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I Kid Thee Not!

Its very slightly warmer – but not too much.

Anybody reading the replies here will have gathered we have another ‘ghost trip’ planned for this Sunday.  We cancelled the same one (I mean to the same locations) last weekend because the weather took a turn for the worse.  I will tell you about it afterwards – at least, some of it depending on what happens.

Caught up with a few letters this afternoon, but haven’t posted them yet (land mail ones).

Speedqueen indeed phoned me up last night, and we’ve made our meeting for next week.  Not that it is anybodies’ business but a couple of people keep asking me about it.  But ‘no’ Mark, we have no ‘marriage  plans’, so please DON’T  start printing that in your mag!  She’d probably half kill you for you thing; and if she didn’t, I would!  No, we’re just meeting for a drink and a chat, that’s all.
Talking of meetings, I have been invited to give another talk near Reading next March.  Provisionally I’ve said ‘yes’.  Probably mainly because they want me to expand my explanations on Consciousness which the people had taken the trouble to copy.  Well, that is really my favourite subject and it would be good to get away from talking about ‘vampires’!  And I love a challenge; especially if I happen to be talking to skeptics

I’ve got to get up the road shortly, got to get some stamps for these letters for one thing. For another,  I don’t have enough cigarettes to last until morning.  But at least its not wet or slppery.Bit cold last night.  Looking for a hot water  bottle, but couldn’t find it anywhere.  Too cold to keep looking really so in the end I just ‘braved it’.  Its probably got thrown out.  Either that or some visitor took it.  No, I’m not kidding.  I actually knew a middle-aged woman who had a ‘hot water bottle fetish’ .  I kid thee not!.

Got one more letter to write for a guy downstairs when I get back, then have to get back to more writing.  But I’ll have enough cigarettes, and I suppose I’d better get some food

Well, no use sitting here delaying it.  So out into the cold!.

For the moment,


5 Responses

  1. forget the hot water bottle david u,ll get so hot next week u,ll be openin the windows!!! got a special outfit just for you and just in case that mangy cat is lurking in the shadows i,ll wear my long black coat so it will be my mane of long blonde hair and the 6inch stiletto heals on my boots on show!
    till next week david xxxx

  2. Yes Speedqueen, Cat would be loving all this!
    I wish he’d come back as I quite miss the creature in a perverse sort of way!
    See you on xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Just to say I’ve just spoken to Gareth, and Sunday is OK.
    Please give me a call anyway and we can arrange more precise times for the next BPOS excursion!
    It might be the last one actually, as I’m not sure if I’ll be around after next week, after I meet Speedqueen!
    For the moment,

  4. Thanks for the call last night Patsy – I did let Gareth know late last night but it still wouldn’t hurt to call him so he’s clear on the times.
    I will take the old camera this time; the one which I have taken so many good pictures with in the past! (Sorry, just me being usually modest!).
    I’ll also check some of my old correspondence so we don’t ‘overlook’ any nearby sites.
    So, ’till then,
    PS Don’t forget my alarm call. 10 is early for me!

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