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My Personal Chauffeur Is Stuck Up In Yorkshire

Sorry about the longer than usual delay everyone, but a few things have been happening which have demanded my urgent attention. I can tell you some of it, but obviously not all as secrecy is sometimes of prime importance when involved in exclusive projects.

Most of these events have been taking place in London, although I am still deeply tied to some commitments in West Yorkshire. In fact I was supposed to be up there yesterday and today, to turn on some Christmas tree lights near Brighouse.

But unfortunately this cold weather forced me to cancel the trip at the last minute. Sorry to let you down Malcolm, but as I explained on the phone, will try to make it next week if I can arrange some transport. Unfortunately however, my personal chauffeur is stuck up in Yorkshire working on another film assignment, but I’ll try to get something sorted out. Hope the bridge isn’t looking too bleak.

Onto other news now, and I was quite surprised to learn recently that my old friend Kevin Crace (yes, the same fellow who escorted Ronald Biggs back from Brazil for urgently needed hospital treatment a few years ago) is promoting a film he has been making on a new Facebook Group called “The Highgate Vampire Chronicles – A Factual Movie”, which has myself as its subject matter.

Kevin has been working on the film intermittently for several years now, but it is near completion and he has given its release date as November 2013. There is no need for me to give any more information here really, as greater details can be found by merely following the given link above. I should add though, that I was greatly honoured to be chosen by Kevin in the first place to give a definitive account of what really happened concerning the so-called Highgate vampire, back in the late 60s / early 1970s.

I see that my dear friend Anthony Hogg has already announced his intention on there of ‘following developments very closely’. Anthony and myself (as I think everybody knows) have never seen eye to eye on quite a few matters. Perhaps this is because he is a chronicler … when he occasionally gets something right – which is only very occasionally! Whereas I am more of a ‘do-er’.

However, it can only be hoped that Kevin’s film meets his exacting standards, or no doubt we’ll be hearing more about it! Kevin recently acted in the capacity of occult consultant for Asa Bailey regarding the filmic version of his book ‘The Vampire of Highgate’ – but he can tell you all more about that himself if he chooses to do so. Who knows, maybe Kevin will decide to employ young Anthony Hogg as a consultant for his film about myself – as apparently he knows far more about me than I do myself!

Anyway enough of that, but I will leave you with a still taken from the film, so you may perhaps get some of the atmosphere. But please note any bonky people out there that the copyright of this exclusive photograph exclusively belongs to Kevin Crace and his excellent photographer Marie Muscat-King.  You can view more of Marie’s work, (including some more photos of myself if you are interested!) at the online Saatchi Gallery here

Well sorry again for making you all wait for the latest news, but will try to be back here in a day or so. All for the moment though,
David Farrant


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