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BPOS Certificate Of The Year

So what’s been happening in the last 7 days since my last Blog?  Well not that much really- or not stuff that I can easily relay here because of privacy purposes.

I am not talking about ‘tittle tattle’ secrets of the kind which would be more at home in popular soap operas, but important BPOS projects which I am under confidence not to disclose.  Not that I would anyway.  Well, I am the President and supposed to set an example!  So maybe be better to leave that till a little later when a few things should have been finalised.  Even then, I have to consult the Committee with any proposals to make things public.  You see, there must be a fine ‘dividing line’ between what will ultimately become in the public domain, and how many details to release before it does so.
Readers of my last entry may have noticed that I made one small entry to my old Australian friend Anthony Hogg (no, that is his real surname, really!) who has apparently for long had a magnetic interest in myself and the Highgate ‘vampire’ case.  Well as the latter always go together, perhaps that is understandable!

I merely remarked in passing (although seriously) that Hogg’s interest in the mysterious Highgate ‘vampire’ always resulted in him getting things wrong about that case (of which he proclaims to be an ‘investigator’).  Well, it seems it doesn’t take much to upset the dear fellow! (known affectionally amongst his friends as “Hoggy”!).  Anthony was quick to respond on a site of which he is co-founder of with Redmond McWilliams,  by challenging the result of a Court case I was involved in back in 1970.  With absolutely no regard for the true facts, other than a pre-determined obsession to ‘prove’ some theory he had formed about the case,  he resorted to a literal barrage of posts on the said site to attempt to get his own disjointed views across.  There were about 50 replies last time I looked and, interestingly perhaps, most of these were not from supportive members, but replies he had made to myself.!

Anyway, the BPOS were having a meeting this evening,  and I happened to refer to this matter as it had since been brought to my attention.

The outcome was, that it was decided to honour Anthony with a special award, BPOS Certificate  of the Year– if not for his contributions over the years to Society investigations; but for his sheer determination to spread my own name and his own across the Internet in connection with the Highgate ‘vampire’ matter.  Well, its all publicity, I suppose, so we just decided to award him with an Honorary Certificate (reproduced below) for his dedicated ‘support’ of the BPOS and myself over the years.

Well, I suppose he does deserve something for all his trouble!  Sleep tight Anthony,  and  best of luck with your new book!
David Farrant.


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