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A Small World, It Really Is!

Usual Behaviour! That's me underneath © Della Farrant

I stopped by a wooden bench up the road today after having bought some beer.

I needed a little rest (as well as a cigarette) and the bag was heavy. Then a quite distinguished looking man walked up to me and said . . . “Do you remember me?  We went to the same school together!”. I said if he told me his name it would probably come back to me.  He did. and it did.  His first name was Marcus.   Sure enough I remembered him and we spent 5 minutes or so discussing some teachers and other boys at the Weymouth school.  He said he had left in 1962  to which I replied that I’d been expelled in 1961.  “I Know, he said!

We talked a little longer, but as he left I called after him that I’d put the meeting up on my Blog later if that was okay.  “Yes, I’ve seen it he replied;  I’ll have a look later”.

Well, what do you know; a small world it really is!  If you’re reading this Marcus, please do post back if you’d like to.

I wonder, do you remember any of these people?  I think this was taken in the summer of 1961, not long before I was expelled!

David (Farrant)


4 Responses

  1. Hi,DAVID,Well,just get back to me when youve got time.I really know what its like to be busy.Just lately its worse than ever.Ive been looking through my brothers work.He left a lot of stuff-music,song lyrics,thoughts and poetry.Then,there is my work too,and all sorts of ideas for my own writings.Should really get back to what i did before all these ideas for a book came up,and start writing songs again.Iget inspired,then,my attention will be diverted,and annoyingly the moment will have passed.Plus,someone i know well is starting their own paranormal group.So might have something to do with that.Ive been replying to Ranger1 on the forum,The Supernatural World,but i think hes more intoearthbound spirits,than elementals and the sort we come across in witchcraft.But if you want me to help you out,you only have to ask! Glad my latest efforts at writing didnt soon,Yours Clarmonde.

  2. I have nearly fininhed your manuscript, Claremonde, and I will phone you in the next couple of days.
    So much else to do as well, as I’m sure you can appreciate. Got to get Vol 2 of my autobiography finished very soon (by the way, I know you read Vol 1, what did you think?) and to meet quite a few more orders for the “Pact wuth the devil” one. I no sooner think I’m up to date with the books, but then get more orders or queries.
    But ‘us witches’ always survive these things, as I think you know!
    Anyway, speak to you veery soon,
    For the moment,

  3. FOR ALL
    I got the book “Paranormal London” today. So, I will give you an update on it either on the main Blog or here in the replies tomorrow. Can’t really say anymore yet, as have to read it all through properly first. But its looking good, and I wish Neil the best of luck with it. Am pleased he liked my Foreword, anyway. So till tomorrow,

  4. Oh there’s one thing I forget to mention everyone. I sent a copy of “Pact with the Devil” up to a certain bishop in Leeds which was received this morning. I thought it was important that he should be reminded about the ‘local history’ about that ‘vampire case’, especially because one of the protaganonists of that case lived in his area!
    David Farrant

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