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David Farrant: Out Of The Shadows

David Farrant Out of the Shadows

Well, it seems to have taken long enough, but here is the new book cover everyone.

The book is called . . . “David Farrant :  Out of the Shadows” and I will be sending pre-advanced copies soon to people who have already paid, and may be waiting.  They, of course, have priority, but the book will be on public sale soon.  (It has already been listed on Amazon).

Yours will be in the post tomorrow, Brother Steve!, and your’s Jason, and I haven’t forgotten yours either Don, or you sweet K.  But I don’t intend to recite a list of names with this – in any event, most would not be known to many of you!

Just wanted to post the cover really, so people can see.   All orders will be met; with the exception, perhaps, of a certain person from ‘down under’ who spends most of his time typing out screeds of meaningless scripts besides his native Billabong!  He can still have a copy but NOT before I get a pre-paid cheque and a voluntary ‘Billabong address’ to post it to!  We appreciate the mail system in that desolute part of the world is quite ‘scant’ (almost at a ‘trotters pace’!) so we must see the dosh first old sport – if you take my meaning!

Other than that, things been fairly quiet.  Phone call from the lady in Potters Bar who had another frightening encounter with her now apparently resident ghost.  But Della and I are looking into that, so just watch here for further details.

So for now everybody,



11 Responses

  1. Thanks Powder-Gem
    I didn’t design the cover myself but sure the person will appreciate that. I am posting your book today so you should get it tomorrow (Thursday). Please do comment on the book after you’ve read it if you want. All I would ask is that real names aren’t mentioned as some people tend to get a bit ‘touchy’ about that! Anyway, hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think. For the moment,

  2. Oooh fantastic. Thats something for me to look forward to 🙂 Thank you. Of course i will let you know what i think of it, though i am sure i will love it as i did the first. I completely understand regarding names, so dont worry about that.
    Hope you are well.

  3. Hi David
    Just to let you know that my book has arrived safe and well. Thank you. I have read a few pages already. Love Della’s introduction 🙂
    Hope you are well.

  4. Thanks Powder-Ge for letting me know about the book’s safe receipt. Its always to to hear when I know a sent book has been received safely, the post being what it is sometimes. Hope you like the rest of it anyway, and Della is pleased you liked her Introduction! Anyway, please let me know what you think afterwards. Hope everything’s well. For the moment,

  5. Im half way through the book already David, and its fantastic. I dont want to offer any spoilers for others here, but i found the chapter about your imprisonment and your fasting absolutely heartbreaking. I cant wait to get reading some more.
    Thank you again for sending it me.

  6. Finished the book David and i loved it. You have lived a truly spectacular life. It was made me keen to come and see you sometime. It has also confirmed to me that ‘you know who’ really is bonkers!
    Hope you and Della are well.

  7. Im glad you’re managing to enjoy a break as its obvious your heart went into this book. I can’t imagine it was easy writing some of the more traumatic events of your life. I’ve just had a thought, i haven’t sent you money for the book! Would you let me know how much i need to send you?

  8. Hi Powder Gem
    Pleased you’re enjoying my book. It took long enough to write the Trial ands Prison chapters because of all the deep content. But please do make any comments if you want to. The book is out now, so you wouldn’t be ‘giving anything away’ in that respect!
    I’m glad the book is finally finished actually. A short break I hope before moving on to other projects. There’s always something else to do! For now,

  9. Thanks Powder Gem, but you don’t owe me anything – it was a promised gift and not a commercialised sale! But I’d like to know your thoughts on it anyway; that is when you get through the rest of it. Hopefully, we can still meet up before the end of the summer when you next come to London, so just let me know in an email about that.
    Whatever, I am having a short break from writing at the moment, unless its for my Blogs or things like that. But two more writing projects lined up for October, so will send you those as well once they’re finished.
    Hope all is going well for you anyway. For the moment,

  10. Oops. Excuse that last comment.. i sent it accidentally.
    Thank you David. How very kind of you. I have now finished the book, and i’ve got to say i thought it was even better than the first installment. Beautifully written with real emotion, especially the troubling times you have experienced. I found the bits about Manchester particularly amusing. Definite publicity seeker there. Im very happy to hear that there will be a third part.
    Oooh. How exciting to hear you have more projects coming up. Care to dish some details on them or is it hush hush for now?
    Hopefully see you soon
    Yes! I must plan a trip to see you soon. I have in fact just returned from London but it was a rushed visit to Piccadilly for a specific purpose.

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