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Don’t Ever Think . . . !

Well, its almost midnight when many people are tucked up in bed, or thinking about sleep. Me? I’ve spent most of the evening working on the photographs for the new autobiography.

It has not been easy because there are so many and selected ones all have to be re-sized and put into black and white. Then you have to decide how many per page, and so on. I can tell you that I have numbered 20 pages for photographs (yet to be completed) which when completed there will be 10 double-sided A5 pages of them in the book. I’ll get back to the text tomorrow, but it ain’t been easy with the pictures! Anyway, its all coming along and near completion now.

Phone call from K earlier and she told me she can come over tomorrow, but that she can’t make this Friday because of something or the other. But she said she’ll try and meet Gareth on Friday week (that’s if he doesn’t change his days again). He doesn’t do it deliberately, but sometimes he just doesn’t know what he’s doing more than a week in advance.

Well, there’s just the gas fire to re-install in my front room and I can think about moving back in there. By that I mean using it as a lounge again without having to worry about cold evenings. It is getting well into October now and not likely to get any warmer.

Somebody else phoned today to confirm details of my next Talk. They said they would be going, so that’s nice. Its strange in a way because I never try and arrange these things. They just seem to happen I suppose its just going with the ‘flow of life’, if you like.

Going back to the book again, I might just put up a couple more pages here as I’ve had so much response to the earlier shortened chapter extracts I published. But I want to speak to K first as she might advise that I would be ‘giving too much away’. But maybe she won’t mind’ and if she doesn’t it’ll save me some writing, just copying material which has already been written.

Well, I’ll finish this now as I am a bit tired (mentally at least) from all the earlier concentration. Don’t ever think that an author’s life is an easy one . . . it isn’t!

For now everyone, David


4 responses

  1. Hi, David:
    Ah, yes, I too know what it’s like to be a ‘creature of the night’. Although I must say I prefer nighttime to the day – much quieter and the world just seems to be a different place when the moon is out rather than the sun.
    Nice that the autobiography is coming along and as a part-time writer myself, I can vouch that an author’s life is certainly no ‘easy one’!
    Take Care,

  2. Yes, I know Adam.
    Once my two current books are finished, I really am going to take a break, whether its by day or by night.
    Then maybe I’ll be able to relax a little more!

  3. David,
    Hope you received my email. I’ve been having computer problems for the past two weeks. In any event, thank Gareth for me. The packet arrived and I’ve enjoyed reading the feature on Our Man .

  4. I am sorry Florence. I did receive your email but must have somehow overlooked replying to it. I do this all the time sometimes i.e. I mean intending to get back to people, then end up forgetting I haven’t done!
    Been a little disorganised here in other directions as well, which doesn’t exactly help!
    But life goes on!

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