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The Real Nature Of Evil

Had a ‘sort out’ this afternoon and, although mainly looking for letters for inclusion in the next book, I came across some of my ‘spiritual journals’ I really began in earnest in 1982.

This was a period of ‘transition’ for me really; a period when I decided that I no longer ‘needed’ Wicca, as I had learned all I could from it.  It was an intense period and one that I cannot really describe adequately here.  But it last for several years, and I determined to write everything down while it was ‘fresh’ each day.

Looking back at some of my ‘note book writings’,  I was really quite moved by some of the revelations that were ‘given’ to me.  For ‘given’ they were, with an intensity that was certainly not influenced by any human hand or voice.  I remember, it all started quite suddenly, and if was if a shutter had suddenly been lifted from my eyes, and enabled me to see beyond the veil of human life and existence.  It was always uninvited and unexpected, and I never attempted to converse with It, just listen.

It is very difficult to put into words, but in a very short space of time (albeit gradually) I realized that many of the previous beliefs in Wicca that I had taken for granted (and in other religious too) had been misunderstood: and such misunderstanding had arisen by the very fact I had taken these for granted without realizing the real nature upon which these spiritual forces were based.  It is not that many of these beliefs were ‘untrue’, but they stopped well short of explaining the real Cause behind them.

I think two essential spiritual truths that came through to me at the very beginning was the vital  importance of understanding Consciousness, and understanding the real  nature of evil.

I am not going to go into the full extent of these revelations here, but I learned that without first understanding the full nature of Consciousness, there could be no real understanding of that Divine Life Force which brought everything (including ourselves) into existence.

I also learned, that while evil certainly existed (in the human world, at least), it was not the result of some ‘supreme evil force’ (or ‘devil’) controlling it.  It was the result only of the human mind.  And without a human mind in operation, there could be no evil or ‘devil’.  In other words, evil cannot exist  without a human mind to cause or sustain it.  ‘God’ certainly does not ‘punish’ evil – evil only ‘punishes’ itself.  God or Divine Love never punishes anything.  It is totally contrary to Its nature to be able to do so.  In fact, it is impossible for It to do so.
It is only human beings that are capable of creating evil.

This came as quite a revelation to me, for previously I had believed that there were independent ‘outside forces’ – or spirits – that had direct knowledge of human evil, when the only knowledge or acknowledgement of the existence of evil came from the human mind itself.

Then what of ‘evil spirits’? or ‘intelligences’ that are supposed to exist and influence human thinking? This is surely a vital question, but the basic answer is, that there are no ‘evil spirits’.  There are evil thoughts that may in sustained in the very atmosphere and can manifest as ‘evil spirits’; but when this occurs (as it so often does), it is invariably the result of human thought (even ‘disembodied thought’) that is manifesting to a very human awareness of it.  But there exist no independent  ‘evil spirits’.  All we can ever witness is the manifestation (or result) of human thought.  That is the very origin of evil.  And it is not controlled by any ‘devil’.

Well, it is getting a little late so I will leave you with that  There’s really little else to say anyway as its been a really quiet day!
David Farrant


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  1. Hello David,
    How I agree wholeheartedly with your observations! The human mind creates evil; evil would not exist without it. There are varying degrees of evil though, in my opinion: from the bully and the malicious gossip to dictators, all can be described as ‘evil of mind.’ If there is a devil, then it resides in these folks. I don’t think it even comes down to religion, or religion in the accepted sense. I think it emanates from the way a person is, his or her personality. I do believe though, that Christians and others manifested the Horned God into the devil, maybe in a way to ‘personalise’ evil, giving it a focus, a face, for something which is a very human trait.
    Another thing – ‘Satan’ in Christian lore is purely the ‘dark deity’ of Christianity, the flip side to Christ as ‘light.’ This is why the light is always battling the darkness; it’s man battling with his own dark demons.
    That’s the way I see it, anyhow.

  2. Hello David,
    Wonderful day out on Sunday, getting lost only added to the atmosphere!
    Here’s a link to the story of Minsden Chapel and Reginald Hine’s association with it:


  3. Yes Patsy,
    I agree. Of course, there are varying degrees of evil, and all are dependent on the state of mind (or human consciousness) of a given individual.
    All I was saying was, that all evil takes place in this mental realm, which is just another term to describe the everyday-thinking human mind. It cannot exist outside of this; and God certainly cannot exist inside of it – indeed’ He does not.
    That does not mean, that it is not possible to rise above this mental realm to come into contact with God, and many people (to a lesser degree or another) have succeeded in doing this. Jesus was one of these: indeed, his degree of understanding was such that enabled him to say … “I and my Father are One”.
    Other great seers and prophets have succeeded in reaching this state of ‘God awawreness’. Buddah was one of these.
    I am sure there was a time in the history of mankind when all men had direct awareness of this supreme state of Consciousness – or God. Then somehow and at sometime (nobody knows when) all mankind became separated from this state of consciousness which is symbolised in the bible in the story of the Fall of Adam.
    Hence the state of this moreorless ‘Godless world’ as it is today.
    But god is still ‘there’. Only He just exists beyond this mental realm.

  4. hey scabby cat maybe someone got to you before me and you been licking your “wounds” !maybe if your prowling round muswell hill towards the end of the week you might like to rub up against my thigh length boots i,ll be wearing when i visit David.Then we can see who has the longest claws how about it pussy cat?
    i,ll be seeing you well soon David and i,ll bring my oils with me and i,ll massage your back for you

  5. Oh pish tosh. All this “spiritual” rubbish talk is boring me. How about answering some questions, David?
    • Is it true you hurt your back whilst shagging some young blonde tart?
    • What do you think of the nasty business in Mumbai?
    • What do you think of the American election? Now that Bush has been given the old heave ho, will there be less stupid people about?
    • Have you located the cheesecloth knickers you were searching for?

  6. For Cat
    Being the ardent sceptic that you are, I am not really surprised that ‘spiritual talk’ bores you Cat. This is one reason I had such a ‘fight’ on the Randi board.
    Now to your questions:
    It is not usual to ‘shag’ anyone in a chair Cat – I would have thought bed was the proper place for that! The answer to your question therefore is ‘no’, you crude beast!
    I have only been following it very basically as I do not read newspapers and do not have a radio or television. Of course, I do not agree with the actions of Godless people who mercilessly kill other human beings. You could really go back to my post for your answer. If God was really present in the human scene, these things could no happen.
    Its no use asking me about politics as I genuine don’t follow these – either American or English one’s.
    As for the ‘cheesecloth knickers’, all I can say is that I understand that Speedqueen wants to take you on a little excursion to the vet’s. Not before time either!
    Well, welcome back anyway, you uncouth creature.
    Next question . . .

  7. what i want to know and its FAR more strange and evil, is why is old bishop bonkers now calling himself lordbishopbonkers on one of his little kiddy multiply groups?!!!!
    …is it cos he lost out on all the names he wanted and got desperate and chose the extremely delluded url?! lol
    “This is why the light is always battling the darkness; it’s man battling with his own dark demons.”
    well said patsy. totally agree with you.
    i dont relally believe in god and angels.
    sometimes i think there is something out there but i’m not sure about all the religious books and stuff.
    i had it drummed into me at sunday school at a young age and i just dont buy it.

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