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Suppose I’d Better . . .

Suppose I’d better do another Blog as the last one is five days old now.

Nothing much to say though really, I don’t want to just keep talking about my books.  Only that the 2nd Vol of my autobiography is well on schedule for October, and, as you know, “Pact with the Devil” has been completed and is now on sale.  I’m surprised really about the success of that (but pleasantly as I’ve now had quite a few cheques back!).  I guess its because a lot of people were given a mass of mis-information on the Internet in 2007 (and since) and they want to know what really happened.  I don’t intend to go into all the ‘ins and outs’ of the book here, except to say it only tells the truth about things that really happened.  Well, I’ll let God be the final judge of that, but I’ve certainly got nothing to worry about.  You can only get a conscience by telling lies; not by telling the truth.

By the way Claremonde, I haven’t forgotten you sweetheart!.  I will give my full attention to your book once I finish this last chapter.  Let me know in private when you can come to London next, and we can meet up again.

I found you can buy Special Brew around the corner and its 70 pence cheaper than the supermarket.  So as its on the way back, I buy it at the shop first then take it into the supermarket with me.  I just rest it at the checkout in its own transparent bag.  Quite a few times this has caused funny looks or remarks.  All I say is . . . “That’s not yours – its mine”!  Today I told a lady the reason why, so with a bit of luck it’ll get back to a manager, and they’ll put the price down.  Though some hope of that!

Well won’t write more now – still got another book to finish.

For now,


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  1. Hi David,
    So the new book primarily concerns “a mass of mis-information on the Internet in 2007”? What mis-information are you referring to?
    There’s no product description on or, so what exactly is the book about?

  2. Hello David,Hello,Anthony,Will come to London when can afford it!Hope to go maybe next month.Told Mary i would like to see the London dungeons,but she isnt too keen.Wouldnt mind seeing theTower of London as well.Glad you havent forgotten my book David,i imagined you sending it back full of crossings out and alterations!Never having written one before,i was a bit nervous of doing it.Id rarther someone was honest and told me if there were faults, and bits needing to be rewritten,than not say.Ican take the truth.So let me know if there are any alterations that need doing?By the way,Anthony ,ive been reading your blog,Does aWampyr walk in Highgate.Also been posting on the Supernatural World under the name Blackorchid.Someone is asking questions on Arcadia on demons ,which was quite interesting,but i am pissed off with Arcadia at the moment,as they seem to keep on chopping bits out of posts,when its ridiculous.& warnings from Arcadia,and i dont really think this was fair at all.I think someone is just mucking about.Dont know why.

  3. Its not my fault Amazon didn’t give ‘product description’, Anthony. I fact, I did when the book was submitted to Nielsens (who obviously conveyed this information to Amazon).
    Without going to look for the form, (so obviously from memory now),the form read . . . “Non fiction. The true story of a conspiracy between two people to attempt to pervert the course of justice”.
    I think that is a very fair description.
    Incidentally, information has very recently come to light in the form of documentation that can prove this irrefutably. Unfortunately, this was not available when the book when to print – but it now is.
    We have since had a meeting about this, and have examined this new evidence, and so it is highly probable that I will release a 2nd edition of “Pact” early next year with this new information included.
    I hope that answers you question, Anthony.
    But please don’t start anymore of your nonsense here! I have already made it clear (my last post in fact) that I do not intend the book’s content on my Blog.
    By the way, sorry to learn you got a ‘life ban’ on Arcadia!
    For the moment,

  4. G’day Dave,
    Try not to jump the gun, mate! I merely asked about the content of the book. I’m not blaming ya for there being no info on Amazon. I’m just saying there doesn’t seem to be much info on it anywhere, except vague allusions. For instance, who are the “two people” attempting to pervert the course of justice?
    Why not name names if you’re evidence can back it up?
    As to not wanting to discuss “Pact” on your blog, well, as I recently covered on mine, you’ve discussed it quite a bit as it is.
    Good to see you again. I’ve been “quiet” on Arcadia lately, cos, as Dave mentions, I got a perm ban from it. Why? For publishing correspondence with Andrew, in order to reveal the double standards being perpetuated on the forum. Ah, the joys of censorship.
    Glad to hear you’ve been reading my blog. And yeah, I know, Arcadia can be a bit (selectively) choppy, unfortunately. So I guess it’s no real loss to be banned off there. Heh heh.
    Hmmm, “Supernatural World”, eh? Would that be this one:

    If so, I guess I could join it…

  5. Oh, just wondering about something, Dave…
    This “new evidence” you speak of. Now, considering “Pact” is only 52 pages long, how many more pages do you think it’ll add to the tally?
    Why go to the trouble of publishing and selling a new edition? Why not just post the “new evidence” on your website for free?

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