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The Film Was On . . .

I’m not going back to doing a Blog every day, but as I had a spare evening yesterday, thought I could just fit that new book extract in for you (which published  almost ‘smoothly’ except the font was slightly too small.

Well, I did say I’d be doing another Blog Thursday and as I have now seen the film showing, thought this would be an appropriate time. The film was on the whole history of the Highgate/Muswell Hill areas and, perhaps needless to say, my part involved talking about the so-called Highgate vampire. The film had its first showing on Tuesday and was well-received (not just because I was in it, I hasten to add!).  It was very well made, and even told me some things I didn’t know about the area.  I knew Muswell Hill was named after a couple of ‘sacred wells’ on a (then) nearby hillside but hadn’t realized the original name for one of these was “Mossy Well” – which is obviously where the name “Muswell” derived from..  (You live and learn!).

I had not realized either, that famous Alexandra Palace (built by Queen Victoria and supposed ‘cursed’) was used as an Internment centre in 1941 for ‘unlisted immigrants’ during World War 2. There was stuff about the old over-line steam track which ran from Alexander Palace into Finsbury Park  (a ‘gate-way’ from suburbia into the City). I did know that infamous serial killer, Denis Neilson, used to live just around the corner from me (which raised a few laughs!) but not that he was eligble for Parole in some 20 years time or so!  Somehow, I don’t think he’ll get it!

And then, there was just ‘little ‘ol’ me’ talking about ghosts and ‘vampires’ , speaking from my newly decorated back room.  Still, I won’t bore you all with that as sure you’ve heard most of it before. The film will be doing its rounds around Youth Clubs,  Day and Evening Centres, and Church Community centres in North London.

A little funny bit . . .  as we were waiting for the ‘encore’ a person (who shall remain unnamed) came up behind me and remarked that he expected I’d be ‘taking autographs, afterwards’.  I replied ‘no’ and was sitting at the back so I could remain unnoticed and similarly slip out afterwards. Shortly after that, however, all such hopes were dashed when the person introducing the film told people that I was in the audience.  All heads turned back, and I was embarrassed before the thing even started!

But it was a very well-made film, and I feel quite honoured to have been a part of it.

So, that’s all for now everyone as I have to get back to finalizing the new book.

For the moment,


2 Responses

  1. hello mate
    nice to see ur still doing the filming projects. hope to see the recent one and get some stills up on the main website.
    by the way did the old fart bonkers ever come true onhis countdown of destruction?
    didn’t think so. what a prick.
    i’m still guessing it was a stupid attempt at getting the library talk closed down…what a dick.
    anyway, i spoke to the photographer the other day about that recent shoot and mate the pictures look really good! (say no more!)

  2. Hello yourself, and where have you been!?
    Just because the ‘blond bombshell’ ran off, doesn’t mean you still can’t post here (only watch your language!).
    Yes, the idiot phoned up the Library no less than 5 times pretending to be a ‘bishop’ of some diocese that didn’t even exist! What a complete ‘plonker’ . . . so is anyone who believes him! But they didn’t.
    The other film was brilliant as well, and they are sending me a copy of that.
    Glad he liked the photographs. But they couldn’t really have been ‘bad’ really, could they, if there’re of myself!. But I’m sure rou’re talking from you’re usual technical point of view.
    You must get around again soon, but we can discuss that by phone.
    So, give me a call.
    For now,

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