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She Said She Was Concerned . . .

Saw Gareth last night.  Few final things to do to the new book.  He couldn’t come on Friday again so I had that evening off.

But was quite a hectic weekend, what with one thing and another.  On top of that I ‘messed’ my sleep patterns up, or rather ‘non-sleep patterns’.  I guess part of the problem is, I have never had any respect for the laws of ‘man-made’ time, which doesn’t help.

Well, I can certainly say that I’m not a ‘creature of habit’, and I certainly abhor petty rules and regulations.

As an example, I got on a bus last week holding an unlit cigarette when I showed the driver my pass.  “You can’t smoke that on here – it’s a thousand pound fine”.  “I know”, I said.  “But you can’t get fined if its not alight!”.  Some people behind me laughed.  But  I really didn’t think it was funny.  Such mentality!  I mean, I could understand if its was alight, but it must have been obvious I didn’t intend to smoke it!

Anyway, human non-intelligence aside:  I have to go out later to get some food in the place (knowing my luck, I’ll get the same driver!).  I didn’t even realize until I went into the kitchen and realized there was nothing to put in it!  Its probably because a friend was lecturing me on the phone about not eating enough. She said she was concerned because I never kept my promise to eat a proper meal and that I really needed somebody to ‘look after me’!  I just told her that nobody would put up with me as I was too set in my ‘non-ways’.  “Well, I have to”, she said.  And with that I tried to change the subject!

I don’t want to sound repetitious, but it really is bloody cold again.  Although the back room has now been complexly redecorated, its really too big to keep warm properly.  The front room isn’t so bad because it’s a little smaller and there’s gas in there; but the problem is,  I have to use the back room as well as there’s still so much stuff in there to get sorted.

But I open a bottle of wine by the gas fire now.  If anybody is wondering about the beer; well, it’s a bit too cold to enjoy a beer at the moment.  That’s a warm weather drink really.

So, with little other news other than that, I suppose I’d better get ready for my outing before the darkness sets in.  Not to mention any ice!

For the moment,



12 Responses

  1. Dear David
    I wouldn’t get a pet cat. I have one and he attacks me every morning. The whole anti-smoking thing is getting out of hand. I’m tired of been exposed to noise pollution, i.e. having to endure other peoples loud and irritating mobile phone conversations. Even in the quiet carriage on the train you get it .
    Regards Matt

  2. Here, here Farrant. If you are chilly in your rooms, I say acquire a pet cat. A mad fuzzy moggy or two would nuzzle on your lap and keep you pinned to the chair whilst generating warmth, not to mention a chorus lovely purring noises.
    Certainly you can put up with the occasional miaowing and rustling under the bedcovers for such an added glory to your life.

  3. Actually, I did have a pet Cat (female) in my flat for about 18 years. I also had a pet rabbit who used to run around free in my flat but she was house-trained as well.
    My rabbit used to get really jealous of Katie (the cat) and sometimes used to ‘attack’ her but rarely got near her as the cat used to jump up on a chair or the back of the settee to avoid being nipped! This is really true and it was really funny to watch!
    As for smoking, some people just take the whole thing to extremes. You know, it wouldn’t be the first time when I’ve been smoking in the street and sometimes people pass who start coughing as they pass. Its all ‘psychological’, of course, and for some reason, its usually women.
    As for you, Cat, I’m lost for words with your comment, as usual.
     For the moment,

  4. the only cat i want is u CAT! you can nuzzle on my lap which im sure will make you purr! only trouble is my 6 dogs may get a little jealous.
    why is it cat you feel you cant make all kinds of sarcastic comments about david and his friends including me but when challenged you never respond.seems to me youve already lost certain parts of your anatomy.what is that old saying “all mouth but no *****!”…………..

  5. Atta girl Speedqueen! You tell him!
    I’d be careful if I were you Cat. If she gets her claws into you, you’d really know about it.
    Thanks Speenqueen. I’ll just leave him to you now!

  6. Speaking of anatomy Queenie, it has been said that your name derives from a certain night club in Leeds. I sincerely hope that David (that innocent and vulnerable soul) doesn’t find a surprise in your knickers that he wasn’t expecting! Miaow.

  7. Hi David–I have been really busy lately and havent looked in for a while. This year I have determined to do without central heating after the dickipoggy gas bills last year. I just wear extra clothes, keep two hot water bottles handy plus two cats! and have a new electric fire which you can move, its looks really nice, it is in like a black cast iron stove, I can direct the heat straight towards myself, instead of wasting gas heating the entire house and that gas fire, which looks very nice, but it directs heat out to an empty space.
    Tiger Tom, my new lodger, however, has to stay in the conservatory as he has attacked Monty–well he had to go on a visit to Uncle Alfredo but it may take him a while for his hormones to calm down, so I put the radiator on at low for him!
    Job sorted! We are very cosy.
    Looking forward to seeing your book, our is in the Dalesman and still selling like hot cakes thanks to the scandal!

  8. as ive said cat i may not be a lady but im all woman! as for the sleezy club you refer to i would bet any amount of cash that i was known as speedqueen long before the club.the only suprise David is in for is one of pleasure which is something you seem to know very little about. so i suggest you crawl back to your hovel and find someone else to pick on.Or if you so wish, meet me and then i,ll prove to you ive nothing to hide!

  9. Just one new cat David, Monty is the resident familiar, Tiger Tom has just moved in. Trouble is he is very macho and so I have had to keep the two boys seperate until they get used to each other! Anyway keep wrapped up—I’ll be in touch with my friend again to see if there is anything different,
    tata barbara

  10. I’d better keep out of this Speedqueen, but I’m sure you’re capable of handling Cat!
    He does try to give me such a bad name (if that’s possible!). Don’t think he means it nastily (unlike some other people), its just his warped sense of humour!
    But don’t let him get away with it!
    See you soon anyway,

  11. Hi Barbara,
    Where have you been?!
    No seriously, I know few people like the cold, and I’m not one of them.
    I’ve got a new gas fire now myself which really sends out a lot of heat. You probably know, that electricity is about 3 times more expensive than gas, but the problem is, I don’t have gas in my large back room – only electricity.
    Got some TV people coming tomorrow, so will take them – and all other visitors – into the front room for the time being.
    Glad to hear that you’ve got two new cats again. But watch out! A certain person might only break your trust again and report back to her ‘master’ that this confirms that you must be a witch! (I always thought witches were supposed to have toads as pets – not cats!).
    Anyway, nice to see you back, and hope you will post again soon.
    For the moment, anyway,

  12. Dear Barbara,
    Nice to hear that you’re still around, but I feel slightly perturbed by your statement that Tiger Tom has had to be taken to ‘Uncle Alfredo’. Does this mean doing nasty to things to his delicate bits? At least I am sure that, despite certain allegations, Speedqueen does not have such items in the first place.
    Gareth J. Medway

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