didn’t attend any such meetings. I’ve made clear on so many occasions I am no longer actively involved in Wicca, and feel I have risen above the need for ceremonial worship. Infinite Principle is available to one or the many, surely, and I just prefer to be on my own on such occasions. (I am obviously talking about the serious side of it and not the sensational nonsense reported by some newspapers. So don’t even bother Craig!).

Well, I shall be spared posting anything else until Monday, which is good really as it gives me more time to get back to my other writing. Gareth has got some more typing to do tonight as well – but he doesn’t know it yet!

For the moment,


14 responses

  1. Hi David,
    Hope all went well the other day at court, will give you a call in the next day or two.
    Kind Regards.

    You may be pleased to know that the Imbolc (Candlemas) ritual that I attended last night was indeed held indoors. Admittedly the room was unheated, but once a group of Pagans had assembled there to do traditional things it soon warmed up!
    On that subject, there are quite a number of people who believe in getting close to nature by, firstly, performing ceremonies out of doors, and secondly ,doing them ‘sky-clad’, I.e. without clothes. However, I have yet to meet anyone who tries to combine these two things during winter. Having said that, last midsummer I took part in a Druid ritual in a field at Avebury in the pouring rain, and unlike the others I was not wearing the traditional Druidic waterproof jacket, so that I suspected I was going to catch pneumonia and die, though fortunately the next day I was fine again. All the same, I do not know of any Pagans who go so far as the New Age community at Findhorn, many of whom celebrate the winter solstice by diving naked into the North Sea, and apparently come out again alive. I have been told, though, that they get the tail end of the Gulf Stream, so that the water then and there is not quite so lethally cold as one would expect.
    It was nice to hear from you, Wayne, I hope the BCPS is still active and effective. It was said in the Bible that “and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”, a quotation that Shakespeare adapted to the title of his play ‘Measure for Measure’. This is not just a Christian concept, but occurs in most religions, being known in India by the term ‘Karma’. This means, amongst other things, that the malicious e-mails you send out will return to you. Certain individuals would be well advised to take notice of this.
    Gareth J. Medway.

  3. Hi Gareth,
    Thank you, yes the BCPS is active still and going strong! We held a meeting last night. We discussed meditation techniques and other such subjects, Rob our resident expert in this field, showed us some useful meditation techniques and how to be at piece with ourselves by just doing these things everyday. A very interesting meeting and productive, I might add!
    Anyway, speak to you soon!

  4. Hi Folks,
    I’ve just realized, I used the word piece instead of peace in my last post. Sorry, thats when I’m typing to fast and not paying attention to what I write.

  5. Hi David,
    After Columbine asking us not to give the other person breathing space on this blog. I have decided to respond to whoever is sending me the emails, by returning an email back to them. And answering the questions they aim at me!
    As I’ve said all along that I would not get involved in the arguement between the two parties. And David, you have always respected my decision and you have my greatest respect for that! But I would not feel comfortable in not telling you, I was contacting them by personal email! I’m unsure who the person is and I’ve told them I hold them no malice. Most of my younger life was set in strife and I do not want it now! Hence my decision not to take sides, but to be a friend to all! Everything said to me, by either party, will be treated in the strictest confidence. For that reason, I would not pass on anothers comments from either party. For if I did, I would be involving myself.
    I do hope you realize that you are my friend and for that I would do nothing to harm you by word or deed and that applies to whoever the other person is also!

  6. Hi Wayne,
    I am not at all offended and if you want to answer, just answer!
    The reason I never do is because the whole thing is one-sided, and perpetrated by one person only hiding behind an alias. Thus the views are not worth answering as they are in an infantismal minority!
    I am only ever forced to respond when the person concerned makes any allegations public. Then, and only then, do I set the record straight.
    Well, I am forced to then really to ensure no erroneous facts lie on record.
    No. I respect your viewpoint and honestly, and I just leave you to deal with the matter how you wish!
    For the moment,

  7. Hi Wayne,
    I would be very surprised indeed if you were to receive an answer to your e-mail.
    Such mailings are intended to surprise and defame, without any proof offered for the defamations whatsoever.

  8. i also got a load of emails when i put my email address up ages ago.
    mine were signed ‘dennis’ but it soon became totally obvious who dennis really was.
    i have a colleague in the IT field who works for msn and they did an IP check on some posters on some msn groups that ‘dennis’ also belongs to.
    funny thing but the same IP was registered to roughly 15 different usernames spread across the groups which means 1 person is pretending to be 15 different people.
    ‘bonkers’ by name, bonkers by…..
    the same person was also posting reviews on and they totally slipped up on there.
    theyd posted a review about some Wagner classical dvd and moaned that it was a shame the nazi footage had been removed.
    i mentioned this to dennis and told him it was abvious that he was ‘bonkers’ and then all of a sudden the wagner review was deleted by the poster himself trying to hide the nazi connection.
    i’ve saved the page as a screen cap and html rip.
    u can print it in ur next series of books david! lol
    i’ll even throw in the IP log!!!
    p.s I did try and be nice to the guy but he just wasnt up for it. he just wanted to paint david as the devil…which funnily enough is what he actually did on his own website! lol

  9. Thanks Craig,
    That really just confirms why I take little or no notice of non-existent people. The views are as fake as the fictional names of the ‘people’ invented to make them.
    I usually respond to genuine people as everybody knows, and sign my replies.
    I do not answer ‘glove puppets’ invariably employed by only one person.
    Still do contact me again Craig and we can finalise that meeting.
    For the moment,

  10. Hi All,
    I must admit, I have received no response so far! But time will tell!
    Anyway David are you ok? And I see you’ve posted another blog. So I will have a read of it and post a comment if needed!
    Columbine, I was accused of giving terse replies on this here blog. So I thought it best to reply privately. But I also respected your request not to give the person breathing space on this Blog. But I first replied on this Blog, because I did not want David thinking I was going behind his back. In what I had to say!
    Kind Regards.

  11. Hi Wayne,
    No, of course you weren’t going behind David’s back. I wanted to tell you that the ‘phantom e-mailer’ enjoys publicity, attention seeking and all manner of nose-poking and mischief making. I didn’t want him gaining his ‘orgasmic experience’ on the back of you.
    Sorry David, I couldn’t think of a better expression to sum up what happens to the ‘e-mailer’ when he gets a response.

  12. For Wayne,
    Thanks for that Wayne, but I certainly did not think you had ‘gone behind my back’ in any way. Indeed, I respected you for your honesty that you were going to email the person.
    If anything, my only point was that the post (email) to you was not genuine in that it was only posted by a well known person hiding behind a usual alias.
    That is the main reason most people ignore these ‘cut and pasted’ posts, because they are all well aware of this fact now.
    There is only one person behind all this malicious material – and ONE person only.
    He may attempt to take on numerous identities – but it is invariably the same person! (His IP would establish that beyond all doubt).
    That is all I was trying to point out, nothing more than that really.
    Yes, please answer my latest Blog if you want. I did point out that it was probably a little boring today though!
    For the moment,

  13. Hi Wayne,
    Just to add: the person who writes these e-mails has an awful lot of time on his hands – time that could be used more productively, like seeking gainful employment and making a real contribution to society. It is true that in this case, the devil certainly makes work for idle hands.

  14. Hi David, Columbine, Craig,
    Well its now Tuesday night and I’ve still not received any mail from my good friend who chose to email me! And asked me to respond to them by private email. Not from across this blog. Which I did on Sunday afternoon, as I’ve already told you.

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