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Not In The Least Bit Tired

Well its Friday, the end of the normal working week.

This doesn’t normally affect me because, as a writer, I am free to choose my own hours to scribble down all my experiences or impressions as a psychic investigator. Indeed, nights are of equal importance to me; especially the quiet of the early mornings when it is still not yet light and most people are still asleep. That’s just me.

This last week somewhat disrupted this routine, and I found myself having to deal with the climax of a situation which has been dragging on – on and off – for the best part of eight years now. But that has all been resolved now; at least the legal side of it has . . . for the moment. I say ‘for the moment’, because I won the dispute. But if current Orders and Agreements are not kept to, if there should be any further manipulations or attempts to ‘get round’ these Orders, I can easily start the whole thing up again to deal with any such ‘irregularities’. And I would.

Oh the cost of living in this material world sometimes! How often it is that people can see nothing beyond this and are only concerned with materialism or money (which really amounts to the same thing). Me? Well at least I am free of all that. I may have to deal with it when it is forced upon me, but that is an entirely different matter. I am not ‘entrapped’ by it. That is the difference.

On another matter, the current end of all this stuff, will now allow me to catch up on far more important things and plunge back into other matters. The two new books are well near complication now and, with this out of the way, I can work on them virtually full time. One is the new autobiography as I said; the other will ‘nail the final nail into the coffin’ of a mass of lies and deceit put into the public arena last year – well, even before that actually. No doubt this (the latter one) will ruffle a few hessian bird feathers as a journalist friend pointed out recently. It almost certainly will!

But everybody knows where I am; I am not going anywhere! ‘Underground writing’ and/or hiding behind aliases and false identities, has never been my style. It never will be. Some people might not like what I say but invariably, I only speak out when I have to; never just for the sake of spreading propaganda which may not be true. Sometimes this can be a difficult thing to do in my profession; especially when that profession involves disproving myths and legends connected with the paranormal, and people who may be spreading such myths with the only intention of promoting sensational copy thereby trying to dupe the gullible or those who should know better.

Well, I see we are into Sunday again. But I don’t have to get up in the morning so can envisage a few more hours work yet.

Doesn’t matter I’m not in the least bit tired! David


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  1. – ” the quiet of the early mornings when it is still not yet light and most people are still asleep”
    No wonder people mistake you for an undead fiend from some Hammer Horror film. You are shuffling about in the wee hours of the morning when only a tomcat (or a vampire) walks.

  2. Yes. I’ll give you that Cat.
    All this ‘nocturnal living’ can get a bit confusing sometimes.
    But I’ve never been confused as being a ‘vampire’. Trust you; only you could make such a comparrison!

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