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No. Nothing Happend!

Bit warmer – but that’s  not saying much.  I mean, at least it hasn’t been freezing, as the last few days have been.

To save anyone asking: (and just shut up in advance Cat!) I met Speedqueeen  in person last night.  A really beautiful lady:  she turned up in an outfit resembling black leather with a low-cut top which revealed well-heaved flesh that almost seemed to want to burst from behind it!

No!  Nothing happened, but I found her to be an honest and outspoken lady of great understanding and intelligence.  She certainly has got a sexy figure, but you can’t really blame her for that.  Her white flesh almost seemed to contrast behind the black top she was wearing; appealing flesh which you felt just had to be admired if not touched!

But no.   Nothing happened.   I was too tired in that direction (no real sleep for two days) and I just didn’t want to get a  ‘slap around the face’ for premature advances.

But we discussed you to  some extent, Cat.  In fact, she said if ever she got her claws on you (and she wasn’t joking),  she would only be concentrating on one part (so you’d better watch out!). Reminds me rather of what some ‘Yorkshire Pudding” said to me repeatedly about ‘saving certain middle parts’ of a certain ‘bishop’ if ever she got hold  of him!  (And I also have that in writing!).

But aside from that, all is quiet.  Book is finished as I said.  So now its really just on to the next one.



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  1. No. That is strictly accurate dear friend; but as I told you, such things should not enter discussion here.
    But to clarify, the person stated that they wished to retain a certain part of the person’s body, so they could ‘feed it to the pigs’.
    I replied that that would not really be fair to the pigs as they might get food poisoning, but the person nevertheless insisted, that was her wish!
    Thanks for the call ‘X’ but please don’t pursue this here any further!
    Call me again should you want ant further confirmation about this (then) proposed book, which I gather has never materialised.

  2. hi david
    just to say i really enjoyed our night and glad you liked my outfit etc… was a shame your lack of sleep caught up with you but im sure our next meeting will be more “hands on!”
    i will ring you tomorrow night for a chat and look forward to our future plans.also now i know your flat gets very warm i shall wear an even more revealing outfit!
    till tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Speedqueen,
    Please do accept my apology for falling asleep. Still no sleep for over 2 days with almost a full bottle of whiskey on top. what do you expect?!
    Still, we had a good few hours of chat. But you should have just woken me up to say goodbye, I really wouldn’t have minded. Besides, I intended to get you a taxi.
    Yes. Please do phone me tomorrow. Well its tomorrow now really at just gone 4 in the morning!
    Great outfit. Fits (almost!) a lovely figure.
    Speak tomorrow, or rather later tonight,
    For now,

  4. yea ask me cat or maybe you would like to meet me and ask me.also less of the club bit!!! so if you want clinical details i,ll tell you all whilst im carry out a clinical procedure on you!i,ll talk yo you later david hope you have caught up on your sleep now and saving your energy for our next meeting as i wont allow you to fall asleep again,well not until ive finished with you!!!!!

  5. I can well imagine David up all night cavorting in cheesecloth knickers with his scantily clad club tart….nothing wrong with that…BUT WHY do we HEAR only “some” of THE CLINICAL DETAILS? I say ALL OR NOTHING, matey.

  6. Nice to speak to talk to you again Speedqueen, and I’m glad that I have been forgiven for falling asleep on Friday. Glad to say my ‘sleep patterns’ are back to normal now (almost!), and, yes, next week should be fine.
    Good to see also that you’re not taking any nonsense from Cat. Don’t! I know if you both ever met up who would be the first to go flying down an alley!
    ‘Biological details’ I ask you! Good lord, whatever next!?
    Anyway, I’ll just leave him to you!
    Speak soon,

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