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Mystical Understanding Of Consciousness

Its early. Too damn early. 6.54 to be precise, and haven’t usually been in bed long by this time.

But here I am fully awake and alert with a good night’s sleep behind me. Nothing unusual in that for most people, I suppose, but for me it’s a bit of a new revelation. I usually spend most of the early hours writing (as many people will remember me saying before), and here I am (or was) asleep! No writing through the early hours last night; no solitude in the quiet of the night; just plain old fashioned sleep!

There is a reason for it, of course. I have a busy few days ahead which require adherence to ’normal’ time, and which have demanded the presence of my earthly form in all its unquieted glory! I am really not kidding, believe me! The material world has demanded my presence at times dictated by its normal time patterns! Then, back to my normal independence; at least as far as time is concerned.

Actually, you know, this whole concept of sleep is really a fascinating thing. (Well I find it so anyway). It is a thing that many of us – most of us – don’t even think about but just take for granted. But I think about it, and think about it a lot. Very, very briefly, let me qualify that:

Many years ago when I was pursuing the mystical understanding of consciousness, I began to question the whole concept of sleep and to wonder where the ‘I’ (or ‘you’) ‘went’ when the physical body was sleeping. It surely must ‘go’ somewhere, even though during the sleeping process we are temporarily unable to be consciously aware of it. Or can we be? That’s what I began to wonder.

It’s a very deep subject, so I suppose I’d better leave it for now. Or this won’t just be a Blog, but turn out to be another book! – and no time for that at the moment. But if you quickly want to get the gist of what I am saying, just ask yourselves where you actually ‘go’ when you are asleep. Try and ignore the obvious response , , , “I am still here, but just unconscious”. That is obvious, and it is not what I mean. The physical body still may be, but the ‘you’ which governs it in the waking hours, sure as hell ‘ain’t!

Do you see what I mean? Most probably not. But it doesn’t matter. I am just aware that sleep actually occurs outside of time. And if you really see that, you can escape most of time’s terrible limitations.

So, I am fully awake again, as I said at the beginning. But fully aware that the restrictions of consciousness do not necessarily have to be restricted by sleep. Back to more ‘material things’, I see that my friend Don Ecker has started up his radio show again in America. Should be interesting!

And I heard from the UK film company again yesterday who are pursuing some ‘ghost’ cases. That should be interesting as well; especially if they start bringing ‘vampires’ into it! You know, I just wish that some people would get it through their heads (though I am not saying that this particular film company is guilty of this) that I just don’t believe in bloody vampires – full stop!
I don’t think most sane people do: but then again, many people literally believe in a cloven-footed devil, which I suppose is equally a form of misguided insanity!

So, back to the material world. Got a lot to do today, and you all know how I so hate physical work and obligations.

For the moment though,


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  1. The only time I go into pubs nowadays you scandal-spreading Moggie, is when I go out on ghost hunts, and we take some much needed refrestment ahead of a nights work.
    Even less likely to go into pubs now as you can’t even smoke in them!

  2. -“I go out on ghost hunts, and we take some much needed refrestment ahead of a nights work”
    If you all get pissed AHEAD of time then no wonder you see and hear things. Put another way, if you GUZZLE spirits, you’ll surely SEE spirits!

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