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I don’t have that much to do today (for a change), so maybe I could just put down a couple of quick thoughts that came to me earlier.

I was writing about something in the past (recollecting something more like) and it occurred to me just how transitory events in this life can be. Recollection easily tells you how events can change – for good or bad – and how people can too. A treasured moment can so easily fade into a lost one; or an unhappy one fade equally into oblivion to be replaced by a more immediate memory. Both are really the same: a cycle in the human life-span, some may call it. Some things though can never change, however much physical sense or feeling might tell us otherwise; or suggest that some intangible inner sense or feeling has been affected.

One such feeling is surely love. I am not talking about superficial love, cultivated love or ‘sexual love’ (that is surely easy to understand) but that deep feeling that actually attracts two human beings together; that enables them to share an inner love with each other. Can you understand what I mean? That love which remains untainted, that demands nothing; maybe only fulfilment with its source. The source that attracts one to another, without ulterior motive or human desire; without want or lust interfering in any way.

It is perhaps a unique thing – this pristine love that attracts one human being to another, and demands nothing in return except its own fulfilment. But it can be such a fragile thing; and once human feelings try to ‘capture it’ – or take it for granted – it can so easily disappear leaving behind only human emotion, which of itself is really devoid of feeling and can just as easily turn into resentment, even hatred.

It is a tragic thing really to see this happen (and it so often does); but then the original love itself has gone, suppressed usually by human want or desire. But that is not love. That is just a substitute (whether negative or positive) for the original feeling. Love itself though can never be destroyed. In essence it is intangible and pure. It is only human beings that can corrupt it. Or rather, allow their sense of it to become corrupted.



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  1. I don’t normally put up comments to my own posts, but wait to answer replies instead; but, what do you know?!, it seems there is at last some clue to where the films are coming from . . . Hollywood. If this is true (and I am only going by the credits on the last one), it seems I have really ‘hit the big time’!
    Why, its even Elvis Presley land (or was!) which could explain the “Girl Happy” title.
    Well, I know the comics came from there, so maybe dear old Cecil has turned his hand to filmmaking!!

  2. Hooray for Hollywood! I KNEW you’d make it on the ‘silver screen’ David! :0)) It was a natural progression, let’s face it! Ha ha!
    Now, to the more serious subject of which you write – love. You know, the late Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later ‘Osho’) wrote ‘sexual love has two sides – love and hate.’ It is true to say that when love that has had sex intriduced into it, can, and often does, turn to hatred when the lovers part. It doesn’t always happen of course, but in a lot of cases it is so; so much so, that it can lead to jealousy, disdain and even attempted murder.
    Love in its purest form (love between a mother or father and child, devoted husband and wife, friend, siblings) is stronger than the emotion of hate. Hate is a negative emotion, which serves only to destroy the hater and the hated. Love can only deliver up the mediocre into a state of utter joy and fulfilment. It is strong enough to cope with distance, longing and parting, and my philosophical thread says that if love is not to die, then it will go on, no matter for how long, or how far those who have a strong love tie are apart. This continues beyond corporeal death, proving that there is no greater bond than love.
    Quite often there is a telepathic link between lovers, and those who are loved (say between a mother/father and child.) I have experienced first-hand, ESP between myself and a lover with whom I was deeply attracted to and in love with, and he with me. So strong was it, that we would actually ‘meet’ during sleeping hours, our spirits joining. This was convincing when both of us could relate the same dream the night before, and even identical minor injuries having been suffered by us both (we once had dislocated collar bones, same side, but suffered in different accidents.) I even saw his ‘ghost’ once. It was uncanny, but caused by a deep ‘love bond.’ Such love never dies – it goes on through time and space.
    You know David, you speak of a cycle in a human life span, and I would certainly agree with that, but I would go further and say that true love continues throughout the cycles of death and rebirth, a continuance of the very essence that binds the spheres into one whole. Something of what Christians know as ‘life everlasting.’
    Those who feel hate towards their former lovers (and I am not including those who deserve to be hated, such as wife beaters) and who carry on doing so without forgiveness, may not have been truly in love to begin with. The test of true love is when you can walk away and still love the person, regardless, knowing that both of you are human, with human failings, but who deserve to be loved and respected. I agree totally with you when you say that two human beings can be deeply attracted to each other without the need for sex to rear its ‘ugly head.’ This deep feeling of attraction can exist between ‘best friends’, and those who are attracted because of a common interest or cause. It is almost as if those ‘attractants’ are coming together after so many lifetimes in order to continue their sharing of each others’ energies. Of course the opposite is true – that rivalry can cross the ages too.
    I am very interested in the philosophy of love, David. Thank you for bringing up the subject.

  3. Somewhat related to “love”, I see the Yorkie birds have bodged up over 10,000 hits to a link about your, erm, wedding tackle. Is it true you finally exposed the enterprise as fake?

  4. Yes, spot on Cat. I have been informed that 99 percent of it is spam, and I am fully aware of the main instigator behind it. (As they really are).
    I am not going to lodge a complaint about it (it would be removed immediately if I did) as I want it left there to serve as an example of the vindictive motivations behind it.
    The more such spam is promulgated as genuine, the more the people concerned give themselves away. Fine. That just helps my case!

  5. And your Hollywood career is nipped in the bud I’m afraid. The BBFC says that the Bishop has claimed “copyright infringement” and has got the video banned from YouTube.

  6. Yes, Columbine,
    I think you understand what I was trying to get at.
    There is ‘love’, and there is love. This comes in many different forms; whether between a parent and child; a brother and sister; or a friend between a friend. Such love is unrequiring and undemanding; its only ‘requirement’ being maybe a hope that such love is responded to or returned. Then there is the love that first attracts man to woman, or woman to man; again it is really the same.
    As I think you realised, I was talking about the initial feeling itself, which (and I say this very sincerely) is really a gift of the Infinite. If such a feeling did not exist, then none of us would be here. It is a feeling which I am sure people like Jesus understood and urged people to seek, hold to and cultivate, without self desire. I am sure He definitely knew the secret of pure love; indeed, that was the main part of His message.
    That is all I really meant; although I went on to point out what ‘love’ was not, when corrupted by human desire, emotion, sexual expectations, and all the rest of it. Then such love can be corrupted, and even turn to hate.
    But the original love I was referring to, itself never changes; it is only human beings who allow it to evaporate and be replaced by their own personal feelings. This happens so often, it is an almost tragic thing to observe.
    Such love is really unchangeable. In essence anyway. It is only when the human mind tries to ‘capture’ it or evaluate it; or manipulate it, that it can become lost or submerged and replaced by other emotions. If these emotions are perhaps not fulfilled, the original love can easily be forgotten. If human emotions are not fulfilled, they, in turn, can so easily turn into resentment or even hate.
    The original love itself, however, really remains unchanged. It might have slipped from human view, but it nevertheless remains; albeit in an intangible form to the senses, but it is still there.
    That’s all I meant really.
    For now,

  7. David, you are spot on, as usual. We humans, with our limited mind, can only sample of what ‘love’ is. We feel it as different things – emotions, happiness, kindness – there are many forms of it – but the true, pure form is the ‘essence’ of the Universe, for as you rightly point out, it must be so otherwise none of us would exist. This is also true of friendships. Friendships would not exist without the ‘friendship’ form of love.
    Love is the greatest binding force that I know of. It is much more powerful than hate, by a long chalk.

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