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Only That . . .

I was thinking earlier about this, that, and the other, half contemplating whether to write anything, when I suddenly realized it was Sunday.

Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, except the day itself  has always tempted me to get onto religion: or at least,  reflect it in my writings.  Appropriately, I reflected mainly  upon some ‘religious issues’ (which I have written about in the near past) that I felt quite strongly about;: mainly about the existence of that Divine Principle – or God – and people who attended  different Churches from all various denominations, to worship Him.

I was not criticising anybody personally, only saying basically, that God could be worshipped outside Churches as well as inside them, with the same dedication attached to such worship. And I still say that.  I am not changing anything that I said – not one iota – which was basically that God was freely available to everybody, of what ever particular religion, but that He could be worshipped anywhere, not necessarily only in a particular Church.

That’s  all I was really saying. Only that.  But the problem is, some people took this personally, and considered my words applied directly to themselves.  They (my words) did not; when in fact, I had been stating such an assertion long before many of my ‘modern critics’ were even born!  But having said that, a handful of people took exception to my observations and thought I was  ‘singularing them out’ for some sort of individual criticism.

In fact, I was not (although I suppose you could say . . . if the ‘particular cap fits, wear it’),  but human nature can be strange when it comes to religion!  They can feel that any remarks that may be seen to counteract their own particular faith are ‘blasphemous’; little realizing that God makes little,  or no, distinction between genuine people who set out to worship Him.  But that’s all I was really saying.  Only I think some people missed the real point.

The point is, of course, that God is really Infinite Being whose very essence is compassion and Love.  It is only human beings who believe that God in some way ‘sits in Judgment’ over evil, when the only ‘evil’ ever possible, can only originate from human beings.  There is no other source for ‘evil’,  just that.  It is the human mind that invariably promotes evil – and such evil only ‘punishes itself – but God, or Divine Principle –  never has anything to do with it.

Well, its still slightly warmer today, but not much!  I walked through the Woods today inbetween the rain, and even the animals seemed to notice the horrible winter.  The squirrels were long since hibernating, but the birds were scare and seemed to be sheltering in their winter nests in the trees.
They’re probably just waiting for Spring – like I am!

For the moment,


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