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More Than A Bit Of Trouble

Dare I say it but its actually a bit milder; and it looks like staying like that over the next week.

My ‘witch powers’ in progress?  No!  I snatched a quick look at the BBC weather  forecast on the computer.  Won’t be quite warm yet, but at least no more of those near freezing nights.  That affects me perhaps more than most people as sometimes I stay up writing into the early hours.

Talking of which, Gareth has switched his day back to Friday again this week (today), although there’s only a few technical ‘bits and pieces’ left to do on the new autobiography – then on to finishing the next one!

You know, I predict that this next book is going to cause more than a bit of trouble when it hits the shelves next year.  And I mean ‘Trouble’ with a big ‘T’!  Well, its caused trouble before its even hit the shelves, so God alone knows what will happen when its made fully public.  I expect to get the usual threats and ultimatums,  but then I shall only be sticking to the true facts, so don’t really care.

What my potential critics cannot really grasp, is that this next book only had to be written because of malicious and untrue stories being persistently made public about myself in the first place.  That always seems to be conveniently forgotten!

What else?  Well I forgot to shave again yesterday (and still haven’t yet!).  Well I didn’t actually forget; I remembered, but it was too damn cold!  Will later.

There’s something else while I remember; people keep emailing me to ask when the second UTube film will be released.  We have been working on it, but the cold and the books have obviously slowed it down a little.  But it will be released soon.  Maybe not this side3 of  Christmas, but not long after.  We will have a ‘special guest’ in the next one (well, maybe more than one!), so please be patient good people!

I see that new ‘vampire’ film has caused a bit of a stir.  I did see the trailer for it on UTube, but quite honestly, it is nothing like the real thing.  Its not as if they were not aware of events as they really happened as the director of it consulted me last summer.  But it seems they just chose to take a different ‘angle’.  More along the lines of “The Blair Witch Project”, if you ask me.  (Had to bring sex into it though, didn’t they!?).

They (the landlords) finally fitted me a fridge yesterday.  Yesterday, of all days!  I’m sure it was just coincidental, as even the milk didn’t need one!  Maybe they’re trying to tell me something, I don’t know.  Or more likely it was just a coincidence.

And with that everyone, I will conclude.  Something’s bound to happen over the weekend, and be assured, I’ll let you know!

But for the moment,


3 Responses

  1. Dear David
    The ‘vampire’ film you refer to, is that the American one? If so I was very disappointed when I watched a clip on the Internet . I think I have mentioned this before, but I really am surprised that one of the TV companies haven’t made a decent documentary about Highgate. Seriously, with all the interest in the paranormal I would have thought you would have been in demand, yet most of the programmes seem to feature lots of screaming soap stars!
    Regards Matt

  2. Yes, that’s the one I meant Matt.
    You’re right. A lot of the Highgate ‘vampire’ saga, has turned into a soap opera, in some respects. Not really my fault but due to certain other people (well two actually) making up ridiculous stories about the case and the original people involved in it.
    So what can you really expect? People tend to love sensationalism more than reality!
    Interesting to see the full film when its finished; if it isn’t already.
    For now,

  3. Dear Matt and all,
    It seems to me that ‘The Highgate Vampire’ has become a generic term, in the same way that ‘Dracula’ often no longer has anything to do with Bram Stoker’s original novel, let alone the historical Vlad Tepes, and has given rise to such oddities as ‘Duckula’. So far as one can judge from the U-Tube clip, it starts with California teenagers saying “I’m going to London”, but they never get so far from home, this being presumably beyond the film’s budget. In future, we may expect that ‘The Highgate Vampire’ will be encountered in Japan, Mexico, or anywhere else in the world.
    Gareth J. Medway

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