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It Is Her Book, After All

Would you believe it?  Sept 1st already.  But at least its still warm, so enjoy it while it lasts, I suppose.

I went back to drinking beer again for the Summer (well still am) but its not quite so enjoyable in the cold of winter.  But then there are always other ‘herbal remedies’ available!

I am pleased to say, my new Pact with the Devil book has caused a LOT of response, and, from some very unlikely quarters.  Its not only brought some welcome cash in, but attracted quite a few comments to the effect of. . . “NOW I understand”!  I’m not going to name names here obviously (well this has always been part of my normal policy), but the book seems to have cleared up much of the ‘bile’ and misunderstanding.

If it continues to do that’ then it will have served its purpose – indeed, that is why I wrote it.  Believe it or not (and bigots like my friend ‘Anthony’ never will), I did not write it for the money, but as a signed record of what happened in those bleak days of 2007 (well, and after).  Some more discerning readers may have noticed that I stopped short from the end of the story.  This was really deliberate as I saw no point in describing the person’s humiliation at the hands of the authorities after she had made a false statement with the intention of maybe serving myself with a fraudulent conviction.  This failed miserably, but I saw no point in ‘rubbing it in’;  she was left with her conscience to account for that.

On the subject of books, I am pleased to say that Patsy’s book on the Highgate ‘vampire’ case has sold out on Amazon.  I mean, I’m not so glad that Amazon are temporarily out of stock because it means I have to get another batch re-printed.  That’s not so difficult really, as the master plates have already been made and its only a question of a ‘straight re-print’.  I have put the original pages back  at the beginning (where they should have been) but I have also changed the cover  and added a b/w photo inside.  The last batch was of 500 (which is not bad from 2006) but this time I will do 1.000 to keep us going for a couple of years more.  And ‘no’, I am not doing this for profit, but because the book has been so popular.  I’ll have to reclaim the printing outlay obviously, but the rest goes to Patsy.  It is her book, after all.  She wrote the whole thing, not myself.

Volume 2 of my autobiography is almost finished, so you see, with one thing and another, I have been kept pretty busy!

Seeing Jamie again soon.  Says he’s bring me a new chair to replace my ‘battered armchair’.  I’ll hopefully get him to take a photograph of myself sitting in it for posting here  (which should please Claremond!).

Nothing else really.  Just wanted to bring you all up to date.  Now, where’s that other beer?!

For the moment


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  1. Hi, I picked the chair up from Roses last week and it’s still in the car, I’ve tried gettin it out but it seems to be stuck!!! No matter I’m sure I’ll manage. It’s fine where it it is for the meantime. I’ll solve that problem when I get to London. How’s things with you anyway, ok I trust. The new boilers up and runnin so the heatin/hot water’s back to normal. If you and Gareth still fancy the New Forest trip at least you’ll have somewhere warm to stay. I’ll give you a buzz tomorrow or Fri to sort details of that and my upcomin visit. Speak soon. J

  2. My mum used to say
    “Oh what a tangled web we weive
    When first we practise to deceive”
    This was a warning to me as she was so strict there was no way of doing anything otherwise! And I always got found out!
    Seems a few people have got their wires crossed, glad I havent been accused of any dickipoggy doings. I did actually stand up for the girl originally by saying she wasnt your dupe as was being broadcast, I think that was a real insult–even if it was a cop out of responsibility.

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