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Now, Where Is That Cat?!

Very quiet again. Only one or two phone calls and just one letter (which reminds me I haven’t opened yet but its not personal so doesn’t really matter).

Usual emails though; some just start out as enquires, then end up being regular. Still, better than being ignored I suppose. On that; do you know ‘someone’ actually threatened to ignore me the other day although this was sort form of ‘punishment’. My God! The mentality of some people. Here is a person who is almost ‘besotted’ with myself and was inundating me with unwanted attention; then imagine I would actually care if he (yes its only one person) stopped doing it! Well, its been deathly quiet for the last couple of days, so maybe – just maybe – they actually mean it. I DO hope so.

Talking of being quiet, I haven’t heard from that Cat today. Now THAT does worry me! That usually means the dear creature it up to something. Always comes out with something! Or should I say, asks me something that I don’t want to answer!

I really did do a lot of work on one of the forthcoming books today. Only just finished after hours as a matter of fact. A lot of it involved playing discs again which I hadn’t labelled properly. Boy! Did I find some interesting stuff! It shows conclusively how statements and actions in the past actually occurred – as in reality. And the beauty of it is, that many of the discs (and letters and photographs) were given to me by some people who now seem to have conveniently forgotten about actual reality! Not that I really care because Truth is the one thing you can never change. Hence the main purpose of one of the books.

What else. Well, there are a lot of other things going on (as I believe I said before) which I’d love to tell people about. But unfortunately I can’t. For one thing, some of them involve quite a few other people and not just myself. I am just one of these ‘funny’ people who puts a great deal of importance on trust. I have always put so much importance on this principle, and am not about to break it now – or ever.

I have had a little difficulty getting some of the ghost stories up, as they were written on other discs. But I am managing. (I learn quickly!). But should you see one with the spaces or margins (even text) all wrong; please don’t despair as I would have been aware of it before you! I don’t want to have to keep picking up the phone all the time to people who may be busy, and who have already told me how to do it.

Bloody computers! I know . . . ‘A bad workman’, etc, etc. But I AM trying. Gosh. I do most of the work with the writing anyway, so I shouldn’t be blamed too much over technicalities (that last word is spelt wrong, for example, but I really can’t be bothered to look it up! (You all know what it means anyway).

So, I’ll sign off for today – after saying I was going to have a day off. Well, I knew I would be busy!
For now,


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  1. hi david hope u had a good time over xmas.
    i’m feeling rough as i might of had a bit too much to drink at the office party and i’m sure me and the girl from the third floor got a bit carried away near the fax machine. lol
    anyway i like the ghost stories posts. put up a few more when u get the time.
    about that bit where u say ur being ignored but it got me thinking that if it had’nt been for ur ex then the online war wouldnt have been so heavy or gone on for so long. its like she was stoking the fires depending on which camp she was in if u no what i mean.
    basically shes a shit stirrer and i still say she needs a hessian sack. lol
    anyway i hope u have a good new year and me and my mate gary will try and pop round in the new year with a few bottles!

  2. Nothing difficult for you to answer today. Only a question about your fellow Muswell Hillbillies. Did you ever meet Ray Davies and The Kinks in your shuffles around the nieghbourhood?

  3. Thanks Craig,
    I was going to reply earlier, but then fell asleep in the chair. When I woke up it was about 3am so thought ‘I’ll leave it ‘till tomorrow’.
    Well, you seem to have been enjoying yourself over the Christmas period. I was mostly working as I said.
    Craig, I really would like to drop all direct references to other peoples’ involvement (past involvements?) on the Internet. I never wanted any of it in the first place but, all of a sudden, I found myself being ‘attacked’ from here, there and everywhere elsewhere, then people (like yourself!) asking me questions about such malicious allegations here.
    Then a few other people joined in encouraged by the salacious content of the allegations made, then had the audacity to wonder why people began to speculate about their true motivations for publishing the hateful material in the first place, and how this related to their own actual activities.
    I could have answered all these things here before, but quite honestly, I did not want to revert to the same ‘gutter press’ level as themselves. I was accordingly left to deal with the matter in my own way.
    I shall continue to deal with the matter in my next book (or one of them) and will show what can actually happen when people abandon honest principles to join with those of evil intent.
    Anyway, that id basically why I never entertained any of this here.
    Apart from this, it was never really necessary to do anything anyway (which is why I left the material and which they have since deleted). Nobody was taking it seriously and, indeed, the people concerned just ended up losing all creducibility.
    That is the situation at the moment. Ironically, it is a situation totally of their own making!
    With regard to your other remarks, Craig, I have never judged people by looks; only by their inner nature. I have also never betrayed a friend (or anyone else for that matter) for ’revenge’ or self-motivation. I prefer to leave that to the ’Judas’s’ of this world; and there are still plenty of those about!
    For the moment,

  4. hi David,
    Yes, such people are best ignored. They’re only up to no good.
    I had a chance today, to watch one of the DVD’s that you gave me a while ago, and there are things discussed in them that I’d love to expand on with you. Maybe we can do that next week, when I visit you? I can’t make Friday now, but I can make Sunday (13th). I’ll ring you beforehand anyway.
    I agree with Craig: I enjoy the ghost stories too!

  5. That day will be OK.
    More ghost stories it shall be then!
    I was right. The Spaniards did ‘unformat’ itself! But you probably wouldn’t have noticed because I’ve learned how to correct any now . . . I think!
    For the moment,

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