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THAT I Did Mind!

Well,  I’ve got a ‘Gareth free night’ this evening as he’s going to a meeting with his group.

I know its an important one and a ceremony is involved; but I guess at least it’s a little warmer!  Anyway,  I can’t do much on the new book now as its all written but I’ve still got the next one to finish.  So I thought I’d take a couple of days off and get back to that ‘fresh’ again on Monday.  Still got some more documentation to find to go with that, but I can do that tomorrow.

An important phone call to make overseas later, but other than that ‘I’m free’!  – for the moment anyhow.

I hurt my back again last night.  Went to sit in the chair, and it just collapsed (and ‘no’, I wasn’t drunk!).  There was just a big ‘snap’ and the main frame split in the middle and suddenly I was on the floor after banging my head on the wardrobe.  I didn’t mind that so much but the small table behind me was also knocked over spilling a glass of wine on the new carpet.  THAT I did mind as it was red wine and needed sponging up immediately.  Problem is, I could hardly move as I’d landed on my spine, in the very place I’d already displaced the vertebrae which is causing the problem with my walking.  Anyway, after about half and hour, I managed to get up although in quite some considerable pain.  It was okay lying still, but not trying to walk.  But I knew the quickest way to heal it was to make myself keep moving (which I did) as I didn’t want to cancel our ghost trip on Sunday (which I’m not doing).  Anyway, enough of that.  Its much better today (apart from a massive bruise) and I’ll be okay tomorrow.

I should have been more careful with that bloody chair as I knew it was very ‘wonky’ at the best of times!

Oh! Its alright Speedqueen,  I’ll still be seeing you next week as well!

But apart from that, everything has been fairly quiet.   The house is much warmer now, now that its all been re-plastered. And that’s something as well.
Some more book orders in the post in the post yesterday, so I have to get on with packaging those up as well.

So, still in slight pain, but aside from that still active, I leave you with a slightly shorter Blog.

For the moment,



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  1. Hello, David:
    Sorry to hear about your getting hurt today and I hope your back feels well again soon.
    What you said reminded me of my own little episode at work last night when I went to sit down in one of the meeting rooms during my break. It was dark (as I find having the lights off more relaxing) and for whatever reason I assumed there was a chair where I intended to sit. Well … there wasn’t – and I ended up crashing straight to the floor as I went to sit down! Stupid, but hilarious at the same time (Good thing I have no problem laughing at myself!).
    Again, I hope you feel better soon – however, at least your fall was due to faulty furniture rather than a lack of brains!

  2. Thanks Adam,
    Well I hate to say it . . . but it was particually due to ‘lack of brains’! I mean, I knew that old chair had been faulty for some time, but I just took it for granted. Came in to sit in it; then just grabbed the arms to pull it forward nearer to 6 inches nearer the computer (as I usually did), and then the whole thing just collapsed – with a ‘bang’!
    Left on the floor with a bit of a headache. In retrosopect, I suppose it was quite funny. But not at the time!
    Thanks for your thoughts on that, Adam. Glad a similar thing happened to you . . . I mean, glad you understand how these things can happen!
    For now,

  3. For sure, David!
    Just out of curiosity: I recently happened upon the websites of both a documentary and motion picture relating to the Highgate Vampire case. I assume you are aware of the documentary (entitled “The Highgate Vampire Chronicles”), as the creator mentioned you by name on his page.
    The second film – while it looks like a great movie – appears to have absolutely nothing to do with the events at Highgate all those years ago (apart from the title), with the site stating that the film was “influenced” by the actual case (in name only, from the looks of things!). Both pictures are slated for a 2009 release.
    Anyway, I was simply wondering if you were aware of these projects or had been contacted by producers for input into either. For those interested, information on the documentary can be found at “The Highgate Vampire Chronicles” MySpace page, while a trailer and video on the second movie can be viewed at

  4. You ask a fair question (questions) and, as its you, I will break my usual rule here of not inviting discussion on the so-called Highgate ‘vampire’ case. But can we make this a ‘one off’, please!
    I am aware of both the documentary and the forthcoming film on the case.
    With regard to the film (I have seen the preview) I have to agree that this would appear to have nothing to do with the Highgate ‘vampire’ case , but just involves some American people making their own fantasy film and using the title (which they are quite entitled to do of course, because legally nobody can claim copyright of a title).
    That said, I suppose we must wait until the whole film is released before we offer further judgement.
    Regarding the “Highgate Vampire Chronicles”; yes, I am aware of this documentary. I could hardly not be, as it was all about myself!
    My own part in this was certainly carefully and professionally filmed; although we will have to wait until next year to see the finished film.
    So to answer your question: no, I was not approached by the American makers of this particular film, but, yes, I was filmed by the English producers of the forthcoming documentary. (Think you’ll enjoy that!).
    For the moment,

  5. Hi, David:
    Yes, my apologies for bringing up the “V” word. I was aware of your reluctance to address that topic here, but wasn’t sure if this would qualify as actual Highgate case discussion (as it dealt with films). But thank you for answering, and yes, the documentary does look interesting.

  6. I don’t really mind questions like that so much, Adam, as they were about films which are already in the public domain.
    I just don’t want to be asked questions about certain other people who were never really involved in the genuine Highgate case in the first place. I am sure you know who I mean!
    When I get any more news on the films, I’ll let you know here.
    I’m expecting a copy of the French documentary film any day now, and if you contact me privately when I do, I’ll try and find a way of getting a copy to you.
    Well, another quiet night. Almost blissful!
    For now,

  7. I understand, David; and yes, that would be great – thank you, much appreciated!
    Enjoy the rest of your quiet night!

  8. hi david
    was going to ring you tonight but as you had an early start thought you might be tired so will ring tomorrow evening just to confirm our “date”
    hope you had a good day even though weather was awful
    not long to wait now!! xxxxxx

  9. Hi Speedqueen,
    Yes phone tomorrow instead to confirm our ‘date’. That day is still okay, but you will have to be gentle with me at the moment as I’m still ‘pretty fragile’ from that fall.
    Today was great in fact, despite the weather. Managed three country pubs and some good food and even fitted in Minsden Chapel as well!
    Will tell you when I see you.
    I’m definitely off to bed soon as I stayed up ’till 6 this morning despite having to be ready for 10. I was. I rarely let people down unless things are beyond my control.
    So, phone tomorrow. Late will be okay then. Speak soon.
    For the moment,
    PS Your ‘reply kisses’ are getting longer with each letter!

  10. Hello All,
    I have to say that the excursion around Hertfordshire was interesting and very enlightening. We enjoyed visits to a couple of pubs, had great food and gareth, Ricky and I got very muddy, cold and wet during our ascent up to Minsden Chapel. Very atmospheric place, and well worth a visit.
    We got lost too, which only added to the fun.
    Truly, a paranormal investigator’s ideal day!

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