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Don’t Hold Your Breath!

I saw Gareth this evening and he brought his Introduction for my new book.  It reads really well and fits onto two pages – which is just what I wanted.

This means the book is now ready for printing; so no need to ‘hold you breath’ everyone!

Its still cold and miserable out; which is why I tend to stay indoors during the cold weather.  No more walks for me in the Woods, at least unless we hit a warm spell.  The only walking I did was this afternoon into the shopping centre.  Speedqueen specifically told me not to drink any of her whiskey. . . well I have (the cold, you see!).  But don’t worry Speedqueen, I’ll be getting another bottle!

I see Cat is back again here.  Only a brief appearance, but with his usual innuendoes.  (Rather like Craig in that respect!).

Call in earlier from America (West Coast).  They want me to do a live radio interview with ‘call in’s before Christmas on the existence of ‘ghosts’.  I said I’d do it because its comparatively no effort to speak on the end of a telephone – especially when I’d probably still be up anyway.

Shortly after that, another call from a local Methodist Youth Club inviting me to give a talk on the Highgate phenomenon.  Probably do that too as its fairly close.
You know, I sometimes wonder why I’m becoming so popular, when I’m such a shy and reserved person in reality!

I can’t remember if I said, but I saw Patsy and her husband on Sunday, and they brought the photo’s they took of our visit to the Silent Pool.  One in particular I like of us all together at the Pool  edge.  Needs a bit of lightening, but I think it will go well in the next edition of Dark Journey.   Anyway there’s plenty of time for that.

Apart from that, everything is quiet.  At least, for the moment!



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  1. Dear David,
    Once you have done the radio interview that you mentioned could you put up a link to the interview if possible? Hope that your back is getting better!
    Regards Matt

  2. Thanks Matt. Of course I will put a link up once its been broadcast. Not sure of the exact date yet except its going to be before Christmas (to coincide with the ‘Christmas ghost period’ I expect!).
    My back is no worse, but still a little painful since that fall. Think I was more annoyed about losing a good glass of wine than worrying about the injury! Still ‘life goes on’, as is said. What else can I do, but to go with it!
    So yes, a link will go up. And I will be sending you an advance copy of the book which is almost completed now. Its taken about 18 months of hard work (with the other one as well) so it will be a relief when that’s ready for the shelves.
    Thanks again Matt,
    For the moment,

  3. That link’s OK Cat. But I made damned sure I checked it carefully first.
    I seem to remember that the last time I allowed one of your links I inadvertantly linked to a photograph of BG with the Yorkshire Dumpling!

  4. Hi David,
    Just to say that Ricky and I enjoyed meeting your friend on Sunday. It was a treat for us both.
    Yes, we will arrange to see you before Xmas, must do that.

  5. Hey David,
    Sorry – just to add – please can you let me know when your talk at the Methodists’ is going to be? Rick and I will be there this time!

  6. Thanks Patsy,
    Talk is scheduled for before Christmas, but I’ll let you know when (only not on here!).
    Yes, the Minsden trip was quite eventful. Pity I couldn’t climb up there in the rain, but if you and Rick tripped over (sorry Rick!) what do you think would have happened to me?! That’s why I stayed in the warm of the car.
    Speak over the weekend – Sunday’s fine.
    For now,

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