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First Things First

Well I’m pleased to tell you everyone that as from today, the new book is finished.  When I say ‘finished’ I am talking about the written text, but there is still work to do regarding the cover, pictures, etc.

I guess you could say the main part is finished; I mean, the actual writing of it.  Its been hard work and taken many long hours (often though most of some nights) but all been worth it.  I suppose it has helped considerably that I’m such a good writer!  and can put down what I want to convey without wasting time over that.

The pictures have all been sorted but have yet to be copied to disc as these will be going onto glossy paper.  The bar code is being sorted out and there will be about 270 pages.  Then of course there’s flyers to go out to bookshops and impatient people who keep bombarding us with emails about it.  That looks set to cost a small fortune in postage but all well worth it as that has been accounted for in the selling price.

And then . . . on to finish the next one which looks like having even more pages.  Luckily, I’ve been working on that at the same time so that is about three quarters done.  But first things first.  First this one!

We were scheduled to go on another ‘ghost trip’ today, but decided to postpone that until next weekend.  There will be Patsy, her husband, Gareth, myself and possibly a surprise guest.  I’m not saying more than that except she’s a female.  And I will be sitting next to her in a nice warm car  and keeping her well away from Gareth!  I know Patsy’s looking forward to meeting her so I just hope she can make either Saturday or Sunday next weekend.  We’ll see.Anyway, this has meant I had a well earned day off today with nothing really pressing to do; which is one reason I’m writing this.

That other talk next week, so I hope it warms up for that.  Well they are arranging a taxi for me there and back, so not really so bad. Unfortunately, the new book won’t be finished in time to sell there, but it doesn’t really matter.  Plenty of other material!

And so on that note,  I shall leave you all for now.  Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do.  Which should leave you plenty of scope!

For the moment,


14 responses

  1. Hello, David:
    Congratulations on completing the new book. We are all well aware of how hard you have worked on it and based on what you have shared here, it sounds like a great read.
    Hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable day off!

  2. Thanks for that Adam. The new book certainly has been hard work but I think people won’t be disappointed with the end result.
    Its actually well on schedule, and could even be out in the next month.
    Think I will be limited to sending out any free copies this time round, but will certainly reduce the price to the actual cost price for people I know are seriously interested. You are obviously one of these but you will have to give me a land address to post it to at a later date. Having said that, I can just post you the book and you can send me the money when convenient.
    What I really mean is, I will be sending the book to anyone with a genuine interest (of whom you are one), and they can send me the cost price back if they think the book deserves it!
    Yes, it was nice to have the ‘day off’. But there is still some work yet to do on it (cover, etc) then on to finishing the next one. That really will be ‘explosive’ when its released next year, not least because it clarifies important events in the past that have attempted to have been twisted or dirtorted in the present. The record will be set straight anyway. If not on the Internet, then by means of good old fashuioned hard back copy!
    Anyway, thanks again Adam. I believe I sent you my private email address before, so you can always contact me on that if you want.
    But for the moment anyway,

  3. Which book is ready David, the dickipoggy of very recent times or your life story–well ,maybe a bit dickipoggy but whose isnt!
    As for dickipoggy–what other word can replace it! well there is dickipoggy in bucketfuls here in Yorkshire over the latest book, but strangely, even though it has nothing to do with vampires etc, we have the same scenario of silly young pipsqueaks and pompous old fogeys trying it on. You can give my e mail to anyone who wants further info David—-the two situations do actually link up on a very spooky drive———-
    tata for now ttfn

  4. Hello, David:
    Thank you for deeming me part of the “genuine interest” category – you are certainly right there!
    I must say the second book sounds very intriguing as well. I look forward to hearing more details.

  5. hi david
    great to hear you finished your book.youve been real busy what with writing,filming and several talks.a friend of mine was at the one in muswell hill last week and said that several people said afterwards that for someone so well known (wow!) had made time attend and unlike other people tried to keep out of the was also said that the film shown was one of the main topics of conversation!
    so as youve worked so hard you deserve some play! im a great playmate and hopefully we can meet up and have a bit of may be cold out but i promise you,you soon be warm with me around!! xx

  6. My new autobiography is the one that I’ve now finished. The other book concerning religious sects and ‘pacts with the devil’ will be after the hectic Christmas period. It is mostly done being just a complimentation of an already published series, but there is an adittional chapter at the end to update events between 2003 and 2008. This runs into 55 pages at the moment but I have also promised other people the right to reply to most unreligious and untrue allegations made against them during the latter part of this period. I am not putting this book on line as I would prefer people to be in possession of their own hard back copy (it also helps with the financial returns!) Complimentary copies of this book will be sent out to relevant persons whom I feel should have the right to read it to clarify ‘facts’ put into the public domain concerning themselves, but who should not be obliged to pay for it.
    I hope this clarifys that.
    For the moment,

  7. Thanks Adam,
    I guess I’ve really answered your question in my reply to Barbara!
    But as a matter of interest I’ve also been accumulating material for another volume of my ‘ghost’ book “Dark Journey” for autumn next year. But that can definitely wait until the summer: well away from this bloody cold, for one thing!
    But I’ll keep everyone updated on that nearer the time.
    After that? Well, for some years now I’ve been thinking of putting into print many of my earlier writings (mainly from 1982 when I left Wicca behind me – at least, the active practices but not all the people) when I was beginning to understand the true mysteries behind Life, God and Consciousness. Many of these individual subjects (the ‘mysteries’ behind sleep, for just one example) fill many note-books in long-hand, so just typing these out should not be too difficult. Quite apart from this, I feel that many of these revelations are really vital as they were given to me from a higher level of consciousness and if they can help others in this respect, they might have served an essentilal purpose.
    But as I said yesterday . . . “One thing at a time”!
    Thanks Adam,

  8. Hi Speedqueen,
    Where have you been?! Nice to know your’re still reading this though, aand you’ll be pleased to know that that blasted Cat has stopped publicly embarrassing me as he’s finally disappeared! (Well I’d better not speak too soon as you never can tell with him).
    Yes, I’d be pleased to meet you. This week really does look bitterly cold though, although its only set to last till Wednesday or so. The weekend is really out cause I’ve got this ‘ghost excursion’ out of London then and not sure which day yet.
    But the week after is fine. Give me a phone call and we can arrange a day. Maybe one day early next week? (We can’t arrange it here though for obvious reasons).
    I’ll get a bottle of whiskey in for us. What do you like with whiskey, by the way? (I’m talking about ‘to drink’!) You can put that here!
    So, just phone me, and that’s fine’
    For the moment though,
    PS Thanks for the picture by the way!

  9. Hi David,
    Glad to hear that the book is all but completed – wonderful!
    Ghost trip will be on Sunday, if that’s okay, but I’ll ring you on Wednesday.

  10. Thanks for letting me know Patsy; Sunday sounds good and will speak to you Wednesday evening.
    Yes, the books have certainly taken a lot of work so I think I’m entitled to relax a bit now! Which reminds me, I’ve got to buy some more wine for later and its still so bloody cold. Well, at least there’s no ice (yet) so walking should be OK.
    For the moment, anyway, and I’ll let Gareth know.

  11. well done mate.
    its all paid off and come together nicely.
    nice to know that the BPOS has its own graphics department to take caree of the cover!

  12. Thanks to you as well, Craig. Indeed, to all the other people who have
    ‘stuck by’ me over this last turbalant year or so.
    For now,

  13. Thanks Speedqueen,
    I realise I might be breaking my usual policy on here in making private conversations public, but then it was myself trying to arrange a meeting, so no details given and so no harm done!
    Thanks for your call, and yes, that day is fine. See you then, and thanks for your post about my recent Talk.
    For the moment,

  14. David,
    I have a list of ghostly sites in Herts, close by to Baldock. I’ll bring the list with me on Sunday and we can examine it, if you want.
    Will ‘phone Gareth this evening.

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