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Shall I, Or Shan’t I?

Had an interesting phone call today on my private line (or one of them), from a journalist in London asking if she could meet up to discuss ‘current developments, she’s been following on the Net.

I was hesitant at first but she seemed fairly genuine saying that she’d been directed to myself by other ‘occult groups’, many of who were interested in my work. Not too sure I believed this part entirely – thinking -it was probably just a ‘ruse’ to get my confidence because she sensed my initial suspicions – but she gave me her full name, a Press Agency number, plus a private contact number. This made me more inclined to take her seriously, as so many people just want information on the phone and you’re sometimes never quite sure how accurate information is that they may give you. I asked her how she’d got my personal number, but she just said a colleague of hers had met me and said I wouldn’t mind if she assured me she was prepared to meet me.

Well, that did make a difference I admit, but I stressed that her idea of meeting in town would not be convenient for me because of my work schedule plus an injured foot. She said she could meet me locally; and I told her that if she was prepared to do that, she might as well come to my address which I could give her after I’d thought about it. I promised I’d call; but not sure yet. She seemed to be very proficient to be just a casual journalist (I get those all the time), and more likely to be from some big newspaper.

This is what has made me unsure, as I don’t intend to be misquoted again by any large Sunday newspaper. This might be unnecessary paranoia, but it has happened before and ’once bitten twice shy’ – or in my case ’thrice shy’! I’ll give the matter careful thought, anyway. She’d seen the Metro, it could just be a continuation of that ’angle’, which I wouldn’t mind so much. Anyway we’ll see. At the moment its still a question of . . . “Shall I, or shan’t I”?

Had an interesting evening last night, one reason why I didn’t write anything. Its nice to have a ’day off’ once in a while anyway, and it was very relaxing. We just talked about nothing; or at least, nothing ’heavy’.
Went to the bank today to check if a Standing Order I had set up before Xmas to pay the rent had gone through. Good job I checked. Its been wrongly filed to begin at the end of February, when it was due at the end of December! No problem, as it can be paid manually. But it’s a good job I checked, the way things are at the moment!

I’ll probably do another ghost case tomorrow. Got to go through some more anyway as I’m still sorting out material for the next Dark Journey.


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