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A Treasured Gift

Well, not really another Blog tonight (some people expected soon), but an appendium to the one yesterday.

It occurred that I had forgotten to include a photograph I had intended to go with my short write-up about Robin Hood’s grave in Brighouse, and the Japanese interest in the site.  Nottingham Council most certainly are interested also, with their own £15,000,000 project (with I did not mention incidentally as they are in ‘competition’ with the Japanese proposal), but I digress from my subject.

It is fairly well known that my own involvement with the legendary outlaw’s grave site dates back to early 2000  and, perhaps, more accurately, to when I was in communication  with the late Lady Armytage (who owned the Kirklees Estate) and her manager in 2005/6/7.  The main purpose of this correspondence and fairly numerous telephone conversations was to try and reach some ‘middle ground’ with the Estate – or rather some settlement – whereby access to the Grave could be agreed which would neutrally satisfy the owners themselves, and an interested public, many of whom had already (then) formed small groups and committees which had Petitioned for some sort of restricted access. Some of these groups represented local public opinion whose cause for access had often been reported in local and regional newspapers.

There was, of course, much hostility and suspicion to be overcome by the Estate owners and their agents, who were highly dubious about ridiculous reports about ‘ghosts’ and ‘vampires’ which had been circulated by certain individuals who were just trying to ‘cash in’ on the Grave issue. Lady Armytage herself was well aware of his, and it is one of the issues which I was continually forced to deal with. At this time, I had already been made a Patron of one of these much smaller groups, but my attitude towards their true motivations and clandestine activities had made me increasingly aware that I could not agree with their policies; or indeed their harassment towards Lady Armytage and other personages of the Estate.

In fact I felt so strongly about this matter, that this lead to my resignation from this small society, and perhaps afforded me a much more favourable insight into the whole Robin Hood Cause by the residents of Kirklees and Lady Armytage  herself.

Anyway, that is probably old news now, even though much of it was widely circulated on the Internet at them time.

Well,  to cut a long story short, and to get on with the missing ‘appendium’ – Lady Armytage was apparently so concerned, or impressed with my sincerity, that she had engraved for me at the time a rather splendid silver cigarette lighter, to commemorate the change in her favour which I was now afforded.

I was deeply honoured at the time (indeed I still am) but always kept this small momentum quite secret to all but a few, and I have only recently decided to share it with genuine adherents who have been following the true Robin Hood cause.

I thank you again, Lady Armytage, and this time in public! I hope if by some chance you can ‘see’ this from wherever you are, you may now realise my true appreciation of this personal gift as others also will.

David (Farrant)


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